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apple pie to which the cheese is a gratis accompaniinent. Specimen luncheons furnishing a balanced ration are listed, one of which, the low cost luncheon, furnishes from 1,320 to 1,410 calories and 25.5 to t,t,.s grams of protein, at a cost of 22 cents, while the high cost luncheon, costing 46 cents, provides from 1,520 to 1,840 calories and from 50 to 53 grams of protein. The lunch room was opened on May loth, Professor Graham Lusk, the acting mayor, the presi- dent of the Borough of Manhattan, and others interested being present. The expenses of the luncii room are borne by the employees. I074 PITH bimatoprost synthesis OF CURRENT LITERATURE. [New York Medical Journal. fitjf 0f Cwmnt f it^ratun;. BERLINER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT. Marcit 22, bimatoprost cost 1913. Treatment of Moist Eczema, by P. G. Uniia. — Owing to the cost of dressings in war, Unna advo- cates the use of suitable pastes in the treatment of moist eczema. The pastes arc of such consistence as to remain in contact with the buy bimatoprost uk tissues without softening and running at body temperature. Such a paste can be readily made from Wilson's zinc salve, and has the following composition : Sulphur depuratum and calcium carbonate, of each ten parts, with zinc oxide ointment to make 100 parts. This should be applied frequently, and if it becomes hardened on the skin it may be made soft by the addition of a few drops of water. A second useful paste consists of ten parts each of zinc oxide, sul- phur depuratum and calcium carbonate in seventy parts of boric acid ointment. The organisms are killed by the effects of the dehydrating and reducing agents contained in this preparation. The zinc oxide and the calcium carbonate also reduce pain and hyperemia by virtue of their decided basic char- acters. These pastes are also serviceable in short- ening the course of the pustulation of vaccination, and prevent the possible occurrence of vaccine ery- sipelas without in any way interfering with the ef- fectiveness of the immunization. Familial Gastric Cancer, by P. K. Pel. — A man and woman without family history of cancer, and both of whom died without themselves having can- cer, had seven children. Of these one buy bimatoprost online son died aged sixty-fotir years, of bimatoprost online gastric cancer, a second son died of the same condition order bimatoprost at the age of sixty years. a daughter at forty-three years, a second daughter at fifty-six years of age, and a fifth child, a man now aged fifty-eight years is at present suffering from typical gastric cancer. The other two chil- dren are free from cancer at the ages of sixty and sixty-eight years respectively. A second family is recorded, covering eighteen individuals of bimatoprost 0.01 three generations. Of these ten had cancer in some por- tion of the alimentary canal. Four brothers had cancer in the alimentary canal ; one married a healthy woman, who died at eighty-six years of age cheap bimatoprost without cancer, although her two brothers each had cancer. This couple had nine children, of whom three died of cancer of the stomach or esophagus. One of the children, a not cancerous daughter, mar- ried and had two children. One of these died in her fortieth year from gastric cancer, while the other is living and well. Such families carefully studied would seem to indicate that there is at least a certain hereditary factor in cancer, both on ac- count of the frequency with which the disease oc- curred in the offspring and because the disease tend- ed to bimatoprost 0.03 involve the same structures in all cases. CORRESPONDENZ-BLATT FUR SCHWEIZER AERZTE. Marcit 20, igi^. Prophylaxis and generic bimatoprost Treatment of Venereal Dis- eases in the Army, by J. Jadassohn. — Jadassohn urges that the troops should be repeatedly instruct- ed in the seriousness of venereal diseases, in the forms in which they may appear, and in the means of protection. He thinks that sexual abstinence has not been proved to have any harmful influence, and that any resulting harm is at least improbable for the great majority of men. Personal prophy- bimatoprost uk laxis consists in the bimatoprost canada use of chemical or mechanical preventives. He urges a rigid examination of pros- titutes in the neighborhood of troops, and a sys- tematic examination of the men at certain intervals, of the entire body of the soldier. Early diagnosis and early treatment is emphasized, and then it is considered how far it order bimatoprost online is possible to carry out treat- ment in marching troops. This problem becomes still more difficult on the bimatoprost price battle line. March bimatoprost ophthalmic 27, 1915- Acoustic Trauma and lumigan bimatoprost Personal Protection Against Occupational Deafness, by Siebenmann. — The experiments described seem to show that plugging of the external auditory canal with an air- less mass, such purchase bimatoprost as cotton soaked in oil, protects the hearing apparatus from buy cheap bimatoprost the well known results of concussions which produce an acoustic traumatism of the labyrinth. WIENER KLlNiSCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT April 15, 1915- Eye Injuries in War, b)^ R. Possek. — Most of the injuries are caused by purchase bimatoprost online the explosion of shrapnel

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