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Dreyfus uses Gennerich's modification of the Swift- Ellis method. He dissolves 0.15 gram of neosalvarsan in 300 c. c. of sterile salt solution : of this solution five c. c. are injected intraspinously after the with- drawal of an equal quantity of spinal fluid. His results in initial lues cerebri are very encouraging. In several cases the Wassermann in the fluid, Indocin Injection the globulin, and cells are negative after two or three treatments. The dose Indocin Tablets is repeated every three weeks. In the intraspinous treatment of tabes, the results are rather symptomatic, but nevertheless very strik- ing, as in some cases the gastric crises and lancinat- ing pains have disappeared and bladder Indocin Suppositories control is regained. The ataxia Indocin Vs Ibuprofen improves, but the physical signs, such as Argyll Robertson pupils, absent knee jerks, and breast anesthesia, remain. In one case there was a remarkable improvement in the feeling of numbness that the patient had in his feet. The disadvantage of this Indocin Pda method of treatment is the great pain and discomfort that it frequently causes. Severe pains in the limbs, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness are frequent symptoms after the treat- ment. The tendency of Dreyfus is to use the Buy Indocin intravenous method for the administration of salvarsan, and in this way he hopes to obtain a com])lete destruction of the spirochetes. Dreyfus has no cases of general paresis in his ward. Since February, 1914, he has used two new preparations of salvarsan from Professor F.hrlich's laboratory. The one is copper salvarsan, the other sodium salvarsan ; both can readily be dissolved in water and do not entail the manipulation required in the preparation of old salvarsan. The solutions are given in concentrated form directly into the vein with the syringe. With this mode of administra- tion, three or four cases can easily be treated in the course of half an hour. No report of these new [)reparations of salvarsan has been made as yet by Professor Ehrlich. The only Indocin Generic advantage claimed in the clinic is its easy method of preparation for ad- ministration. In the Dreyfus clinic, a great spirit of optimism prevails, which leaves no doubt in one's mind as to his successes in the treatment of syphilis of the ner- vous system with Indocin For Pda salvarsan. No such optimism ex- ists, however, in Professor Nonne's clinic in Ham- Indocin 25 Mg burg. Pie is of the opinion that there is even more confusion in the treatment of syphilis than there has been at any other time ; nevertheless, there is also no want of desire to try every scientific method suggested. In Nonne's clinic, Indocin 25mg every Indocin Suppositories 100mg patient suffering from syphilitic or metasyphilitic disease of the nervous system receives a course of mercurial inunctions, irrespective of the stage of the disease. Generally the patient receives an inunction of four grams of mercurial ointment daily for five days. The sixth day is for bathing and cleaning, and the seventh day is a day of rest. Four weeks of inunction are called a course of treatment. Nonne has a clinic of 250 to 300 patients, seven- ty-five per cent, of whom sufifer from some form of syphilitic disorder of the nervous system. For pur- pose of treatment, Nonne has his tabes cases divid- ed into groups. One group receives mercury in- unctions, another group mercury inunctions and in- travenous injections of salvarsan, a third group, mercurv inunctions plus intraspinous Generic Indocin injections of salvarsan, and a fourth group receives no treatment whatever. In cases of general paralysis, he uses the mercu- rial inunctions and intraspinous injections of salvar- san. in the cerebral lues cases he prefers to give mercurial inunctions with intravenous injections of salvarsan. Nonne employs von Schubert's modification of the Swift-Ellis method. In this method he with- draws three c. c. of sf)inal fluid and dissolves in it a dose of neosalvarsan (0.045 gram) ; two tenths of this solution is dropped into the spinal fluid which has been allowed to run into a sterile glass retainer, the retainer being connected by a rubber tube to the puncture needle. This fluid, which now contains 0.003 gram of neosalvarsan, Indocin High is then al- lowed to run back into the canal by gravity. By this Indocin Sr 75 method he rarely has the symptoms of fever, pain, discomfort, and distress with which Dreyfus has so frequently to contend in using Gennerich's Order Indocin method. With this means of treatment, many pa- tients who are sufifering from cerebral lues are cured, many improve, Indocin Iv few remain Indocin Suppository unchanged, and some become worse. In his tabes cases Nonne gets with the intrasjiin- ous treatment, symptomatic improvement ; pains and numbness disappear, gastric crises are not nearly- so frequent after the treatment, and bladder May 29, 1915.] WILLIS: SEI'SIS IN AHDOMIiX. 1117 syniploiiis C4)ninionly improve. In Indocin And Ibuprofen sonic cases the bladder symptoms are very much worse after the treatment. In two cases the gastric crises returned after a month. With his cases of general paralysis Nonne claims symptomatic improvement. In some cases the speech defect improved, the Romberg symptoms be- came less, facial palsy became better, some who were Indocin Headache unable to walk could go out and walk with a

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