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must be boiled before it is dipped into the solution. The drops will Dostinex Mg be Order Dostinex furnished to any midwife free of charge, on application to the board of health. while twenty ytar.s later these figures had become reduced to nineteen per cent. Dr. J. J. Carroll, of Baltimore, stated that thirty per cent, of the inmates Fig. 4. — -The eye properly opened to instil the Crede solution. How to care for baby's eyes. — The baby's eyes should be attended to every day, after the bath. The hands of the Dostinex Tablets mother, midwife, or nurse who attends to this, must first be scrubbed and washed with soap and hot water and wiped with a clean towel. Nothing that is not Cabergoline 0.5 perfectly clean Buy Cabergoline should touch the baby's eyes. No water, linen cloth, cotton, Purchase Dostinex or any other article used for the mother must be used for the baby. Fresh clean cotton or linen should be used for the baby's eyes, and after use should be burnt or destroyed. What to do zvhen the eyes get sore. — If the baby's eyes get red, if a drop of matter appears between the eyelids or in the corner of the eye, a physician should be Cabergoline Buy called, or if none be in attendance the board of health should be notified Dostinex Price by telephone, and Cheap Dostinex a doctor will be sent to instruct the mother how to treat the baby's eyes. Do not delay in procuring treatment for the baby's eyes, as Purchase Dostinex Online the eyes can often be saved only by applying proper remedies at once. A heaping teaspoonful of boric acid (bought for a few cents in any drug store) may be dis- solved in a tumblerful of boiling water, and the solution cooled. This Buy Cheap Dostinex boric acid solution may be used instead of plain boiled water to wash the eyes, while waiting for the arrival of the doctor. On the authority of J. Whitridge Williams,* of Johns Hopkins University, Cohn estimated, in 1876, A ^ 4 ■^i^ ^ ■i i"i',. 5. — The Crede nictliod Dostinex Online of instillation (Edgar). that thirty per cent, of the patients in the blind asylums of Germany, Austria, Holland, and Switzer- land owed their trouble to ophthalmia neonatorum, 'J. Wliitrulge Williams, M.D., Obstetrics. Fig. 6. — ( )plitlialmia neonatorum (after ll.i.ib). of the Maryland School for the Blind, in 1909, traced their blindness to the same cause, and that its incidence had increased rather than decreased during the previous twenty years. This means that Buy Dostinex the average practitioner and midwife have failed to ap- preciate the prophylactic value of Crede's method, and makes pertinent the Cabergoline 0.5 Mg inquiry as to the advis- ability Generic Dostinex of legislating with a view to making the use of silver nitrate compulsory in all cases. These conclusions by such men as Garrigues and Williams and many other eminent authorities who might be cited, emphasize the fact that although, as has been shown, the cause of the disease and its prevention are now well understood, much remains to be done before the thousands of cases of prevent- able blindness cease to occur, even in our own country. The results just mentioned, which can be Fig. 7. — Everted eyelids in early stage of opiithalmia neonatorum. duplicated by careful attention to correct Dostinex Cost technic in all well equipped hospitals, show that blindness of the newborn should eventually be reduced to less than one per cent, and ultimately should disappear, just as smallpox has practically disappeared Buy Dostinex Online in this country, and as typhoid Cabergoline Tablets has disappeared in Order Dostinex Online the United States army. I094 DE POREST: BLINDNESS OF NEWBORN. [Nkw York Medical Journal. Fig. 8. — Gonorrheal ophthalmia (adult), swelling and excoriation of the lids, dis- charge of pus (Hutchinson). Ignorance and carelessness are the two factors which continue to impose this burden of bhndness

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