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limited number of observations I have as to Asheville as a wiuter resort have not been so favorable, but it has been almost impossible until recently to get good accommodations and food there in winter." Not having received any statistical statement of results from Dr. A. L. Loomis, we quote from his recent work (" Practical Medicine," 1885, p. 200) : '• My most decided- ly beneficial and permanent results (when the evidences of con- solidation were present in catarrhal phthisis) have been obtained in Asheville, N. C, in Fosamax With Vitamin D New Mexico, and in the Adirondack region of New York State." Dr. John T. Metcalfe, New York, kindly writes that he has known " very few " patients to be sent to Asheville for consumption. In his experience, late spring summer, and autumn are the most favorable, and early spring and late winter the most unfavorable seasons. Dr. S. E. Chaille, New Orleans, in his pamphlet, "The Mountain Sauitariuni for Consumptives at Asheville, N. C," 1878, Fosamax With D gives very interesting reports from Dr. J. B. Gaston, Montgomery, Ala., who sent five patients to Dr. Gleitsmann's sanitarium, and all were improved; and Dr. E. P. Gaines, Mobile, Ala., who sent four patients to the sanitarium, where all markedly improved, except one case diagnosed "miliary tuberculosis." Dr. Chaille further reported (ibid.) very beneficial effects upon one of his own patients from a short sojourn at Dr. Gleitsmann's sanitarium. "I have al- ways considered Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly the region of Asheville. N. C, as a particularly favorable climate for invalids, either in winter or summer, and have personal knowledge of cases who have been sent there re- ceiving great benefit, especially those of cough and debility threatening phthisis." — Dr. W. Elmer, Trenton, N. J. Dr. F. W. Owen, of Morristown, N. J., writes he has seen improve- ment in one case sent to Asheville in the first stages of phthisis. Dr. Thomas F. Rochester, of Buffalo, N. Y., reports that lie sent one patient to Asheville. The patient went there in the ' fall and died there the next spring. He had pulmonary and la- ryngeal phthisis in the second stage. Dr. A. J. C. Skene, Brook- lyn, N. Y., replies: "1 have one impression (a general one), based upon observation, viz., that of Fosamax Plus D the patients of mine who have spent the winter South, those who were in North Caro- lina have made the best progress." We are indebted to Dr. Irving W. Lyon, of Hartford, Conn., for the following extract from a letter written, at Fosamax Alendronate his request, by Mr. Henry Rogers, an educated Fosamax Mg gentleman (lawyer) of New Haven : "In 1883 I went from Aiken, S. C, to Asheville about the 20th of April, and was pleased with the change. The mountain air there is tonic. The winters at Asheville are a little too cold, and the clay mud in the drives at that season is something fearful in Fosamax Femur places. After April 20th one can enjoy a couple of months there." Dr. J. Madison Taylor, of Philadelphia, writes: "I had suffered much from chills and fever as a boy, and was sent, when about six- teen, to the mountains of North Carolina, where 1 remained six months. I hunted all over the mountains — sleeping in cabins or on the ground — gaining strength every day. I only suffered a few paroxysms, then became quite freed from all trouble. I have since spent much time at Montvale Springs in Tennessee, and the Warm Springs, North Carolina. I have been literally all over the United States, and, except in Colorado, don't know a more perfect climate." Charles J. Kenworthy, M. I)., M. R. S. Y., Jacksonville, Fla., writes that after a severe attack of illness be went to western North Carolina last June to recu- perate, and during three months' residence visited nearly all points of professional importance. "Asheville is a pleasant and fashionable summer resort, and presents many attractions to the tourist, but it is too cold in winter ami too warm in summer for the successful treatment of phthisis. The soil Fosamax Price is a cold, imper- meable red clay. When it rains the streets are coated with a tenacious mud. and when dry, if the wind blows, Fosamax 10 Mg the air is charged with dust. There is an absence of sewerage, and in consequence sanitation is defective: the air can not be aseptic. From my own observations and information, obtained from phy- sicians in western North Carolina, 1 believe that phthisis is of more frequent occurrence than is admitted by interested parties." Dr. William Porter, St. Louis. Mo.: "My best friend, Dr. Barrett^ anil his only son, both lost their lives there (Asheville) during the past summer from acute dysentery ; but there was no great num- ber of cases reported, as far as 1 know, in the vicinity." Dr. C. F. Folsom adds to his statistical report : " It is difficult to get good accommodations for keeping warm in cold weather; it is some- times very cold. My patients were directed to buy small Fosamax 70 Mg farms (two farms were bought) and prepare their houses for the cold weather, and get their own supply of food. I think that the de- sirable places for residence should be picked out. I am told that the new hotels are first-rate, but I have told my patients, whose cases looked desperate when they went there, to keep in Fosamax D the air away from other sick persons, and the improvement has been very L 'reat." Dr. H. O. Marcy, in a letter dated October 23, 1886, writes: "I have had no occasion to change my views since the publication of my paper. I have continued to have representatives in the section to date — invalids in varying conditions. The aver- age boarding-house furnishes a less desirable home than at the North." Dr. Chaille, who passed from three to five months an- nually in this region during the years 1873, '75, '76, and '77, in his pamphlet above referred to say- (page G), in regard to the im- munity from consumption : " My direct evidence as a practicing Fosamax 70 physician is limited to the neighborhood of the Warm Springs, on the French Broad River, and some nine hundred feet lowerthan Asheville. Though often consulted by the resident population, I have never seen but one case of consumption, this in a iniilat- tress not a native of this section. My Alendronate Fosamax hearsay evidence is more extensive, yet I have never heard of hut two other deaths by April 9, 1887.1 LLOYD: ASHEVILLE AND THE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROL IS J. 403 consumption in this neighborhood ; these were of a younger brother and Price Of Fosamax sister, in whom the disease was said to be, heredi- tary and whose family had nut long been resident in the region. I have made repeated mountain excursions in all directions, and from twenty to sixty miles distant from Asheville ; everywhere I was assured of the comparative immunity from consumption of all this section, and in most places my informants Fosamax Online denied that the native residents ever died of Fosamax 35 Mg the disease." Dr. Marcy, in his pamphlet on "The Buy Fosamax Climate Treatment of Disease, Western North Carolina as a Health Resort," quotes from a recent letter written by Dr. Oliver Hicks, of Rutherford ton, X. 0. : "My ob- servations and the opinions I have formed are based upon a large practice for twenty years. I can show you sons and daughters of ancestors who came to this country and died from tubercular phthisis. Many of them Fosamax Lawsuit are far past the meridian of life and are in good health, with fair prospects of attaining to ripe old age. The grandchildren of these ancestors are in all respects healthy, and are entirely without Fosamax Buy Online indication of tubercular or strumous cachexia." Summary of Replies. — 1 and g. The number of patients referred to by Dr. McGill, Dr. Battle, and Dr. Gleitsmann

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