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opened the bladder, where he found a diverticulum. Pa- tient died six Teva Atorvastatin weeks later from general sepsis. The pressure of the distended bladder on the rec- tum produced irritation and congestion, which re- sulted in the discharge of mucus and blood in the stools, and obscured the true diagnosis in favor of intussusception. In Case i, the diagnosis of cystic calculi was made. In Case 11, the diagnosis of in- tussusception was made. So could abdominal tu- io66 GEYSER: WATER AS A TONIC. [New York Medical Journal. mor, appendicular abscess, or polyp, be mistaken for diverticulum of the bladdder, because this latter condition is so seldom thought Atorvastatin Ppt of. When Atorvastatin Ca the patient is old enough to Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg explain his subjective symptoms, he may help the physician to come to a true and more speedy conclusion. These are pain, inability to void, or on the contrary the patient may be able to void more urine immediately after urinating, owing to the presence of residual urine. Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics There is often a history of incontinence since birth, cloudy or mucopurulent urine ; some- times hematuria ; the finding of residual urine by catheter, and finally cystoscopy, will lead to an early diagnosis and proper treatment. But in infants and very young children, there is a deficiency in sub- jective symptoms and one must pay attention to the history as given by mother or nurse. Crying before or during the act of urination may be due to pres- sure Atorvastatin Trials within the bladder. A drop of urine at the meatus noticed more or less frequently is suggestive of residual urine. A stained napkin may be due to hematuria, or congestion Atorvastatin Canada of the bladder wall. A swelling above the symphysis pubis may be due to a distended bladdder, as in the infant and young child the bladder normally extends upward into the abdominal cavity. On rectal examination, a timie- faction Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets felt anteriorly will be strongly suggestive of bladder trouble. A Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin final diagnosis can be made by taking radiographs in lateral and frontal views after filling the bladder with five or ten per cent, collargol solution. Bloody stools may be due to other causes than pressure from bladder ; in enterocolitis the presence of mucus and blood in diarrheal stools passed with straining and fever, and absence of bladder symptoms will help to clear the diagnosis. The sudden onset, the paroxysmal colicky pains, the vomiting, the discharge of bloody mucus, the ab- sence of fecal matter in the discharge, tenesmus, and sausage shaped tumor felt through abdomen, and, on rectal examination, a tumor felt from above, will help to avoid confusion between intussuscep- tion and diverticulum of the bladder. The absence of bladder symptoms will not interfere with the diagnosis of appendicular abscess or rectal polyp. 4101 Twelfth Avenue, Brooklyn. WATER AS A PHYSIOLOGICAL TONIC. By Albert C. Geyser, M. D., New York, Professor of Physiological Therapy, Fordham University Medical College; Late Instructor in Electrotherapy and Radiography, Cornell University Medical College, etc. What is a tonic? If we peruse the materia medica we Discount Atorvastatin find there a great many drugs classified under the name "tonics." If we sift the meaning of the term tonic treatment, we are told that it consists in the use of "a medicine or agent which promotes nutrition or gives tone Atorvastatin Spc to the system. A tonic is therefore then a medicine or agent capable of arous- ing the physiological functions. If you apply the whip or the spur to the horse, you are arousing his physiological functions ; you are supplying a tonic, the agent being the whip or spur. Neither is it necessary to have recourse to an agent as tangible as the whip Atorvastatin Calcium Generic ; frequently, the mere chirrup- ing will bring forth physiological responses and there Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate the chirruping Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg is the tonic. If we administer small doses of strychnine, arsenic, or quinine, at once the system responds, it Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin causes an increase in all of the physiological functions of the body, for the purpose of overcoming or ridding itself from the noxious in- fluence of the drug. Medicinal tonics are no more part and parcel of the make up of the normal body than the whip and spur -or even the harmless chirrup is a part of a normal horse. It has never seemed good logic to me Atorvastatin Fenofibrate to add something entirely foreign to a body whose func- tions seemed to need arousing. Yet that is exactly what we do when we administer a drug for its tonic action. The system rebels and brings into action every physiological function that it is capable of, only for the purpose of escaping from the irritant as the horse does from the blows of the cruel driver. If we closely examine the real meaning of the word, tonic, as used in the medical sense, we come to the only proper conclusion that Sandoz Atorvastatin a tonic is a shock to which Atorvastatin Brand Names the system responds to the best of its ability. A blow struck with a whip is a shock to the horse, the tickling of the spur Atorvastatin Generic Availability is a shock to the ter- minal nerve filament, the chirruping is a shock to the auditory apparatus of the horse. The normal horse, properly trained by experience, responds to this slight irritation, for, if the simple chirruping is not at

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