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1017 Si'P.ucE Street. THE MILITARY SURGEON ON THE FIRING LINE. By p. J. H. Farrell, M. D., Chicago. The medical personnel of organizations must remain with them when advancing into action and during the whole course of an engagement. Accordingly tlie wounded will be treated where their Purchase Aralen Online wounds are received and the sani- tary personnel will pause, if the organization is moving, only so long as is Chloroquine Tablets necessary to give appropriate first aid. At a later stage of the combat, when the movement of the organization permits and when justified by the number of wounded, a regiment aid station is established and oper- ated. Field Service Regulations, Aralen Online United States Army. The foregoing paragraph very clearly outlines the duty of the surgeon when the command comes under fire. First, let it be clearly understood that Order Aralen Online the sur- geon is a military Buy Aralen Online ofiicer and his first thought and best effort must be to do every thing within his power to help win the battle that is being fought. All effort to relieve suffering humanity is of second- ary importance to the one main object, victory. Having this in mind, the Chloroquine Aralen surgeon will attend the wounded with the greatest skill and care, and in such a wav that he will be of the greatest value tO' May Buy Aralen 1915 1 FARRELL: SURGEON ON THE FIRING LINE. 1063 his commanding officer in helping to win the fight. The rapid disposal Buy Cheap Aralen of the wounded by sending them to the rear when possible, so that the command will not be impeded, is second in importance to attending the wounded on the battlefield. A large number of wounded men are apt to have a discour- aging effect upon their comrades. It is all important that as many of the wounded as possible be returned to duty, for this is frequently an essential factor in winning a battle. Every commander is dependent on full companies to win battles. A high degree of discipline is essential to success in this, the most important duty that the medical officer is assigned to in time of war. Discipline, organization, and efficiency are inseparable in Aralen Tablets Aralen Price mili- tary duty. The special military-medical functions are dependent on good organization ; they consist in the rapid application of first aid and the return of the individuals Order Aralen to the fighting as quickly as possible. No ambulances can be used upon the firing line, in fact, rarely can litter bearers be used. The wounded man is treated Aralen Phosphate where he falls. The soldier in all modern armies has a first aid dressing attached to his uni- form, that is applied upon the field. We must not forget that the ultimate well being Buy Chloroquine of the wounded is the end to which the medical tactics are the means, and it is essential to keep con- .stantly in mind the vital importance of sound judg- ment and thoroughness in the initial surgical treat- ment of the wounded. A secure, protective Chloroquine Price dress- ing and careful immobilization of fractures will almost eliminate amputations. Great care is always taken to remove or cut as little of the clothing as possible to avoid exposing the wound to infection, frostbite, sunburn, or insects. The public and medical profession of our own country are not familiar with the change that has taken place in the duties of the medical service since our great Civil War. Modern firearms have ex- tended the fire zone from a few hundred yards to a distance of eight or ten miles. Infantry fire in the Civil War was not effective at more than 200 yards ; now it is effective at 2,500 yards, revolutionizing the work of the surgeon in an engagement. It is impossible to transport wounded men beyond the range of fire. You will use whatever cover and protection are offered in the trenches or any natural cover that the field offers. The ability to command is very important ; hospital corps men, like other soldiers, must have implicit confidence in their offi- cers to do their best work. The surgeon must ex- pose Purchase Aralen himself to Aralen Cost the Cost Of Chloroquine enemy's fire if it is necessary to relieve the wounded. His greatest value to the army is the rapidity with which he can Chloroquine Buy get wounded men back into action, helping to the full extent to win the battle. I would like to say a few words regarding war. War is of value for the great leveling influence that it has upon men. The peasant and the prince will What Is Chloroquine learn the best of each other and appreciate knowing each other when they have been comrades in war. The bond of friendship and mutual confidence is deeper and more sincere between soldiers who have been to war and have faced the enemy's fire than any friendship or brotherhood that has ever existed. It brings about a friendship that is valued almost as much as life itself. Therefore, in my opinion. war is of some value. It breaks down classes, de- stroys the bigotry of creeds. There are no creeds on the firing line. Why do men go to war? Because war today, as it has done from the earliest history, produces

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