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at 73°. It would be interesting to know to what extent the activity of man is influenced by his heat retaining clothing; whether if he was in a nude state, the temperature at which he is most active would not be higher than that shown by generic name for benicar these sta- tistics. It is evident, benicar hct tablets however, that our present May 22, 1915. J EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 107 1 means of buy generic benicar combating cold by clothing, shelter, and fire, benicar generic equivalent are not sufficient to prevent the depressing ef- fects of low temperatures. Prolonged exposure to low or high temperatures renders cost of benicar hct all warm blooded animals more liable to in- fection, and one would expect a line representing the statistics of morbidity to run parallel to the line picturing the variations in capacity for work. The mortality benicar equivalent rate follows much the same course, some- what delayed, and reaches its highest in midwinter and midsummer, and its lowest in the spring and fall. It is to be hoped that other such investigations of the effect of meteorological conditions on human health and efficiency will follow, now that the ground has been well broken. CANCER AND THE PLANT KINGDOM. The study of cancer which appeared in the. issue of the Journal for May 15th speaks for itself. It is interesting, however, to recognize in the mixture of plant extracts, used both as a poultice and internally, reminders of a picturesque formula which, in one guise or another, antedates Christianity. benicar discount card The orvie- tan of the days preceding the French Revolution, the alexipharmacon or mithridate of Greek and Roman medicine, the astonishing confectio damo- cratis, which until quite recently was an ingredient of Warburg's tincture, are all ancestors or co- descendants of this Austrian specific. Similar benicar savings card mix- tures are still widely sold in the United States, little known save to buy cheap benicar benicar alternatives cancer sufferers because they are advertised from mouth to mouth and not through newspapers. These are popularly supposed to be of Indian tribal origin, but it is more likely that benicar hcl one or more formulas were sold to the Indians by early explorers. The interesting book by Beach, who is held by the Eclectic school to be the founder of their therapeutics, was published about 1829; it offered a poultice for cancer composed of stra- monium, cicuta (conium maculatum), belladonna, yellow dockroot, and pokcberry. For pain, steam- ing was ordered with a decoction of boneset, worm- wood, hoarhound, and hops. Internally, Beach prescribed a syrup made up of sarsaparilla, guaia- cum, sassafras, elder flowers, and burdock root ; and he warned all sufferers against surgery and arsenic pastes. His patients drank copiously, also, of benicar hct prices yel- low dock tea. The secret modern mixtures resemble the Austrian formula much more closely ; in popular language the latter reads benicar htc : Marsh clover, yellow clover, balm mint, white cabbage, liverwort, pansy, camomile, bitter apple, quassia, nettle, rhubarb, and hyssop, a list which will ring reminiscently in many a sufferer's ear. Has a genuine case benicar generic alternative of order benicar online malignant disease ever been cured by these plant extracts? It seems hard to believe that no case has, at least, ever spontaneously healed under irregular treat- ment, an outcome that would obviously be hailed rapturously as a "cure" and a justification. It is strange, from any viewpoint, how persistently man has reverted to the vegetable kingdom for an ally against the dreadful enemy, seeing that scientific medicine has again and again reluctantly but posi- tively discarded all the "roots, barks, herbs, and medicinal plants" of the long procession of believing herbalists. MIRACLES EXPECTED FROM EMETINE. In the Dominion Dental Journal for April, 191 5, Dr. A. J. McDonagh is cited as having predicted that some enterprising drug company would place emetine on benicar uk the market in a form for daily benicar canada use by the public. This prediction has now come true. Pa- tients suffering from pyorrhea carry a small bottle of the solution in their pocket, and, as occasion de- mands, wind a little cotton wool on a toothpick, dip it into the solution, and moisten the gums. One pa- tient stated that he could feel the gums just knit up around the necks of the teeth for several minutes after every application ! According to the dental authority, benicar hct cost there is going to be money in this garne for some one. The simplicity of this treatment will take with the public. It will beat the alkaline mouth wash and the disinfectant mouth wash for dental caries as a money maker. This talk of injecting a few drops of emetine and thereby curing pyorrhea without removing the irri- tant is the statement of men who do not know much of pathology or practice, or have some ulterior motive to serve. To this comment of the dental periodical, we may add the expression of our hope that physicians will not be stampeded by the new miracles benicar generic name attributed to emetine, a useful drug when properly used within well defined limits. HEMATURIA AS A COMPLICATION OF PREGNANCY. W. L. Kirkwood, of Wollongong, N. S. W., re-

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