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the greatest and grandest emotion that buy arcoxia online the human being can feel. No other emotion stirs the souls of men as does the thought of war. And so long as this overwhelming emotion is felt by etoricoxib arcoxia human beings, just so long will men continue to go to war. The enthusiasm, ay delirium, that a declaration of war produces, is so far beyond the emotion that any other condition can produce, as to be a guarantee that, notwithstanding peace commissions, war will come in the future as it has in the past. The plea that has gone forth for many years throughout the world that a great buy cheap arcoxia military force, a powerful army and navy, was the best guarantee for peace ; the present conflict in Europe shows this is a fallacy. purchase arcoxia It has proved beyond the possibility of contradiction that the greater preparation for war in time of peace, the greater will be the slaughter when the war that is inevitable does come. How shall we prevent war in the future? Cer- tainly not by great armies, great navies, or compul- sory military training. Education, and if you please, religious training, is apparently the only remedy that will guarantee us universal peace. Let me draw attention to the depth of this feeling produced by the present war in Europe upon our own American women. Many thovisands of our women are generic arcoxia so stricken with this war emotion that they are order arcoxia online working, working, working, making band- ages, clothing, nightingales, pajamas, bloomers, etc. My experience in war is that ninety-five per cent, of all this work and material is entirely wasted, an absurd and useless waste of time and money. Soldiers and soldiers' families, I am proud to say, refuse, the world over, to be paupers and charity spongers. If you wish to help the civilian.s im- poverished by war, give money to the Red Cross and it will be wisely and economically used. The results of war are many. Plague, poverty, distress, and every possible form of hiunan suffer- ing upon one hand ; upon the other hand there are some benefits. Look at the result of the present war. A unified England etoricoxib tablets with all her subjects loyal unto death. France with her royalists and repub- licans united ; Russia with her anarchists and law breakers of a few months ago clamoring to fight for the czar ; Germany with her socialists and anti- royalists fighting shoulder to shoulder with the royal family. These are a few of the results that war brings about that we can well ponder over. We have all read of the rulers of these great nations fervently calling upon Almighty God to help them destroy and slaughter the enemy. arcoxia mg King, emperor, and czar have all implored superhuman aid to help in the slaughter. Apparently all of their prayers have been heard. Again in war, death is not feared. arcoxia tablets The war emotion or fever, as it is called, is so great that men die willingly when at war. We all know that to die arcoxia cost for one's country is to die a glorious death. No major surgery can be attempted on the firing line. It is impossible, a senseless civilian dream. No probing, drainage, or packing is possible. Sol- 1064 STURTEVANT: ECZEMA AND CARBOHYDRATES. [New York Medical Journal. diers are young healthy men. Experience has taught us that conservative rather than radical surgery gives the best results in the field. You must wait until the army advances, retreats, or there is a lull in the fighting. The greatest number of men are wounded and require first aid from in- fantry fire and the least number from the bayonet. The proportion killed in bayonet contact is larger than from either artillery or infantry fire. arcoxia online A sol- dier will fight with the bayonet as long as etoricoxib 60 mg he can stand upon his feet or use his hands. Himianitarians will tell you the chief functions of the medical service in war consist in attending the wounded on the battlefield etoricoxib msd and the sick in hos- pital. Sanitarians will consider that arcoxia 90mg prevention of disease in the field is the chief function. Both are absolutely essential ; but the commander who is de- pendent on buy etoricoxib big battalions to win battles will expect, beside these mainly medical functions, the discharge of two others, the removal of the buy arcoxia seriously wound- ed and immediate return to duty of as many men as possible. Duty upon the firing line requires the medical officer to be active and alert, quick of perception, to stand fatigue and exposure, and to do a maxi- mum amount of work with the least possible assist- ance. An army requires renewal of abottt eighty per cent, of its strength in the course of a year's cam- paigning. The seriously wounded cannot help win the battle that is in progress, and every effort and sacrifice must be made to achieve victory. We all remember what General Sherman said about war. The seriously wounded cannot receive attention while the fight continues. I want to emphasize this point, and also the important fact that no civilian surgeons are permitted to come within the fire zone. There is much information that I could give you upon the valuable aid that the civil organizations render, but it is not order arcoxia and never will be upon the field of battle. Trained military, men of the purchase arcoxia online medical and hospital corps only are needed upon the firing line. The medical corps in the time of war wear the usual brassard upon the left arm. The newspapers in reporting the present war in Europe make the mistake of referring to arcoxia price the medical officers as "Red Cross surgeons." They are not Red Cross surgeons, for the latter are never, in this day and age, per-

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