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the first war. Every highly civilized and developed country has its quota of trained nurses, which fairly meets the demands of its civil hospital system, although the number may never finpecia uk be expected to occur with such frequency that their ratio to patients, in time of war, will meet the standards of times of peace. But this condition may bring but little real and sub- stantial neglect to the sick and wounded soldier, for he seldom, if ever, suffers in his own country from the lack of a volunteer personnel, willing and fairly competent to help him. The disturbance of civil order and the military engagements of the men will always release from other employments a sufficient number of competent women from which to recruit the nursing service to sufficient strength, if only the proper means for their occupation are at hand. The woes of the soldier never rest upon the numerical deficiencies of nurses when there are materiel, or- ganizations, and administration to permit their ac- tivities. The great and never wholly superable diffi- culties that lie in the way of the soldier's succor are so much dependent upon materiel that the factor of personnel is almost inconsiderable. There is never much trouble in doing, when the things to do with are available. Even in poor primitive Bulgaria, there was not so much the need of nurses as there was for the materiel, organization, and administra- tion necessary to their proper employment. There is a great delusion buy finpecia uk in the romantic fancy which so unhappily prevails, not only among the en- thusiastic and untrained volunteers but also among those who may direct their worthy efforts, that the Red Cross doctor and nurse go on the field of battle to carry their gentle ministrations to the wounded. All organized armies have a sanitary service, the product of careful professional study and practice, which cannot be effectually supple- finpecia 1 mg mented within the zone of action, even by organized and trained volunteer units. There is even no place in the line of communication or at any place in ad- vance of the military base, for finpecia 1mg a volunteer aid serv- ice which has not been organized and trained, and which has not formally been incorporated into the sanitary organization of the army. The victorious army of a Villa, with its commissariat of finpecia buy vivandi- eres, naturally must have a sanitary service in the same keeping, and, of course, in as little order; but the armies at war in Europe today have carefully organized sanitary departments upon which they rely where to buy finpecia for all their medical needs in the field. The lure finpecia canada of the so called "front" awakens the spirit of adventure and romance, tempered by the love of country in the soldier and finpecia cipla by the love of hu- manity in the nurse, but while cheap finpecia its inspiration in the former gives strength to battle, its suppression in the finpecia hair loss latter insures the greater efficiency. Nearly all the Red Cross missions that came to finpecia fda Constantinople expressed a desire to go to the front, but not one of them possessed the organization, training, and equip- ment essential finpecia online pharmacy to the mobility required for such service. Some units may have had the requisite trained personnel and sufficient materiel to sustain themselves in a finpecia price permanent position, but all of them were without transportation and some of them were without subsistence. To have provided these volun- May 29, 1915.] I'ORD: RED CROSS PROBLEMS. 1 105 teer units with the transportation and subsistence necessary for their field service by a draft upon mih- tary resources, would have occasioned a loss to the buy finpecia online army for which there could be no corrimensurate gain. It is difficult enough, at best, for a neutral volunteer aid order finpecia party to avoid excessive expenditure and to render any substantial assistance to belliger- ents, without a trained, self sustaining, and well financed organization, and it is still more difficult even when its services are performed in a base hos- pital. The intensely practical side of this situation, which may first move us deeply in a sentimental way, will be suggested by a few details of the prep- arations that have to be made for a medical, service in the field. A field hospital of the United States army, for 200 patients, which costs the Government $5,000, weighs 16,000 pounds, provides for only the bare necessities of medical, hospital, and cooking utilities, without beds, except sacks for straw, and without food. The tentage for 200 patients and the stafif of five medical oflficers, nine noncommis- sioned purchase finpecia ofific^^s, and forty-eight men, costs $2,000. Beside this, there are eight four mule wagons re- finpecia online quired for transportation. As a garrison ration for one day for an American soldier. weighs six pounds, uncooked and unpacked, the food for a field hospi- tal for a day would weigh 1,000 pounds, and for a month, 30,000 finpecia india pounds. As an example of a volunteer relief organization, we may take a 100 bed hospital unit of the Italian Red Cross Society, which is called a "war" hospital to distinguish it from the military unit or "field" hospital of the same capacity. The personnel con- sists of one director, four doctors, twenty-two finpecia cost nurs- ing orderlies, a chaplain, a pharmacist, and an ac- countant. The equipment includes twelve tents, two for personnel, ten for patients and transport material. All the supplies are packed in a prescribed way in a definite number of boxes. A rate of pay for active service is established for the personnel in all ranks. Although these illustrations have been already te- diously extended, I will venture a final account of a volunteer aid mission, which includes an outline of the organization and an accurate financial statement. With the hope of securing reliable data covering the

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