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and nursing staff. Over 500 hospital patients were cared for during our service, covering period of six months, at a cost of about $5,000, or approximately ten dollars each. Much of this money was applied to the purchase of clothing, as every discharged pa- tient left the hospital with new shoes, and generally with other pieces of apparel. All the purchases and disbursements were made from the chancery of the Embassy, under the personal direction of the Amer- ican ambassadress, Mrs. Rockhill, to w^hose splendid executive ability and devoted attention w^ere due the efficiency and economy of the business admiiiistra- tion. The situation in Bulgaria, during the second war,, w^as much the same as it had been in Constantinople so far as the supply and demand of foreign volunteer aid missions was concerned, except that Bulgaria profited by her experience in the first war, when foreign Red Cross units were permitted to go to- ward the so called "front." An officer in the sani- tary service of the Bulgarian army, in a position to know, told me buy femara online that it had been a great burden to his department to give the care to some of the foreign units which they required and that, while he and his people were deeply grateful for the sentiment expressed by the presence of foreign missions, he felt that his sanitary department might have extend- ed some of its scanty resources a little further if they had not felt constrained to divide them with soiue of the well meaning foreign volunteers. Tn the second w^ar, the Bulgars were sure enough of themselves to keep all the volunteer organizations in Sofia where their services were greatly appreciat- ed, if the units were prepared independentlv to re- ceive and care for patients. The surgeon general of the Bulgarian army told me that the cause of hi? greatest distress was not so much the lack of instru- ments and dressings or of doctors and nurses, as it was the need for suitable diet for the sick. He II04 FORD: RED CROSS PROBLEMS. [New York Medical Journal. needed condensed milk and liquid foods more than personal assistance, and the need grew greater as the war progressed, because of the country's com- mercial isolation. While this actual suffering from a dearth of material was the experience of only a purchase femara small impoverished State with primitive resources and with no industries to supply her own fabricated products, which had to be imported, it may be re- garded with little comfort by any country, however confidently it counts its wealth and views its re- sources. The disorganization of highly developed commer- cial purchase femara online and industrial systems, in time of war, may plunge the greatest nation in the world into a state of disorder that may bring her people to starvation. Therefore materials are always in greater demand than personal assistance, and when both cannot be given, it cheap femara should not be difficult to choose one which will order femara online give the most relief and be most gladly received. There was a carefully organized and completely equipped British Red Cross unit in Sofia commanded by a Major Birrell of the British Army Medical Corps, which, after being located in a suitable build- ing, received and cared for patients without any as- sistance from the Bulgarian administration. Two Austrian Red order femara Cross hospitals were estab- lished in Sofia, each with a personnel from the medical corps of the Austrian army and nurses from a religious order. A fully femara tablets equipped and provisioned Austrian army hospital train, with complete hos- pital corps personnel in command of a Major Reber of the medical corps of the Austrian army, was in the Bulgarian Sanitary Service. Beside this, four Austrian medical officers were detailed to duty with hospitals in the field. A Bohemian mission, in charge of a clever civil surgeon. Doctor Bourian, the chief of the surgical clinic of the University of Prague, brought an abun- dance of material for conducting a competent surgi- cal service in a hospital established in the military academy in Sofia. A German Red Cross mission took over the buy femara service of an established hospital, leaving the entire Bulgarian staff free for other generic femara duty, and two med- ical ofificers of the German army with a Bulgarian staff conducted a well arranged cholera hospital. There were also in Sofia, during the second war, quite a number of European doctors, who were serv- femara online ing, in some instances, as personal volunteers, al- though the majority of them were receiving pay femara mg from the Bulgarian Red Cross. Bulgaria is a primi- tive country with no medical school and few doc- tors — only 650 doctors to 4,250,000 hardy inhabi- tants. The Bulgarian State Hospitals had produced a few nurses with some training. Doctors were needed and the Macedonian cry had been sent out for them, as well as, though less loudly, buy cheap femara for nurses. When the Bulgarian queen gave dignity to the nurse's uniform, every woman femara price in Bulgaria was ready to wear it. They were all Red Cross nurses ; many good, some indifferent, and few bad — at least bad enough to necessitate some eliminating process. To this end the queen started an organization of her own, femara cost under her personal direction and supervision and apart from the National Bulgarian Red Cross Society. She was then able in the second war to overcome some of the defects of the volunteer nurs- ing system which had arisen during the course of

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