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ports a case of this rare condition to the British Medical Journal for May i, 191 5. Mrs. W., aged thirty years, in the ninth month of her fourth benoquin cream 20 preg- nancy, sent for him, benoquin cream February 24, 1914. On the previous evening she observed that her urine was blood red. On the morning of his visit she was suffering from scalding and frequency of micturition and a bearing down pain. There was no other symp- tom. The urine was thick with blood, specific gravity buy benoquin online 1020, benoquin online neutral, and contained much albumin. Numerous blood corpuscles benoquin monobenzone cream were seen in the sedi- ment, but none of them as blood casts. There were a few pavement cells, but no pus cells, nor any bacilli, tubercle or other. There was no tenderness of the urethra, of the base of the bladder, nor of either kidney. Potassium citrate with belladonna and hyoscyamus was given and the discomfort dis- appeared in twenty-four hours, but the hematuria monobenzone benoquin 1072 NEWS ITEMS. [New York Medical Journal. continued until ten days after her confinement, which was a normal one, benoquin vitiligo and recurred three weeks later. The blood disappeared as suddenly as it came ; the unne on the twelfth day was, specific gravity 1016, benoquin cream for sale acid, and free of abnormal constituent. THE WRIST WATCH IN WARFARE. Considerable use of the wrist watch is to be found in all the armies in the present European war. It is generally worn on the left wrist, although, as a result of their exposed position, the left hand and forearm are very frequently hit by the infantry bul- lets. When high velocity projectiles chance to strike the watch fairly, the effect is to shatter it into unrecognizable fragments. These fragments are often driven directly into the bones of the wrist, hand, or forearm, the resulting damage being so radical that no treatment can restore the industrial use of the arm to the patient. Many of these in- juries have been reported in the German army, ac- cording to the Dominion Medical Monthly for May, 191 5. If the precaution has not already jjeen taken, prohibition of the wrist watch altogether will likely be adopted. SILVER PERMANGANATE. According to Presse medicate for April 29, 191 5, the Societc de medecine de Paris, at its meeting on March 26th, discussed the value of silver perman- ganate as a treatment for certain skin lesions. Butte reported good results in facial lupus, and Huerre testified to the permanence of solutions varying in strength from five in 1,000 to one in 100,000: these remained unchanged for twelve days. |(etos |tms. Changes of Address.— Dr. John H. Telfair, to 31 13 Kingsbridge Avenue, New York. Reporting Suppurative Conjunctivitis.— The Depart- rnent of HeaUh of the City of New York calls the atten- tion of physicians in New York to Section 86 of the Sani- tary code, which requires them to report all cases of sup- purative conjunctivitis occurring in their practice. The de- partment will hereafter prosecute any physician who fails to comply with tliis important regulation. Kansas Medical Society.— At the closing session of the annual meeting of this society, held in Kansas City on May 5th and 6th, the following officers were elected : Dr. O. D. Walker, of Salina, president; Dr. C. W. Jones, of Olathe, Dr. B. F. Chilcott, of buy benoquin Osborne, and Dr. T. R. Scott, of Newton, vice-presidents; Dr. C. S. Huffman," of Colum- bus, secretary; Dr. L. H. Munn, of Topeka, secretary; Dr. W. F. Sawhill, of Concordia, and Dr. M. F. Jarrell, of Fort Scott, delegates to the session of the American Medi- cal Association at San Francisco in June. The society will meet in Topeka next year. The Study of Occupational Diseases. — Physicians who are interested in the subject of occupational diseases will find the clinical history cards prepared by the department of health for use in their new occupational clinic, at 49 Lafayette Street, not buy benoquin cream only of interest but a possible help to indicate the lines along which investigation may yield important clinical results. The items on these cards have a special bearing on industrial diseases, and it said that if the data were benoquin price obtained in the course of clinical examina- tions conducted in dispensaries, hospitals, or in private practice, a number of obscure diseases whose causes lie in the occupation of the individual, would be brought to light. Fumigation in Brill's Disease. — Because of the admitted identity of Brill's disease and typhus fever, and the pos- sibility that cases of typhus fever may enter the port of New York in the near future, careful investigation is to be made hereafter by the department of health in all re- ported cases of Brill's disease, with a view to sulphur fumigation of premises and steam sterilization of bedding and goods. Missouri State Medical Association. — Dr. C. R. Wood- son, of St. Joseph, Mo., was elected president of this as- sociation, at the fifty-eighth annual meeting held in St. Joseph, May loth, nth, and 12th, succeeding Dr. H. C. Shuttee, of West Plains. Dr. E. J. Goodwin, of St. Louis, was reelected secretary, and Dr. J. benoquin 20 Frank Welch, of Salis-

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