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The English, on the other hand, even after their lesson of the Boer war, in which they saw the need of reorganization with a view to rendering aid in time of war, are still without an efficient system in this respect. Her Majesty, Queen Alexandra, in her inaugural address at the meeting called ranbaxy eriacta for re- organization, in 1905, said : "It has been on my eriacta tablets mind ever since the South African war, when purchase sildenafil citrate I be- came president, to try to reorganize the Red Cross society on a more practical and sound basis." But the English still retain their traditional attitude to- ward preparation for war, as they are the only people in Europe who, like us, are free from the hated tyranny of sildenafil citrate 50mg military conscription. A British observer lately confessed buy eriacta that he is overwhelmed as he learns what eriacta uk is done on the Continent in the preparation of volunteer aid in time of war. The British Red Cross Society possesses a certain capital, said to be about $400,000, accrued from various absorbed organizations and subscriptions, which can be touched only in case the Empire is in- volved in war. The interest alone is used for the maintenance expenses. Any relief work in time of peace is carried on only by the use of subscriptions made for the particular purpose. When foreign na- tions are at war, the help that is sent from England to the combatants is raised by special subscription, as in the case of the several units sent to Turkey and the Balkan States during the recent wars. The order sildenafil citrate French Red cheap eriacta Cross Society consists only of a central committee, formed by Government ranbaxy eriacta 100 sanction in 1907, under control of the war office, and com- posed of delegates from the three active volunteer aid societies which had been previously chartered by Government decree, namely sildenafil citrate 100mg : 1. La order eriacta Societe de secours aux blesses des armees de terre et de mer. 2. L'Union des femmes de France. 3. L'Association des dames frangaises. The first had twenty-five field hospitals of 100 beds each, completely organized with materiel and personnel eriacta online ready for immediate service. It has or- ganized hospitals of other classes with a total of 18,- 000 beds, an annual income of $100,000 and a re- serve fund of $1,300,000. The second has twenty auxiliary field hospitals of 100 beds each, with per- sonnel and equipment exactly similar to the field hospitals of the army; 12,000 beds in territorial hospital organizations, and $720,000 in reserve fund and materiel. The third has six auxiliary field hos- pitals, 7,000 beds in hospitals of other classes, an annual income of $20,000, and a reserve fund and materiel valued at $210,000. La Societe de secours aux blesses has undertaken, iri an extensive way, to train the volunteer aid per- sonnel for service in time of war by the buy sildenafil citrate online estabhsh- ment of dispensary schools, of which there are three Fig. 2. — A Bulgarian niedicnl officer loading an Austrian army sanitary train at Kustendel, Bulgaria, during the second Balkan war. in Paris and thirty-five throughout the country. Ladies attend these dispensaries and many of them, both from the provinces and in Paris, after complet- ing the dispensary course, enter the civil hospitals May J9, 1915.] FORD: RED CROSS PROBLEMS. IIOI in Paris for a course of five months, and, after a final examination, receive diplomas. The total mem- bership of these societies is 111,000, and each mem- her subscribes two dollars or more each year. i-iG. 3. — A standard car of an Austrian Army hospital train await- ing its load of Bulgarian wounded for transportation to Sofia. An Austrian army hospital train cheap sildenafil citrate complete with equipment and personnel was sent to Bulgaria during the first war, and another during the second war. The personnel of the organizations, except for a few administrative medical officers of the army, is made up of those exempt from military duty, and thus many of the unemployed men and more of the women are enlisted in the volunteer aid service in France. The Italian Red Cross Society, reorganized in 1882, has its objects thus expressed by royal decree : 1. To supplement the army medical service in the field by means buy eriacta online of mountain and field hospitals ; 2. To provide hospital trains for lines of evacuation ; 3. To provide rest stations; 4. To coordinate the work of buy sildenafil citrate other societies in time of war; 5. To collect and distribute private gifts under army direction ; and

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