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bill: Resolved, That the Public Health Committee of the New York Academy of Medicine opposes Assembly Bill No. 863, to amend the public health law. The effect of this bill would be to free from the limitations of medical practice those engaged Antibiotics Biaxin in "the practice of Christian Science for the prevention or cure of disease," and would thereby permit the care of contagious diseases, such as diphtheria and scarlet fever, by persons whose capacity for diagnosis, and knowledge of the treatment and of the means of limiting the spread of these diseases have not been submitted to examination and are most doubt- ful. The committee regards this condition as a distinct menace to public health and is strongly opposed to the bill whicli makes it possiI)le. Reunion of Medical Alumni of the University of Buf- Biaxin Price falo. — The fortieth annual meeting of the Alumni As- sociation of the Medical Department of the Biaxin Antibiotics University of Buffalo will be held in Buffalo, June Tst to 5th. Plans are under way to make this meeting the best in the history of the organization. The membership of the association con- sists of all living graduates from the medical department of the University Biaxin Cost of Buffalo and from the University of Niagara, which was amalgamated with the University of Buffalo in 1899. There are in all about 1,800 members, re- siding in various parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and Egypt. According to the pre- liminary program Tuesday, the first day of the meeting, will be devoted to fraternity and class reunions and lunch- eons ; scientific sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday; the annual business meeting will be held on Wednesday, at which time the constitution and bylaws of the Biaxin Online association are to be revised. The annual Iianquet, which is the social event of the meeting, will take place on Thursday Biaxin Order evening. June 3d. The commencement exer- cises of all departments of Purchase Biaxin the university will be held at the Teck Theatre on Friday, June 4tb- Further details regarding the meeting will be announced later. The officers of the association are : Dr. George F. Cott, '84, president, Buffalo. N. Y. : Dr. Robert T. French, '88, first vice-presi- dent, Rochester. N. Y. ; Dr. William House, '05. second vice-president, Portland, Ore.; Dr. Abram T. Kerr, '97. third vice-president, Ithaca. N. Y. ; Dr. Burt C. Johnson. '90. fourth vice-president, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Dr. Mary B. Moody, '76, fifth vice-president, Los Angeles. Cal. ; Dr. Julius Richter, '04, secretary, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Dr. Wdliam F. Jacobs, '08, treasurer, Buffalo, N. Y. Personal. — Dr. L. A. Buckner, of Dermott, has been elected president of the Arkansas State Board of Biaxin Buy Online Health, succeeding Dr. S. .A.. Southall, of Lonoke. Dr. C. W. Gar- rison, Order Biaxin of Little Rock, was reelected secretary. Dr. Ross M. Bradley, of Lowville, N. Y., will sail from .San Francisco on May 22d, for China, where he will take cliarge of the eye department of the Methodist Episcopal Hospital at Biaxin 500 Wuhu for the summer. In the fall Biaxin 500mg Doctor Brad- Biaxin Antibiotic ley will be transferred to the Hopkin Memorial Hospital at Pekin. Dr. Richard H. Creel, of the United States Public Health .Service, has been granted leave of absence from the service to accept the position of health officer of Boston Dr. J. B. Kinnaird, of Lancaster, Ky., has been appointed president of the Kentucky Association of Railway Sur- geons ; Dr. M. E. Alderson, of Russellville, first vice-presi- dent ; Dr. A. O. Sick, of Earlington, second vice-president, and Dr. Clarence H. Vaught, of Richmond, secretary-treas- urer. Dr. Thomas F. Harrington, director of school hygiene of the Boston public schools, was unanimously elected deputy commissioner of lal)or and industries at a recent meeting of the .State Board of Labor and Industries. Dr. Charles Lyman Greene, of St. Paul, professor of medicine in the University of Minnesota, has resigned Biaxin 500 Mg from the Minnesota State Board of Health. Dr. Benjainin Schwartz has been appointed a coroner's physician, to fill a vacancy in the board caused by the re- cent resignation of Dr. Otto H. Schultze Cheap Biaxin to become medical advisor to the district attorney's staff. Dr. Lucius P. Brown, State Food and Drug Commis- sioner of Tennessee, has been appointed director of the Bureau of Food Inspection in the Department of Health of the City of New York, at a salary of $5,000 a year, and will take up his new duties at once. Dr. W. H. B. Aikins was elected president of the To- ronto Academy of Medicine at tlie annual meeting held on the afternoon of May 4th. American Aid for Belgian Physicians. — The report of the treasurer of the Committee of American Physicians for the Aid of the Belgian Profession for tlie week ending May 15, 1915, is as follows: Contributions — Dr. Franklin B. Milier, Pittsburgh, Pa., $25 ; Dr. N. S. Jarvis, Captain, United States Army, New York, $15; Dr. Charles G. R. Jennings, Elmira, N. Y., $25; Dr. H. E. Jenkins, Passed Assistant Surgeon, United States Navy, Port Royal, S. C, $5 ; Dr. Luther G. Paul, Boston, $5 ; Dr. M. C. Smith, Lynn, Mass., $5 ; Arkansas Medical Society, Little Biaxin Xl 500mg Rock, Ark., $50; Dr. Charles Henderson Miller, Chicago, $10; receipts for the week, $140; previously reported receipts, $6,720.50; total receipts, $6,860.50. Previously reported disbursements : 1,625 standard boxes of food at $2.20, $3,.575 ; 1.309 stand- ard lioxes of food at $2.30, $3,010.70; total disbursements. $6,585.70; balance, $274.80. An Educational Lunch Room has been established by the Bureau of Public Health Education of the Department of Health of the Biaxin Xl 500 City of New York in the health depart- inent ofiices, for the benefit of employees. The object of Biaxin Xl the lunch room is primarily to provide a wholesome lunch- eon at cost price, and secondarily to educate the patrons in the matter of food and nutrition. The inenu is unique in that it gives, not only the price of each item, but also Buy Biaxin the quantity and the number of calories and the arnount of protein furnished. For instance, we find apple pie is stand- ardized as one sixth of a pie. selling at five cents and yielding 300 calories and 4 grams of protein. The stickler for standardization will rather balk at "an average help- ing of mashed creamed potatoes" and wonder how the 150 calories and 4 grams of protein yielded could be determined on such a variable Antibiotic Biaxin quantity as "an average helping." With cheese, however, we have more definite information, one cubic inch yielding 190 calories and 8 grams of protein. This is exactly double the quantity of protein and consid- erably more than the nuinber of calories furnished by the

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