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ing arrangements for volunteer aid in the mihtary service. The smaller States, Belgium, Holland, and Switz- erland have taken even more seriously the or- ganization of volunteer aid units for service in time of estrace for ivf war; and resting, no doubt, in fancied security behind their paper bulwarks of neutrality, they pre- pared more thoroughly than the larger States to send well organized units to foreign countries. In Holland, for instance, the objects of their volunteer aid society, as set down in the charter by royal decree, are : 1. To afford assistance to the sick and wounded belonging to any belligerent armies or navies ; and 2. To render assistance in times estrace cream of calamity at home or abroad. The Belgians have formally considered the man- ner in which the foreign assistance offered to them might be received and have prescribed the conditions under which the Red Cross society shall aid the army in time of war in the following article of the royal decree of 1892: Foreign Red Cross Societies cannot give aid in Belgian wars, except by special authority of the local commanding general and under the direction of the Belgian Red Cross society. They may never aid in the first line. As the antimilitary spirit of estrace and ivf our people, grown from our isolation, incites our disavowal that a state of war can ever confront us, we strive to entrench ourselves in this position by making the least estrace coupons possible preparation for the strengthening of our arms, and it naturally follows that we have but estrace online little interest in the useless expenditure of time and money to pre- pare for the amelioration of its deplorable results. There can be no doubt of the deep sympathy of the American people with the unfortunate victims of the terrible reality now involving almost the whole of Europe, or of their earnest desire to offer such measure of relief as they are estrace 1 mg able. Then the question naturally arises, In what form, to what ex- tent, and to what effect should our well meant efforts be directed? The answer may be found, either in following our own traditions and easy convenience in the selection of a plan to tneet this great emergency, or by carefully considering the form in which the European states have sent estrace 2 mg aid to other countries in time of war, and deducing there- from the kind of aid that would bear the most relief at this time. In other words, shall we give only what is easiest to hand out, or shall we offer what our prospective beneficiaries can best use and most want? It is a foregone conclusion that we will try to estrace estradiol do what we can, estrace creme and that we will spend our money, but will our assistance really help estrace price or will our means be consumed in the overhead expense of our well meant efforts? We have long since been wisely admonished to turn not too readily to the devices of our own in- vention before consulting, with humility, the ex- perience of the past, and some of the latter may, possibly, be found in the methods employed by the nations of Europe in sending their volunteer aid to Turkey and the Balkan States in their late wars. When 'I'urkey was at war with the Balkan Allies, much assistance was given, in Constantinople, by or- ganizations from foreign countries. A German Red Cross unit arrived eighteen days buy estrace online after the war be- gan, with a personnel and equipment for a complete hospital establishment. The party was uniformed and provided with facilities to shelter and to sustain themselves and to maintain their patients for a few months. The English sent three organizations, one from the British Red Cross and two under the name of the British Red Crescent. The latter was managed and financed by The Right Honorable Ameer Ali, a dis- tinguished and wealthy Indian Mussulman in Lon- don, who, in the spirit of the Mohammedan nations signatory to the Geneva Convention, chose Red Crescent as a more appropriate name for his Mo- hammedan relief mission. Both these organizations were completely supplied with staff and material to establish hospitals, with the money to pay the incidental expenses, and to subsist and support in every way such patients as estrace cream coupon they might receive. The Dutch unit came with a most carefully selected outfit, which included specially constructed folding hospital furniture, a particularly liberal supply of hospital clothing, and all sorts of com- pressed and condensed foods, selected with great care and specially packed for the field. This party wanted buy estrace to go into the field, but it was assigned its function in a military building where it settled and asked for no assistance in caring for the wounded of the people they buy estrace cream had come to help. The Swedish Red Cross was estrace coupon represented by a military field hospital of estrace tablets the regular Swedish army, commanded by a captain of the medical corps of the Swedish army. This unit came prepared to support itself in every way and had to ask only for location, and for estrace ivf patients. The Austrian party came with a personnel con- sisting of a major of the Austrian medical corps, a civilian surgeon and a dozen nurses from a religious order. They brought a complete operating room equipment and other supplies which permitted them at once to take independent charge of 100 beds in an improvised Turkish military hospital. The Belgian unit was sent out in charge of Pro- fessor Depage, Belgium's most distinguished sur- geon and the professor of surgery and estrace 2mg chief surgeon of the hospital estrace cost of the University of Brussels. He brought from his hospital his operating staff, in- cluding three assistant surgeons and six English and Dutch trained nurses, and a most complete outfit of

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