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4 14 3 40.6% price of actos 4.5% 84 in favor of induction of labor in cases in which we see early, and Caesarean section is done or pubiotomy at term with living child, or craniotomy at term with dead child. Induction of labor is by far the most rational procedure in the treatment of contracted pelvis, offering, on the whole, most satisfactory re- actos 30 mg sults to both mother and child. At the Jewish Maternity Hospital, we unfor- tunately have actos price had only a small series of such cases, for, in spite of actos tablets thorough ante partum examinations, we often cannot persuade our patients to return to the actos online hospital at a definite date and we see them only when labor has actually set in. The thirty-fourth to thirty-sixth week is sufficiently late in pregnancy to insure the viability of the child, and yet early enough to preclude disproportion between presenting part and pelvis. The method followed by us preferably is that ad- vocated by Krause, and consists in the introduction years especially so. The high actos 45 mg forceps has practically disappeared, showing a marked decrease each suc- ceeding year. The average time cost of actos of full dilatation of the cervix before the application of the forceps generic actos was resorted to, was about four and one half hours, rang- ing from two to eight hours in individual cases. We show another short table comparing the re- sults of high forceps, pubiotomy, Caesarean section, induction of labor, and craniotomy. Table II. — Statistics of Abnormal Births. Cases. Stillbirths. Mortality. Craniotomy 13 13 ,00% High forceps 32 ,3 40.6% Induction of labor 20 2 10% Pubiotomy 15 i 6.6% Cxsarean section 63 4 6.3% Medium and low forceps... 313 14 4^5% In conclusion, we actos mg wish to emphasize the following points : I. order actos The total percentage of forceps (5.5 per cent.) is a very low one. Our patients, as a rule, are not 1056 NEUHOF: RECTAL POLYP IN CHILDHOOD. [New York Medical Journal. pampered, cheap actos and therefore there have been few "for- ceps of conveiiience." We ascribe this low percent- age to the fact that our patients are given a very strenuous test of labor. 2. The high forceps has been generic for actos practically elim- inated as an operative procedure, thereby materially decreasing our infant actos buy online mortality. actos generic name 3. Caesarean section and ])ubiotomy have proved admirable substitutes, and with more experience and improved technic are continually giving better re- sults. 4. Pituitrin has actos cost proved purchase actos online of extreme value in cases of dystocia due to actos 15 mg dry labor — posterior buy cheap actos or parietal positions, etc., where no disproportion exists, as is so clearly shown in the statistics of the last two years compared with those of previous years. 5. In our series of "twilight" cases, small compared to the grand total, the use of forceps was markedly increased from 4.5 to nine per cent. Finally, it has been our purpose in this paper to point out that in order to practise obstetrics scien- tifically, our cases must be individualized, so that order actos online proper treatment may be instituted to meet certain definite conditions. Furthermore, due consideration must be given to patients suffering from relative dis- proportion between fetal head and pelvis, and a proper test of labor permitted before interference is decided upon in order to conserve the best interests of both mother and child. We wish to acknowledge our indebtedness for the courtesies extended to us by the attending surgeons

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