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is soon partly replaced by lactic acid with an actual reduction in the carbon dioxide tension. The pres- ence of these two acids reduces the alkalinity of the blood and this leads to shortness of breath. This change in the reaction of the blood is largely de- pendent upon the function of the kidney, which ex- cretes the bases while retaining the acids. This is a ph\s!ological protective response, the reduction in the carbon dioxide tension in the alveolar air lead- ing to a relative increase in the oxygen partial pressure. Secondary to this the oxygen enters the blood more readily in the lungs Purchase Cefaclor Online and also leaves it more readily in the tissues. . This physiological adaptation has a direct counterpart in certain pathological states, namely, in certain types of d}spnea. Lewis and his associates have recently de- scribed a number of cases of dyspnea associated with cardiac and renal disease in which the true ex- planation of the shortness of breath seems to be a want of oxygen supply to the Cefaclor Tablets renal cells. Thi.^ leads the kidneys to the excretion of the bases and the retention of acid bodies, exactly as in the case of the physiological response already outlined. Ex- periments undertaken to determine the nature of the retained acids have failed to discover either betaoxybutyric or lactic acids, and the Buy Cefaclor Online precise nature of these acid substances still remains unknown. •Much the same condition of oxygen want with re- sulting increase in hydrogen ion concentration in the blood together with dyspnea is encountered in pneu- monia. It is therefore evident from this comparison of physiological and pathological conditions that there is a type of dyspnea which can truly be de- noted, renal dyspnea, Cefaclor Generic .dthough in such cases there may be no anatomical lesion of the kidneys. Wound Infections, by .A. Iv Wright. — Tn his c-oucluding paper Wright deals with the value and Purchase Cefaclor limitations of Cefaclor 500mg vaccine therapy in Cefaclor Antibiotics the treatment of wounds. The prophylactic use of Order Cefaclor vaccines Cefaclor Mg is the- oretically the most satisfactory method for their employment ; it may be stated that theory is sujj- l)orted by the results of prophylactic vaccination for smallpox, typhoid, cholera, jjlague, etc. Unfor- tunately this procedure has not been adopted as a matter of routine so that Cefaclor Cd we have no means of ac- tually establishing its value in connection with wound infections. Next in order of results pro- duced stands the use of vaccines in fresh infections with localized bacteria invasions. Buy Cheap Cefaclor Here the imme- diate results are truly dramatic and almo.st uni- formly good. The use of vaccines is only of some- what less importance in the case of well drained infected wounds. But when it comes to their Cefaclor Antibiotic use in wounds which are Cefaclor Cost poorly drained, or such as are not drained at all, or in cases in which sej^ticemia has supervened the results are scarcely encouraging, and the proper dose is a matter of the greatest difti- cult\'. An intermediate class of conditions seems lo be encountered in those cases of heavily infecterl wounds ,in which saprophytes are abundant. In ^uch cases no striking efllects are obtained from the vaccines, but it seems quite probable that they may exert at least a restraining eftect on the organisms in the deeper parts of the wound tissues and thus materially aid the other methods of treatment pre- \iously outlined. (See the Journal for May 8th and ]\iay 15th.) LANCET. May I, iQis. Ileus duplex, by W. Sampson Handley. — Cefaclor 250mg This name has been given to the condition described in order to differentiate from the ordinary type of ileus encountered in peritonitis or after surgical op- erations. The condition occurs only as a result of pelvic peritonitis, and Cefaclor Ceclor its duplex nature consists in the occurrence of a paralytic ileus involving the lower portion of the small intestine which lies with- in the Cefaclor Generation true pelvis and the j)ortion of the large in- testine below the middle of the sigmoid colon, which also falls within the true pelvis. A recognition of the dual nature of this form of ileus goes a long way toward the reduction of its mortality. Handley Cefaclor Price cites his results in the operative treatment of cases of this type before he appreciated the duality of the lesion. In this group, in which ileocecostomy aloiu' was performed, four of the six ])atients died. Af- ter the recognition of the nature of the lesions he performed ileocolostomy combined with cecostom\- and had three recoveries and no deatlis. Significance of Arneth Counts in West Africa, by J. W. Scott Order Cefaclor Online Macfie. — The observations of others are cited to the efifect that in white races living in the tropics there is a decided tendency for the .Vrneth count to be displaced to the left, and Cefaclor Monohydrate this is considered as an indication of a reduction in the re- sistance of the body to infection. The present re- marks deal with the eiTect of malarial infection on the Arneth blood picture, and show that in this con- dition the shift to the left may be extreme. This observation seems to support the contention of Breinl and Priestley to the effect that the Arnetii picture is an index of the functional activity of the leucopoietic system, a marked displacement to tiie left indicating morbid activity of these tissues. !^urh oertainlv is true in malaria. CHINA MEDICAL JOURNAL, March, /yM. Tropical Febrile Splenomegaly and Its Surgical Treatment, by J. L. Maxwell. — This disease, which is met with in Formosa. China, F.gypt. and other tropical regions, is characterized by progres- sive enlargement of the spleen and fever; it is dif- ferent, though distinguished with difficulty, from other forms of splenomegalv in the tropics. It commences with enlargement of the spleen, soon 1 078 I'lTH 01' CURRENT LITERATURE.

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