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Address all tri levlen communications to A.M. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers, 66 West Broadwaj-, New York. Subscription Price : Under Domestic Postage, $5 ; Foreign Postage, $7 ; Singk Copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange, post office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregis- tered mail. Kntered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for transporta- tion through the mail as second levlen cost class matter. Cable Address, Medj our, New -York. NEW YORK. S.ATURDAY, M.\Y 29, 191; SCARLET discount levlen FEVER IN NEW YORK. As in the case of various other diseases, the preva- lence of scarlet fever varies greatly in different years, but in this city since 1908, when the number •of cases reported amounted to 24,426, although there have been some fluctuations in the case in- cidence, the general tendency has been downward. Thus, in 1914. the cases numbered 11J05, and while this was a slight increase over 191 3, it is found that in the first quarter of 1915 the tendency has again been downward. In this quarter the case fatality was only 2.7 per cent., against 4.7 per cent, in 1913 and 4.1 per cent, in 1914. Formerly the desquamation of this disease was regarded as an especially dangerous means of con- veying infection. We find Goodhart, of the Evelina Hospital for Sick Children, London, saying: "When may a child who has had scarlatina mix with other children ? Not until des(|uamation is over, and six weeks is about the necessary quarantine, provided that the child has been carefully tended with refer- ence to buy levlen online this matter. Desquamation will linger for two or three months, if not hastened by proper at- tention to the cleansing of buy cheap levlen the skin, and I must con- fess to thinking it advisable to act with perhaps ex- aggerated caution in such matters. It is often a purchase levlen ques- tion of sending a child back to school . . . and I do not hesitate to extend such partial quarantine to two, and in some cases even three months." Now. however, desquamation is not believed to be infec- tious unless it is contaminated bv secretions, and the accepted opinion is to look upon the onset period of scarlet fever as the most important. Still, while the virus of the disease, which is contained in the dis- charges from the mouth, nose, and levlen ed tablet throat, is most abundant during the eruptive stage, there can be no question that it is capable of persisting for a long time — just how long generic levlen is unknown because the specific microorganism of scarlet fever has not yet been dis- covered. This germ appears to be not only longer lived, but also more resistant to heat, cold, sunshine, and moisture, than the germs of measles, diphtheria, and whooping cough. Cases are on record where a fresh outbreak of levlen ed tablets the disease has occurred months, even a year, after a former one, owing to the packing away and subsequent use of clothing infected by dis- charges from patients, and the cheap levlen virus has been known to be carried for long distances by such ar- ticles as letters and books. The department of health reports that its order levlen bureau of ])revcntable diseases is now engaged in thorough and comprehensive comparative studies, with the hope of determining just what amount and kind of purchase levlen online disinfection serves any useful purpose, and that the evidence at hand indicates that disinfection of fomites order levlen online during the course of the disease, with cleans- ing and airing of the sickroom at its termination, affords the maximum of protection with the levlen ed mini- mum of hardship and expense. For the suppression of scarlet fever early diagnosis, prompt reports, and immediate isolation of cases at home or segregation in department hospitals arc stated to be the funda- mentals, and in this work levlen 21 the friendly cooperation of private physicians is indispensable. Whenever the requireinents for satisfactory quarantine cannot possibly be carried out, every effort is made to secure the removal of the patient levlen online to hospital. The people of New York are found to be acquiring a better ap- ])reciation of the excellent service given by the hos- j)itals of the department, and there are now very few levlen 28 '■forced in" cases. There buy levlen is certainly a difference in the persistence of infectivity in different instances, and as to when quarantine shall be lifted, it is thought to be best to fix a minimum period ap- plicable to all indisputable cases, and to extend this when the case demands it. At the present time thirty days is the minimum, though many suspects, where the evidence is insufficient or otherwise un- satisfactory, are held for shorter periods and with varying restrictions. THE PRESUMPTION OF SURVIVORSHIP. The sinking of levlen price the Liisitania has again presented to our courts, this time in IMaryland, the problem of determining the survivor of two men making re- ciprocal wills : this problem has many times been

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