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now graduating in medicine or in hospital i)o>itions, wim wish to investigate tliese great opportunities in tiie orient. Address Dr. E. H. Hume, 5 White Hall, Yale Universit\. New Haven, Conn. The scope of tiie Hunan-Yale insti- tution is not at all limited to Yale men. Ai.FKi-.i) C. Rf.i:d. [An editorial article on this subject appeared in the jouRNAF. for May isth. — Ens.] ELECTROTHERAPY FOR ANGINA Cozaar 25 Mg PECTORIS. -Atlantic Bkach, Floriua. May 11, y^/s. To the Editors: Having just read in your May 8th issue Dr. Sinclair Tousey's article on the treatment of angina pectoris by tlie high frequency vacuum electrodes, leads me to Cozaar Online say that ni the first draft of my article on electrotherapy in the May 1st issue of your Journal. I had included reports of two cases successfully treated for Buy Cozaar Online angina pectoris by this same method. In order to curtail the paper, I cut these case.- out. Another reason was that within a year after treat- Cozaar 50mg ments had been stopped, contrary to my advice, botii pa- tients had sharp recurrences and were too ill to come for further treatments and so died within a few days. Ten or a dozen treatments had removed all Discount Cozaar symptoms at first, so they felt cured and failed to sec the need of resuming them at occasional intervals. Doctor Tousey's patient would do well to take the hint and so ward off a recur- rence. Hiram H. Sf.elye, A. M., M. D. ARE PHYSICIANS ABANDONING REGULAR PRACTICE? New York, May 10, 191 fi. To the Editors: 1 hereby beg to protest against the issuance Cozaar 100mg of life insur- ance policies to Christian science believers. It stands to reason that individuals wlio will not seek help in early affections of the Purchase Cozaar heart, lungs, or kidneys, will allow their condition to go on until they are beyond help. .As a consequence the rest of the policy holders must suffer for their neglect. Unfortunately, of late, there lias been a tendency for inferior rnen in the profession of medicine to Cozaar 100 Mg join the ranks of Christian science healers, their reason being obvious. My plan would be to insert a clause in the policy whicli makes the granting of the same dependent upon the em- ployment of medical help in time of need. Barnet Toseph, M. D. INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THE FAMILY DOCTOR. New York. May /?, njifi. To the Editors: A vital question with many physicians Buy Cozaar today is — What becomes Cozaar Cost of the surgical patient after he has secured the attending physician's report entitling him to receive insur- ance compensation? In forrner days, when the "submucus expert," who posed as physician for different organizations in his spare mo- Cheap Cozaar ments, was handed Buy Cheap Cozaar a certificate from the attending physi- cian, he invariably made it liis business to create in the mind of the patient a feeling of dissatisfaction regarding the competency of his attending physician, with the result that the patient lost confidence in his physician and avoid- ed him thereafter. The same was also true of the methods followed by the doctors employed by the street railways and other corporations. In many cases, as is well known, these "experts" became so Cozaar Price l)old as seriously to overstep tlie bounds of professional ethics and make them liable in legal actions for slander. Under present conditions Cozaar Mg Cost Of Cozaar the attending physician is re- quired to furnish the patient with a report in detail, show- ing exactly the history, diagnosis, Losartan Cozaar and treatment, which is then presented to the insurance doctor for certification, and judging from the fact that very few, if any, of such patients ever return to the attending physician after iiand- ing in sucli reports, one cannot escape the thought that methods prejudicial to the interests of physicians arc still io86 BOOK REVIEWS. [New York Mkdical Journal. in vogue. It is a well known fact that the insurance doc- tor, if so disposed, is supplied with a greater weapon for such purposes, in Price Of Cozaar the form of the detailed report above referred to, than was the case in the palmiest days of our old friend, the submucus expert. The mecHcal societies owe it to all reputable physicians to see that some steps are taken to ascertain the extent in which such methods are still practised, and to Online Cozaar protect physicians Order Cozaar from these prejudicial influences, J. Gm.hlan, M. D. iflDli gebitlys.

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