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The United States Government Flonase 0.05 might perform a very fitting service to the American people by plac- ing an army transport Flonase Generic Equivalent under the flag of the Ameri- can Red Cross. The enormous overhead charges of $1,500 to $2,000 a day for the charter of a merchant Flonase Discount vessel, which might in the end amount to hundreds of Flonase Nasal Spray Generic thousands of dollars, could be borne much more economically and appropriately by the United States Government Flonase Ns than by private subscription. There is not as much necessity for haste as there is for money and preparation. Money must come first, as no preparation can be made that is not wholly dependent upon funds. Any faint response to the calls of the American Red Cross for Flonase Generic Name money must discourage alike those who are moved by pity for the unfortunate victims of the present terrible real- ity, and those who, though sympathetic, are ])olitic enough to consider the benefits of future apprecia- tion of our spirit of symtiathy and material assist- ance. Even though w^e have denied the application of "dollar diplomacy," we need not be so nervous about "mercenary charity." The American Red Cross should have a fund of at least $5,000,000 to expend in relief work in Europe. Such an amount would be a small per capita contribution from a mil- May 29, I9".sl TAYLOK: rX TOPIC GESTATION. 1 107 lion people. Preparation could then be made for dispatching properly organized and equipped volun- teer missions to the scenes of Flonase Alternatives war, and we could also render the still greater assistance of contribut- ing food, medical stores, clothing, and money for the Amelioration of the Flonase Coupons Printable Conditions of the Wounded and Sick in .Armies in the Field, for which purposes the (leneva Alternative To Flonase Conference was reassembled in 1906. It is indeed a great obligation that the wealthy and powerful nation owes to suifering humanity, and the American people, who never yet have failed to discharge these obligations with deep sympathy and noble generosity, must not now in this great crisis be found wanting. Our duty is clear, and surely we will help in a substantial way, and remember that in our efforts we shall meet an unpretending, frugal, and ef^cient people, and that we must guard against the em- ployment of processes which may doom us, not only to failure, but to derision. ECTOPIC GESTATION. A Report of Cases at the Roosevelt Hospital, January i, ipop, to December jz, zp///. P>Y Howard C. Taylor, AI. D., New York. On the gynecological service of the Roosevelt Hospital during the six years Flonase Acne from January i, 1909, to December 31, 1914, there Generic Flonase Nasal Spray were forty-six cases diagnosed as ectopic gestation: Sac ruptured, 33; Order Flonase Online sac unruptured, 13; total, 46. Of these forty-six cases, forty- four of the patients were married and two were unmarried. Indications for operation. If a case of ectopic gestation is admitted to the Roosevelt Hospital, and it is believed that there is Flonase Generic Price active bleeding in the ab- Cheap Flonase domen, the patient is ordinarily operated on at once. There are some patients with ectopic gestation that are in such extreme condition that they will not survive the additional shock of an operation and with these it is better to delay. Cases of this class, in the writer's judgment, are not frequent and no such case occurred in the present series. The bad condition of a patient suffering from an ectopic gestation with intraabdominal hemorrhage is due to two causes. One is the loss of blood from the hemorrhage, the other is the increased intra- abdominal pressure from the presence o\ the blood in the peritoneal cavity. When the abdomen in a case of this kind is opened, the blood is ejected with considerable force, and the general condition of the ])atient Flonase Generic Cost ([uickly improves. If the condition of Flonase Canada the l)atient was due to the loss of blood alone, it would not improve so quickly, after the intraabdominal pressure has been lessened by the removal of the greater part of the free blood. In the series there were six cases that were operated in immediately after entering the hospital. If there is no active bleeding at the time of ad- mission to the hospital, that Flonase Rxlist is, if the sac is un- ruptured or is a pelvic hematocele, operation is de- layed until the general and local conditions Purchase Flonase Online seem to be favoralile for operative interference. The general condition of these cases is usuallv good. It will be noticed, in the table, thai tlie tem- perature was usually about normal and the average pulse was about 95. It is often impossible to distinguish an unruptured ectopic sac from a pyosalpinx or a pelvic hemato- cele from a pelvic abscess. In fact many cases of ectopic gestation are diagnosed only after the ab- domen is opened at the operation. If there is no active bleeding and the case is under proper observa- tion, there is no risk in delaying operation for a reasonable time. While we believe that some pa- tients would get well without operation, and that jjrobably many recover Buy Generic Flonase without either a diagnosis

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