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1070 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [New York Medical Journal. and serviceable modification of the test meal. It consists in the addition to the conventional roll and tea of an amount of urea sufficient mrsa bactrim to make its con- centration in bactrim tablets the meal equal to one per cent. This substance is foreign to the gastric contents and is both innocuous and easily measured quantitatively. When the meal is removed, the amount obtained is carefully measured and the ordinary determinations of acids, etc., are made. In addition, the percentage of urea is determined by the simple hypobromite method, or by means of one of the more delicate urease tests. This determination of the urea content gives the basis upon which to calculate the propor- tion of gastric juice in the recovered fluid, the amount of hydrochloric acid secreted as well as its strength in the gastric juice, and the motility of the organ. The author does not advance for the method that it will give absolutely accurate results, but he does make the conservative statement that it affords a means of determining approximately the conditions present. It is certainly easy to determine the pres- ence of hypoacidity or hyperacidity, the existence of hyposecretion or hypersecretion, and whether or not there is a normal rate of emptying of the organ. It also possesses the special advantages of testing these functions under conditions which closely sim- ulate those of everyday life, and of being both quite simple in its technic and quite inexpensive. It is yet too early to venture a bactrim 800mg positive opinion as to the validity of the author's statements, for similar methods have been previously advocated, against which objection has been raised sufficient to prevent their general utility. bactrim and There does not, how- ever, appear to be any obvious reason for discredit- ing this new modification, which seems to be a real contribution to the advancement of our diagnostic methods. It is to be hoped that American workers will soon confirm or refute its value, for if it is essentially correct, the gain to the physician and his patients from having a cost of bactrim simple and trustworthy means of determining some of the more important functions of the stomach will be too great to be forfeited. WEATHER AND WORK. The connection between states of the weather and general conditions of the body have been long recognized, but our notions of the interrelationship have been rather ill defined. Perhaps the first seri- bactrim and uti ous effort sulfa bactrim at determining bactrim 400 mg some definite laws under- lying this matter has been made by Doctor Hunt- ington, of Yale University, who published his find- ings in the January number of Harper's Magazine. Doctor Huntington used as his data on the more physical side of antibiotic bactrim the question the records of the out- bactrim cost put of five hundred operatives, paid by the piece, in Bridgeport, New Britain, and New Haven, and on the more purely mental side from the scholastic records of 1,600 students at West Point and An- napolis. The data were well selected and included a sufficient number of persons under conditions to make them trustworthy. The findings are interest- ing and instructive, and, while they go somewhat against generally conceived notions, yet they agree bactrim 800 mg with biological laws on which they would be ex- pected to rest. The plotted curve of output of factory hands, under the constant stimulus purchase bactrim of pay in proportion to amount of work turned out, reaches its lowest mark in bactrim prices January, remains low through February and March, climbs rapidly to a large output in May and June, falls somewhat, though not greatly, in antibiotics bactrim July, and again ascends rapidly to a maximum in late October and early November. This highest limit of neuromuscular efficiency represents about ten per cent, more work than the low ebb of January. The record of work in mathematics done at the na- tional military schools shows two similar maxima in spring and fall, separated by the same period of de- pression in midwinter that afifects the factory worker. In attempting to explain the causes underlying these seasonal fluctuations in human capacity for work, Doctor Huntington rules out the length of daylight as of no great moment, for the output of work rises steadily with the decreasing length of days from September to bactrim for mrsa November. Life indoors and artificial heat also seem to have no appreciable effect, since the output of work steadily increases in spring, while the worker still lives and labors be- hind closed doors and windows in late winter and early spring. The efficiency curve follows too closely the tem- perature curve to leave any doubt that thermal con- bactrim bactrim ditions are at the bottom of the variation in human working capacity. Such capacity is depressed by both very high and very low temperatures, especial- ly by the latter. bactrim price Mental activity bactrim generic seems to reach its best when the temperature is about 38° and physi- cal activity when it is at 60° F. In connection here- generic for bactrim with it may be recalled that the best athletic records have been made in warm weather. Other forms of life show a similar fluctuation of activity according to the temperature — infusoria reaching their acme at about 83° and the crayfish

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