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6. To organize information bureaus for communication with the families of the sick and wounded. This society has among its completely organized units, sixty small field hospitals for mountain war- fare, eight war hospitals of 100 beds each, eight field hospitals of fifty beds, thirty-six field hospitals of fifty beds for pack transport, fourteen hospital trains of 200 beds, one hospital train of 100 beds in Sicily, two sets of equipment for hospital ships, one set of equipment for a river ambulance, and sixty- five rest stations. The funds amount to $1,400,000, and 1,900 officers and 2,000 subordinates are as- signed to duty in various organizations. The Austrian Red Cross Society is a union of twenty-two National aid societies, organized at dif- ferent times and places since 1859, and controlled under the direction of the war department, by a cen- tral committee in Vienna. The society has a mem- bership of 109,500, an annual income of $190,000, and material valued at $330,000. The relation of this society to the army medical department, in time of war, is established along the lines laid down by the Germans, and it furnishes the following organ- ized assistance : All the first aid dressings for the army ; wounded transport Purchase Lithium Carbonate columns ; mobile field depots ; field hospitals ; field delegates, medical offi- cers, pharmacists, and accountants ; supplementary personnel, clothing, and equipment : depots for vehicles in Vienna and provincial towns ; Eskalith Cr 450 equipment for mountain warfare ; publication of service in- structions; central bureau of information; reserve and auxiliary hospitals ; hospital ships ; rest stations ; nursing organization for private houses, and courses of instruction for volunteer aid personnel. The total number of beds in completely organized hospitals and convalescent homes is 14,424. All arrangements are perfected for the charter of two particular vessels, for conversion into hospital ships, and all supplies and equipment for these two ships are pro- vided and are kept in permanent storage in the gar- rison hospital in Trieste. The central bureau of information is of particular interest, as it is the most complete and efficient or- ganization of the Austrian Red Cross society. It collects lists of sick and wounded from all the med- ical units and establishments, classifies them, and makes card indexes of each individual, transmits de- sired information to relatives, and answers all com- munications from them. The Hungarian Red Cross, which- is entirely dis- tinct from the Austrian society, is organized under the same supervision and advice of the military Order Lithium Carbonate Online au- Lithium Eskalith thorities. It provides wounded transport columns for each of the eleven field hospitals of the army, which are mobilized in Hungary. It has ready for mobilization ten bearer columns equipped for moun- tain transport Buy Lithium Carbonate ; two field hospitals of 200 beds each ; two mobile field medical depots ; and eight reserve hospitals Lithium Carbonate Buy with a total of 2,000 beds. At Budapest the society has an active hospital of 120 beds in per- manent operation, with ward buildings on the Eskalith Er grounds, filled with stores in time of peace which provide for extension to 800 beds in time of war. Jt has, also, organized rest stations, refreshment sta- tions, auxiliary hospitals, and convalescent hospitals Eskalith Cr and homes throughout the Kingdom, providing for 42,545 officers and men. In Russia all volunteer aid is employed under the control of the Red Cross Societv of Russia, which p 1 i tkV r-^ 4 1' ^^K^a^' * Buy Lithium Carbonate Online fi if Lithium Carbonate Online Fig. 4. — The military surgeon of the Austrian army, in charge of the Austrian Army Hospital train in the Bulgarian service, and an Austrian Army Hospital Corps soldier dressing the wounds of a Bulgarian soldier. was organized in Generic Lithium Carbonate 1876 from societies formed in the Napoleonic and Crimean wars as more or less of a State institution. The story of its preparation Eskalith 450 Mg in time of peace for service in time of war is much the 1 102 FORD: RED CROSS PROBLEMS. [New York Medical Jolrnal. same as that of other European countries. The society has a membership of 1,000,000 and a war fund of ^5,000,000. It expended $20,000,000 in the Manchurian war, and has since Buy Eskalith that time re- newed its energies in organizing units and perfect-

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