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bury, reelected treasurer. Excelsior Springs was chosen as the next meeting place, but the date was not decided upon. Examination for Assistant Surgeons in the Public Health Service. — Boards of commissioned medical offi- cers will be convened to meet at various places through- out the United States on Monday, June 21st, for the pur- pose of examining candidates for admission to the grade of assistant surgeon in the United States Public Health Service. For further particulars regarding betnovate ointment 0.1 the examina- tion address the Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service, Washington, D. C. Honorary Degrees Conferred by the Washington University Medical School. — At the dedication of the new buildings of the medical department of Washington University, St. Louis, held on April 29th and 30th, the following honorary degrees were given : Doctor of science, Dr. W. T. Porter, Dr. O. E. Folin, and Dr. Theodore Janeway ; doctor of laws. Professor R. H. Chittenden, Surgeon General William C. Gorgas, President H. R. Hill, President A. L. Lowell, President George E. Vincent, Dr. F. P. Mall, Dr. Abraham Jacobi, Dr. Simon Flexner, Dr. W. H. Welch, Dr. S. J. Meltzer, Dr. W. H. Howell, and i3r. Rudolph Matas. Meetings of Medical Societies to Be Held in Phila- delphia during the Coming Week. — Monday, May 24th, North Branch of the County Medical Society, Section in General Medicine of the College of Physicians betnovate skin cream ; Tuesday, May 25th, West Philadelphia Medical Association, Society of Normal and Pathological Physiology; Wednesday, May 26th, Kensington Branch of the County Medical Society ; Thursday, May 27th, Pathological buy betnovate cream online Society, Northwest Branch of the County Medical Society, Physicians' Motor Club (annual run) ; Friday, May 28th, Northern Medical Association ; South Branch of the County Medical Society, Medical Club (directors). The Cancer Campaign. — Dr. Jonathan M. Wainwright, of Scranton, betnovate gm Pa., chairman of the Subcommittee on Can- buy betnovate cream cer of the Committee on Health and Public Instruction of the Medical .Society of the State of Pennsylvania, reports that almost every medical journal of consequence in the United States will take part in the cancer campaign in July, which was organized at the suggestion of this society. Doctor Wainwright also reports that the State medical betnovate cream 0.1 societies of the following States are now engaged in spe- cial cancer work : Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachu- setts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Twenty-nine counties in Pennsylvania will hold special cancer meetings in June. State Medical Association of Texas. — At the tenth annual meeting of this association, held in Fort Worth on May 4th, 5th, and 6th, the following officers were elected : President, Dr. G. H. Moody, of San Antonio; president- elect, Dr. J. M. Inge, of Denton; first vice-president. Dr. W. F. Bledsoe, of Port Arthur ; second vice-president. Dr. H. C. betnovate n cream Black, of Waco ; third vice-president, Dr. T. D. Frizzell, of Quanah ; Councillors, First District, Dr. F. P. Miller, of El Paso ; Fourth District, Dr. S. C. Parsons, of San Angelo ; Eleventh District, Dr. C. C. Nash, of Waco ; Thirteenth District, Dr. betnovate for acne Charles B. Williams, of Mineral Wells ; Fourteenth District, Dr. A. W. Carnes, of Hills- boro. Dr. W. R. Thompson, of Fort betnovate c Worth, was reelected trustee for five years and Iiccomes chairman of the board. Next year's meeting will be held betnovate face in Galveston. A new con- stitution and set of bylaws containing several radical and important changes were adopted by the house of delegates. May 2s, 1915. NEWS ITEMS. J 073 To Discuss the Law Concerning Contraceptive Meas- ures. — A inectiiisr of physicians and social workers will take place on Wednesday. May 26th, at the betnovate scalp solution New York Acad- emy of Medicine, to discuss the State law dealing with giving information about tiie prevention of conception. An attempt will be made to introduce betnovate c cream an amendment exempt- ing physicians from the operation of the law. Dr. A. Jacobi will preside and among the speakers will be Dr. William J. Robinson, Dr. Ira S. Wile, Dr. S. A. Knopf, and Dr. Lydia De Vilbiss. Mississippi State Medical Association. — The follow- ing officers were elected at the forty-eighth annual meet- ing of tliis association, held in Hattiesburg, Miss., betnovate n on May nth and 12th: President, Dr. I. W. Cooper, of Newton; vice-presidents. Dr. W. H. Scudder, of Mayersville ; Dr. J. W. Lucas, of Moorhead, and Dr. W. L. Orr, betnovate scalp lotion of Fulton ; councillors, third district. Dr. C. M. Hurry, of .Ripley ; fourth. Dr. F. J. Underwood, of Nettleton ; ninth. Dr. J. C. McNair, of Fayette. Members of the State board of betnovate gm skin cream health. Dr. S. W. Glass, of Lyon ; Dr. T. F. Elkin, of Tupelo ; Dr. S. K. Fason, of New Albany; Dr. betnovate buy online J. H. Johnson, of Brook- haven, and Dr. T. H. Seay, of Laurel. Delegate to the American Medical Association, which meets in San Fran- cisco, Dr. J. S. Ullman, of Natchez. Greenville was se- lected for the 1916 convention. Public Health Activities of the New York Academy of Medicine. — A summary of the activities of the I'ublic Health Committee betnovate c ointment of the New \'ork .\cademy of Medi- cine for the months of March and April includes reports on the following topics; Certified milk, autopsies, the fifth medical year, the convalescent care of children suffer- ing from heart disease, the provision of adequate facilities for the care and treatment of drug habitues, homes for the aged, medical service at the workhouse on Blackwell's Island, quarantine, and health legislation. In regard to health legislation betnovate online the committee has given special consider- ation to many of the bills relating to public health mat- ters introduced in the last betnovate scalp application legislature. It has strongly op- posed the Hinman bills which aimed to amend the present State health law, and also opposed the Ijill exempting Christian science practitioners from the provisions of the Medical Practice Act, presenting the following resolution to the special committee of the legislature in regard to this

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