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grams) in the severe cases. Children received fif- teen grains (one gram). The drug was also at times Cheap Levaquin given by the mouth, but injections proved more effectual. It is advised that the treatment be 500 Mg Levaquin ])egun as soon as the eruption appears and continued to the beginning of the stage of desiccation. A notable effect of the Levaquin 750 treatment was the arrest of suppuration in the vesicles, even in the most se- vere for.ms of confluent variola. The characteristic offensive odor given off by Levofloxacin 500 Mg smallpox patients was thus eliminated. Furthermore, after the crusts had loosened and fallen, scarring was practically absent in most instances. The elimination of the suppura- tive stage result-cd in a marked diminution in the frequency of complications. In the series of forty cases only seven patients manifested complications, which were of suppurative nature in only one in- stance ; whereas in a previous Levaquin 500 Mg series of thirty-nine cases, treated without the nucleinate, fourteen pa- tients manifested complications, which were sup- purative in seven. While not exerting an aborting effect on the temperature, the sodium nucleinate none the less lowered the thermic curve and short- ened the duration of the fever. The Buy Levofloxacin Online temjjerature returned to normal Purchase Levaquin on the twelfth to the fourteenth day, compared to the nineteenth or twentieth day in the control series of cases. The mortality in the forty cases treated with sodium nucleinate was 17.5 per cent. If the mild and moderately Levaquin 500 severe cases were excluded the mortahty was 41.1 per Buy Levofloxacin cent. In the thirty-nine control cases, on the other hand, the mortality was 24.3 per cent., and, counting only the twelve severe cases, ^^.^ per cent. A distinct dif- ference in favor of the cases treated with the nu- cleinate is thus noted. Treatment of Dysmenorrhea. — Sircdey and Le- maire, in Paris medical for April 25, 1914. discuss- ing the treatment of dysmenorrhea of ovarian origin occurring in the period of climacteric, point out that this condition is met with chiefly in women of the neuroarthritic type exhibiting a tendency to con- gestive paroxysms Levaquin Online and obesity, and suffering from disturbances due to lack of equilibrium between the various internally secreting glands. Mild hypothy- roidism, hyperthyroidism, slight pituitary insuffi- ciency, and adrenal overactivity have all been ob- served in this class of cases. Hypothyroidism is, however, the most fre(|uent condition, and combined ovarian and thyroid organotherapy is therefore in- dicated. This treatment will act not only upon the attacks of pain, but also on the tendency to obesity and the lowered metabolic activity generally asso- ciated with the neuroarthritic habitus. Its beneficial effects are, moreover, distinctly Buy Levaquin enhanced if a diet largely vegetarian is ordered and brief courses of alkaline or diuretic Levofloxacin 500 medication, persistently repeated, are given. In this variety of dysmenorrhea drugs acting favorably upon the venous system are of es- pecial value. Fither of the following combinations may with advantage be ordered : ^ Tincturae Hydrastis, i Fluidextracti viburni >• aa ni_lxxv (5 grams) ; prunifolii, ' Fluidextracti hamamelidis foliorum, 5iiss (10 grams). M. Sig. : Ten to fifteen drops in water before each meal. II. I^ Ergotse pulveris gr. xv (i gram); Potassii bromidi gr. Ixxv (5 grams). M. ft. cachetae No. x. Sig. Levofloxacin Levaquin : Two cachets dailj- at mealtime, for four or five successive days at the most. III. ^. Fluidextracti ergotae, } .._.,, Sodii bromidi, I • ^^ ^'^^ (6 grams ) ; Fluidextracti cannabis indicae, ..TTtviii (0.5 gram); Alcoholis. .. -.. , ^ , Glycerini. ^'' ^"^^ (^° S""^'"^) = Levaquin 750 Mg Syrupi acacise, q. s. ad 5tv (120 c. c). M. Sig. : One teaspoonful twice Levaquin Cheap daily before meals. In addition to the Levaquin Buy foregoing medication, general hygienic measures should be instituted. The blood pressure and urinary output should be watched, and corrective Levaquin Levofloxacin measures ajiplied if occasion presents. May jq, 1915.1 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 1121 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL INCORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical Levaquin Mg News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. Buy Cheap Levofloxacin EDITORS CHARLES E. de M. SAJOUS, M. D.. LL. D. CLAUDE L. WHEELER, A. B., M. D.

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