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[//'(' publish full lists of books received, but we Rosuvastatin Calcium acknowl- edge no obligation to review them all. Nevertheless, so far as space permits, we review those in ivhich zve think our readers are likely to be interested.] The Problem of Cancer or The Philosophy of Malignancy. By Eugene Goleman Savidce, Member New York Acad- emy of Medicine, New York Obstetrical Society, Ameri- Purchase Crestor can Medical Association, New York State Medical So- ciety, wSociety Alumni Roosevelt Hospital, and Sloane Hospital for Women ; Former Assistant Gynecologist, Roosevelt Hospital (O. P. D.); Former Attending Gyne- cologist, St. Mark's Hospital; Author of The Philosophy of Radioactivity, etc. New York: William R. Jenkins Company, 191 5. Pp. 118. The very nature of medical science is such that Cheap Crestor well nigli every problem still holds much matter for theory and speculation, even in the face of the very great advances made in recent decades which have brought to light many new facts. There is probably no single phase of medicine in which speculation dcjminates to so great an extent as that of cancer — especially its causation. An enormous mass of "literature" has accumulated on this subject, some of which aims at the discovery of scientific bases for the explanation of certain phases of the problem of the origin of malignant growths. The remainder falls more properly into the classification of theoretical speculation. For purity of speculation the palm sliould probably l^e given to tlie present volume. In it, Purchase Crestor Online at least, there is virtually nothing more tangible than the most nebulous hypothesis. The sub- title. The Philosophy of Malignancy, correctly describes the nature of the contained discussion. It is indeed phil- osophical speculation run riot. And, like many another philosophical discussion, this one exceeds both the limits of plausibility and those of the average understanding. One is prompted to say of this, as has l)een said of the late Henry James's more abtruse work, that there may be some- thing in it, but it has not yet lieen translated into English. The author deals in wiiat seems to be a learned way with a hypothetical something denoted the "subcomponent" of cell activity. There is much said about the relation of this liypothetical factor to wave length and frequency, about its relations to light, radium rays, and the Rontgen ray, as well as much well nigh incomprehensible theorizing on its relations to color phenomena. Crestor Mg The mathematics of the effects of these several agents and activities is speculated upon at considerable length, but for Crestor Tablets all the speculation there is little or no tangible basis offered. The work is not only one of metaphysics, but actually fits Lewes's defin- ition of metempirics — for it is truly concerned with the imknowable, at least with that which is at present both unknown and unknowable. It is probable that the author has some very definite ideas regarding his theories, but if so, he has concealed them from the common eye by a mass of verbiage about subcomponents, reinforcement and interference, and colors, both harmonious and inharmoni- ous. The ensuing two sentences will give some idea of the cryptic pseudoexplanations to be found on nearly every page : "Therefore, malignancy when cured by radioactivity is cured because radioactivity has reinforced its color. It is caused by radioactivity when radioactivity interferes with its color." The volume contains a request for suggestions for the preparation of a new edition of tliis book. We should like to offer but one — that the author couch the new edition in language sufficiently comprehensible to the aver- age mind to enable its possessor to grasp tlie ideas wliicli it is desired to Buy Cheap Crestor oft'er for discussion. The Vicious Circles of Neurasthenia and Their Treat- ment. By Jamikson B. Hurry, M. A., M. D. (Cantab. J. Author of Vicious Circles in Diseases. With Illustra- tions. London: J. & Crestor Price A. Churchill; Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1915. Pp. xv-90. Price, $1.40.) Of all the complaints Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin with which the practitioner has to deal, one of the most perplexing and obstinate is that vague conditions called neurasthenia. Anything new upon this subject wliicli Rosuvastatin 10 Mg may lead to its better understanding and treatment is, therefore, quite welcome to every physician. This little volume of Hurry's may properly be called a Order Crestor Online genuine contribution to our knowledge, although its title would lead one to think that it dealt with it from a single narrow ])oint of view. As a matter of fact. Hurry take.s up the causation of neurasthenia in a com])rehensive way and sliows its relation to perversions and diseased condi- tions in the several pliysiological systems of the body. He opens witli a sliort chapter on the pathology of the con- dition, in whicli he seeks to establish his contention that its manifestation is usually closely bound up with other conditions and influences which either produce the neuras- thenia, or at least perpetuate Buy Crestor Online and increase it. This associa- tion with other conditions constitutes a vicious circle in each case, the several components of which so interact as to make the affection Crestor Online self peri)etuating. The several types of vicious circle associated with neurasthenia are discussed under the heads of the psychoses, those associated with the vascular system, the respiratory, digestive, and genito- urinary systems, with the sense organs, and lastly with cer- tain artificial conditions such as the indiscriminate use of drugs and narcotics, etc. Lest he be accused of riding a hobby of his own. Hurry has introduced verbatim quota- tions from many authorities touching upon the several tj'pes of vicious circles encountered. What Is Rosuvastatin On the basis of the vicious circle acting either in causing or perpetuating neurasthenia, lie closes with two chapters on the treatment of the Order Crestor condition. The essential features of treatment con- sist in finding the weakest link in the circle through care- Buy Crestor Rosuvastatin 10 ful analysis of the case and breaking its continuity at that point ; to which there should be added special attention to any other contributory conditions of an organic nature. All in all, tlie volume is both very readable and highly instructive in drawing special attention to the mode of at- tack which is likely to give the best results in the treat- ment of this distressing and baffling ailment, to which so man\- otherwise useful members of the community are subject. The Modern J-'actory. Safety, .Sanitation, and Welfare. By Georc.e M. Price, M. D., Director, Joint Board of Sanitary Control in the Cloak, Suit, and Skirt, and the Dress and Waist Industries, New York City, Formerly Director of Investigation, New York State Factory Com- inission. First Edition. First Thousand. New York : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1914. Pp. xx-574. (Price, $4.) The present volume is the most recent addition to tlie rapidly accumulating literature on occupation diseases and hygiene. It presents the reader with a survey of industrial condition'^ in general, in the United Generic Crestor States; and a disctis- sion of the safety, efficiency, and sanitation of industrial estal)lishments in all parts of the world. The author shows factories as they are and as they should (and might) be; and in Crestor Cost writing this work he draws on an extensive per- sonal experience with his subject. The topics considered

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