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lof his proposed return, and a rapidly fatal issue."- Dr. E. D. Ferguson. "Very few."— Dr. J. A. Reagan. Q. 7. buy esidrix In what stages of phthisis have you seen improve- ment? "Early stages."- Dr. Marcy. "The early stage- of ibroid disease, first hydrochlorothiazide price and second of strumous phthisis."— Dr. Holden. " Rather late in one ; moderately late in one ; so late that it seemed purchase hydrochlorothiazide online almost useless in one, and he has improved the hydrochlorothiazide mg most."— Dr. Folsom. "A large proportion of incipient phthisis are benefited."— Dr. McGill buy hydrochlorothiazide and Dr. Battle. " In the first and second stages; in the third stage (hectic, cavities), in only two cases." — Dr. Gleitsmann. " First."— Dr. S. D. Kennedy. " Most marked in first and second stages, but known improvement in third stage, and life prolonged."— Dr. J. A. Reagan. Q. S. What effects have you noted upon the following symptoms? Dr. Folsom reports: "Loss of appetite and dys- pepsia, three improved: diarrhoea, not buy hydrochlorothiazide online a symptom ; pharyngeal catarrh, two improved; bronchitis, expectoration, harassing cough, night-sweats, and emaciation, three improved; not a symptom in the others." Dr. McGill and Dr. Battle report! " Loss of appetite and dyspepsia generally improved ; diarrhoea, negative effect ; pharyngeal catarrh and bronchitis generally im- proved; expectoration lessened almost always; harassing cough generally lessened; in night-sweats, emaciation, and haemop- tysis, improvement only noted with that of other symptoms." Dr. J. A. Reagan : " Appetite and dyspepsia are improved ; diarrhoea, pharyngeal catarrh, bronchitis, expectoration, nearly all improved; harassing cough all improved ; night-sweat-, ema- ciation, and haemoptysis, nearly all improved." Dr. S. A. Ken- nedy: "Appetite, bronchitis, expectoration, harassing cough, night-sweats, and emaciation all improved in one case." Q. 9. Have yon known of patients injuriously affected by a sojourn in Asheville? If so, how many, and under what cir- cumstances of stage of disease, complications, seasons of the year, etc.? "No: because I have sent only selected cases." Dr. Holden. "No." — Dr. Kinloch. "No." — Dr. Folsom. "We fail to recall any cases where its injurious effects were di- rectly traceable to climatic influences."— Dr. McGill and Dr. Battle. "Of 136 patients, 71 improved; the balance purchase hydrochlorothiazide of 65. did either not improve or grew worse."— Dr. Gleitsmann. "This one (exception referred to in Dr. C.'s statement, classed under Query 5), contrary to my views, remained order hydrochlorothiazide in the town of Ashe- ville during the summer, where it is very dusty."— Dr. S. E. Chaille. " No."— Dr. J. A. Reagan. Q. 10. How many cases of phthisis have you known to origi- nate in the vicinity of Asheville? If any, how many were hereditary? How many were acquired? "It is cheap hydrochlorothiazide said that phthisis bus generic hydrochlorothiazide originated here. It i- claimed that it esidrix or zaroxolyn is not heredi- tary here, and when it lias occurred it is supposed to he due to want of proper food and to bad hygienic surroundings." Dr. McGill and Dr. Battle. "None to my personal knowledge." Dr. Gleitsmann. "Originating in vicinity of Asheville 'ten' 'all' hereditary ; ' none ' acquired." — Dr. .1. A. Reagan. Q. 11. How many HubjectS of acute pneumonia and bron- chitis originating in Asheville and vicinity have you known to become phthisical? "We recall one instance; in this the dis- ease buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide was arrested anil the recovery complete."- Dr. McGill and Dr. esidrix 25 mg Battle. "None to my knowledge."— Dr. Gleitsmann. "None." — Dr. .1. A. Reagan. (J. 16. I- the climate general]} conducive to Bleep! "I think so."— Dr. Marcy. "Yes."— Dr. Kinloch. "At Ashe- ville. yes, in iiiv experience."— Dr. Folsom. "Decidedly." Dr. McGill and Dr. Battle, -'tis." Dr. Gleitsmann. "Yes." Dr. S. D. Kennedy. "Yes."— Dr. F. Peyre Porcher, Charles- ton, s. 0. "Yes." Dr. -i. A. Reagan. (,). r:. Il:i\c yon known of patients visiting Asheville or vicinity contracting malarial or typhoid fever*, or other dis- eases! "Diarrhoea order hydrochlorothiazide online and dysentery, several."- Dr. Marcy. "There has been a complaint which seems well founded that the water-supply is bad. . . . Typhoid fever often met with in all this mountain climate, more frequent!} formerly than now." 402 hydrochlorothiazide online LLOYD: ASHEVILLE AND THE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA. [N. Y. Med. Jock., — Dr. Kinloch. "No; I should think there might be typhoid, unless they clean up." — Dr. Folsom. " Never malaria, typhoid occasionally." — Dr. McGill and Dr. Battle. " Malaria is seldom, but not unknown in western North Carolina." — Dr. Gleitsmann. "Typhoid fever very common in Hendersonville, N. C, which is much resorted to" My family have often gone there for change and cool climate. hydrochlorothiazide tablets Free from malaria, as is all that mountain region. Typhoid is not uncommon. I think the typhoid fever of Flat Rock all owing more to bad hygienic sur- roundings than to climate. Malaria nil. This mountain pla- teau has one. of the most delightful climates in the world." — Dr. F. Peyre Porcher. '' We have no malaria in this mountain section."' — Dr. J. A. Reagan. Under " additional remarks," Dr. MoGill and Dr. Battle say that "the climate is dry and tonic, and invigorating; elevation and atmospheric dryness are its strong points. Asthma is al- hydrochlorothiazide cost most uniformly benefited here. Hay fever usually mitigated, and occasionally, in some instances, immunity is enjoyed." Dr. J.A.Reagan remarks: "I have been practicing regularly at Weaversville, eight miles north of Asheville, for over thirty years. It i9 the same height as Asheville. I have not known a single case of consumption in this plateau of some ten miles. There have been a few cases on the river and creeks." Dr. Pepper writes us (in answer to our circular letter) : " I regret extremely that the excessive pressure of my business makes it impossible to answer your queries as to Asheville, especially be- cause I have sent a great many patients there during a long series of years. The results are generally favorable to it a;- a health resort, and I doubt not that, with improving facilities and accommodations there, still better results will be obtained in tlie future." He again writes, in reply to a special query re- garding his views of the most favorable months at Asheville: "I have had much more experience with the climate of Ashe- ville during the summer and fall months up to Christmas. The

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