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coveries. One patient died in twenty-four hours after the injury, of fatty embolism ; another of hajmorrhage from the divided popliteal artery and vein on the fifth day; and the third one of p\ a'lnia. Of nineteen that came under his eare several days alter Volkmann'a " Sammlung," Nos. 11-', It::, 1878. the reception of the injury, with well-established suppura- tion, eighteen died, and one recovered with a stiff joint. In spite of an energetic antiseptic treatment by incisions, drainage, and avapro 75 mg irrigation, a mortality of S5 per cent, was noted. Of twenty-three that were not subjected to any form of antiseptic treatment, twenty-two died, one survived — a mor- tality of 95-6 per cent, clearly justifying the practice of the older surgeons, who at once performed amputation in cases avapro discount card of avapro vs diovan gunshot fracture avapro recall of the knee joint.) SOME EVIDENCE RELATING To ASHEVILLE AND TILE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE CLIMATIC TREATMENT OF PHTHISIS. By T. MORTIMER LLOYD, M. D., BROOKLYN, N. Y. A visit to the mountains of western North Carolina, made by Dr. Avery Segur, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and the re- porter, so impressed them with the natural sanitary advan- tages of this region that they determined to make further losartan vs avapro inquiry. Very valuable reports were found based upon the per- sonal experience and observations of Dr. J. W. Gleitsmann, formerly proprietor of the " Mountain Sanitarium for Con- sumption" at Asheville, N. C, now of New York city, of Professor Stanford E. Chaille, of New Orleans, La., and Dr. II. O. Marcy, of Boston, Mass. Knowing that many cases hail been sent to this section, and finding compara- tively few published reports, they instituted a avapro classification clinical in- quiry by addressing a circular letter and questions to nearly three hundred prominent physicians in the lare'e cities. Western North Carolina, of which Asheville is the cen- ter, embraces an elevated expanse of 6,000 square miles. with a general altitude of l',( HO feet. 'I'll is region, trian- gular in outline, 200 miles in length from north to south- west, with a varying avapro price breadth of I ."> to miles, lies between the Ulue Ridge and Smoky ranges, and is filled with cross- chains of mountains, mountain spurs, and Isolated bills. It presents a most irregular surface, a sea of mountain-peaks ranging avapro cost from 3,000 to 6,700 feel in height. The Allegha- nies here attain their most lofty, rugged, and striking de- velopment. There are between 60 and Tit peaks over 6,000 feet high. Mount Mitchell, 6,711 feet above sea-level, is buy cheap avapro the loftiest summit east of the Rocky Mountains. The Blue Ridge is the water-shed of the system; "its inner slope throughout the entire length, as compared with the outer slope, is more gentle in its descent, heavily wooded, and diversified with clearings. The Smokies presenl similar characteristics, rich!} wooded descents toward the order avapro online centra] valley, rocky and sterile fronts toward Tennessee." The geological formation is of the oldest, and the water has a purity ami softness seldom equaled. There an- many min- eral springs which remain undeveloped. There order avapro are six great valleys, with tortuous configuration, separated by in- tervening ranges, each drained by One id' the rivers which 4(i0 LLOYD: ASHEVILLE AND THE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA. [N. Y. avapro avalide Meo. Jouk., cut asunder the Smoky range of mountains. The mount- ains are all covered with timber, which is remarkable for the great variety of species and for the size attained, espe- cially on the avapro 10 mg higher slopes. The soil is rich, yielding, where cultivated along the rivers and in many mountain coves, a great variety of fruits and grains of fine quality. Tall, rich grass and nutritious weeds grow on many of the sum- mits To the botanist and lover of forest-trees this region is avapro coupons a perfect mine. Regarding its attractiveness, those who ha\e traveled much and visited it generally concur in the opinion " that there is no mountain region in the eastern United Stated which equals in beauty and grandeur this sublime section of North Carolina." It abounds in roman- tic streams, waterfalls, luxuriant forests, majestic mountain heights, cliffs, valleys of exquisite beauty, and quaint vil- and settlements. There is such a small area cleared and under cultivation that the general impression on the traveler is that of a mountain wilderness. Hence the purity of it- air. The clearness of the atmosphere on bright sun- shiny days i> remarkable, rendering very, appropriate the appellation, "Land of the sky." Xo lakes or avapro generic alternative swamps arc found. The freedom of this mountain region from malaria seems to be established by competent testimony. .Mount- ain climbing affords an attractive work, and will clear the system of this tenacious poison. The purity avapro generic name of the air in this respect, and with an abundant vegetation, seems to point to a avapro tablet remarkable drainage of the soil, natural to the plateau, since so little of it is cleared and cultivated. Hence the composition of the atmosphere in respect to moisture is favorable to avapro coupon the cure of phthisis. Asheville is splendidly situated on rising ground 250 feet above the waters of the Swannanoa, near its junction with the French Broad River, at the foot-hills of the Black Mountain chain, 2,250 feet above sea-level. The population, avapro alternatives according to the United States Census of 18S0, was 5,868 for the township, and 2,616 for the town itself. While surrounded on all sides by mountain-ranges, Asheville is nevertheless not shut in by

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