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mon abuse, is in cases of contracted pelvis. In the extreme instances of this, the condition is so marked that the diagnosis does not even require pel- vimetry, and it is at once recognized that the case calls for Csesarean section. It is in the milder degrees of contraction, the so called borderline cases, how- ever, that the abuse is so apt to occur. In doubt- ful cases estimation of the relative size of the pelvis and the fetal head, as advised by Kerr and Mueller, will assist very much in determining the possibility of s])ontaneous or safe forceps delivery; failure to cause the head to engage will usually indicate C?esarean section. Probably the condition most often cleocin antibiotic calling for forceps is uterine cleocin cost inertia, frequent- ly associated with resistant perineum in primipar?e. In cases of this kind, artificial rupture of the mem- branes, or the use of pituitrin, will sometimes re- move the cleocin suspension indication for the use of forceps. An- other condition often necessitating the application of forceps is an occipitoi^osterior vertex presenta- tion. The fetal heart is also a good guide ; should cleocin oral the rate exceed 160 or fall below 100 a minute, the labor should be terminated at once. Severe con- vulsive movements of the buy cleocin t child, signifying a lack of sufficient oxygen, arc likewise an indication for this. Postural Disturbances, b\- J. T. OT'errall. — \\ hen the posture is pathological, or, in other words, the weight bearing lines are distorted or the statics cleocin cream acne abnormal, the case will present one of several definite trains of symptoms. The two types are the congenital and the acquired : the latter is the more easily dealt with, as the natural supports are pres- ent. Among the causes are habit, general debility, and occui)ation. Common cleocin t acne causes in women are ill fitting corsets and absence of corsets. The treat- ment is comparatively simple, and depends largely upon the patient. It consists in correcting the faulty attitude by restoring the normal centre of gravity, and this is most satisfactorily accomplished by proi)erly directed exercise, the purpose of which is to tone up the whole muscular system, especially the an- terior abdominal muscles, the chest walls and back. The patient should also assume certani positions tending to overcome the defective adjustment of the viscera. In addition to these exercises, many cases require temporary artificial supports, such as an- teroposterio pads, spring back braces, belts, and suitable corsets. Change of occupation is often of great service. In certain very rare instances, es- jDCcially where there is marked colonic stasis, cleocin t pads oper- ative interference mav be demanded. frflmMngs 0f Somtws. MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE . cleocin tablets ( )E NEW YORK. One Hundred and Ninth cleocin 900 mg Annual Meeting, Held at Buffalo. April 2j, 28, and 2Q. 1915. Tlie President. Dr. Grover W. W'k.xde, of Buffalo, in the Chair. Intestinal Stasis.— Dr. Ai.i.k.x .\. Jones, of Buf- falo, stated that acute sepsis resulted only when intestinal obstruction was positive and was brought about by a pathological state causing blocking or constriction, or by a complete intestinal paralysis from some interference with the neuromuscular function of the bowel. It might occur either in the small or in the large intestine. Acute stasis might result from obstruction in the small intestine, or might be due order cleocin online to intussusception, hernia, volvulus, adhesions or kinks, foreign bodies, ulcers and cica- trices, peritonitis, general or local, or jiressure upon the intestine by tumor or by another organ. The ileocecal region was especially apt to be the seat of some of these conditions, as, for instance, appendi- citis, cleocin 100 mg bands, adhesions and kinks, or intussusception. Viewed from the standpoint of the internist, the question — How did enteroptosis with its coinmrm accompaniment, real and persistent chronic consti- pation, and its various complicating or etiological and cleocin phosphate pathological conditions, aftect or deplete health? — cleocin topical gel might be answered in i)art ' this way: io82 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [New York Medical Journal. I. !!y its toxic effects. 2. By interfering with the splanchnic circulation. 3. By exciting unhealthy conditions of the colonic mucosa. 4. By its possible eft'ect in causing appendicitis. 5. By its possible effect in causing pelvic displacement. 6. By its drag on the mesentery cleocin 600 mg causing backache and misery. 7. By its effects upon the mind, cleocin suppositories the vasomotor circula- tion, and the whole nervous system. 8. By its in- duction of premature old age because of its inter- ference with the nutrition of cleocin iv the heart, the arteries, and body musculature. Intestinal Prolapse and Adhesions. — i)r. Henry W. Bettmann, of Cincinnati, stated that at the be- ginning of the present century internists had very generally agreed on the main features connected with the etiology, the symptomatology, the pro- phxlaxis, and the treatment of gastroenteroptosis. These conclusions might be summarized as fol- cleocin 2 lows: I, Etiology. A certain hereditary predisposi- tion existed. Constitutional debility and malde- velopment played important roles. Pregnancy, emaciation, and cleocin topical solution improper dress were often the de-

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