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difference in the degree of the power to reproduce visual images in our consciousness depends upon some definite causal elements that can be intelli- gently traced. It is essential that the anatomical structures of the cortical area which constitute the visual centre as well as the visiomemory centre and the associat- ing fibres connecting the two centres, should be free; from any pathological condition so that thev per- form their physiological and psychological functions; normally. Assuming this to be so. the chief point III4 CONZELMANN: SYPHILIS OF NERVOUS SYSTEM. [New York Mkdical Journal. of consideration is the quality of the brain element that makes up these two important centres. Here heredity suggests itself at once. The intrinsic quality of these cortical areas is undoubtedly better in one man than in another by mere accident of birth. The descendants of parents whose visual memory was highly developed, will probably inherit a more sensitive and more responsive brain quality that will enable them to reproduce images perceived in response to the Imigran Online demand of the will, much more easily than those who descend from ancestors that had no occasion to train their memory. It is like- wise a well Order Imigran established fact, that the children of alcoholic and syphilitic parents have this memory function partially impaired. Acquired diseases, such as meningitis, will also impair the power of visual memory, Buy Imigran Online either temporarily or permanently. Assuming the visual memory centre to be normal, free from hereditary taint or acquired disease, the power to reproduce visual images will be materially enhanced by a clear psychic medium. This depends upon our frame of mind. When our mind is free and undisturbed, in a well balanced state, without any element of depression, we may Generic Imigran be able to recall images much more easily than if the mind is de- pressed or otherwise seriously engaged. We have all had the experience of trying to recall some images to our mind without Purchase Imigran success, while at some subsequent time the same image was recalled with ease. There was . some disturbance in the psychic medium that interfered with mental imagery. In a fit of anger or other psychic disturbance, you may Imigran Mg in vain try to recall visual images of the past. The visiomemory centres may also be depressed by such poisons as alcohol. In these cases the perception may have been normal, the power of retention normal, but the psychic medium through which the latent image has to pass in order to be converted into an actual visual process, is not clear, hence the transformation from Buy Imigran potential to kinetic energy be- comes impossible, just as perception requires a clear medium for refraction, so visual reproduction requires clear psychic media for psychic refraction. Assuming a normal memory centre and a clear psychic medium, we still find another psychic factor that plays a considerable role in visual reproduction, namely, mental fixation or attention. Fixation is essential to the act of perception, and it is also necessary, as already stated, for the process of re- tention, and again it is of importance in the process of visual reproduction. In this psychic process of mental fixation, we must concentrate our efifort to- ward one object, and fix mentally the image desired. Sometimes it is necessary that this i:)rocess of atten- tion should exclude all other disturbing thoughts or images in order to fix the image desired. This en- deavor to exclude all other images is usually accom- panied bv closure of the eyes and by movements in which the various muscles of the face and eyebrow take part. Occasionally a movement of the hand over the eyes and brows with Imigran Price a contraction of the corrugator supercilii muscles takes place. This constitutes a mental search to locate a desired image. The process of visual reproduction is also in- fluenced bv Imigran Cost the process of association. This process may be of the same kind, such as association of images, or it may Purchase Imigran Online be of a different kind, association with other senses such as auditory or tactile. The visual memory is augmented when reen forced by auditory or tactile sensations. This association acts as a stimulus to convert a latent retention into an actual visual reproduction. From this short resume, we can see that between the primary visual act of perception and the final act of visual reproduction, there is a long psychic chain Buy Cheap Imigran which may be broken somewhere, so that visual memory images may be absent, although the visual apparatus is still intact, performing its normal physiological function. 917 Spruce Street. SYPHILIS OF THF NFIU'OUS SYSTEM.* Hozv It Is Treated in the Fraiikfitrt and Hamburg Climes. Bv Fred J. Conzelmann, M. D., Winnebago, Wis., ("Hnical Director of Psychiatry, Nortliern Hospital for the Insane. To the American clinicians the effective measures Order Imigran Online of the salvarsan treatment of luetic affections are well known. The purpose of this paper is to dis- cuss briefly the methods employed in the two repre- sentative clinics in Germany— the Dreyfus Imigran Tablets clinic at

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