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before the courts. Levothroid 0.1 Mg 1 122 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [New York Medical Journal. By the Roman Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine law, where no evidence was ob- Levothroid 88 Mcg tainable the problem was solved by the presumption that if a father and son perished in the same battle or shipwreck, and the son Levothroid Synthroid had arrived at the age of puberty, he survived the father, but otherwise that he died first. If the dead were over sixty years of age, Levothroid 100 Mcg the youngest was jjresumed to have survived, but if under the age of fifteen years, then the oldest. Between the sexes in the same class, males were pre- sumed to survive females. Substantially the same presumptions were adopted by the Code Napoleon, and in turn were enacted with more or less change in the codes of I.ouisiana and California. On the other hand, by the Mohammedan law of India, it is presumed that in such an event all perish simul- taneously, and this was likewise the rule of the an- cient Danish law. The courts of England declined to cut the ( iordian knot by indulging in an arbitrary prestmiption, Synthroid Vs Levothroid but adopted the rule that the survivorship must be proved by the party asserting it. As far f)ack as 1596, it became necessary for an English court to determine in a controversy between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law whether the father or son. who were joint tenants, survived. The father and son were hanged from the same cart. It appeared upon the trial that one of the victims was seen to move his feet after the muscles of the other were Levothroid 75 Mg stilled in death. The doctrine finally adopted by the English courts was suggested by Sir John Nicholl, in Taylor v. Diplock, 2 Phillim. Eccl. Rep. 261, wherein he said: "Thinking as I do that it is incumbent on the next of kin of the wife to prove her survivorship . . . there is no evidence direct as to the point." And again in Mason and Mason, i Merin 398, where a father and son perished at sea with no evidence as to survivorship. Sir William Grant said: Is Levothroid Generic "In the present case I do not see what Levothroid 25 Mcg presumption is to be raised and since it is impossible you (the claimant of the Levothroid 125 Mcg son's survivorship) should demonstrate, I think if it were sent to an issue you must fail for want of proof." So the rule gradually developed in England that where two or more people who, in case of survivorship would have inherited one from the other, perished in a single disaster, the property would be deemed to remain in the person who pre- viously owned it and to descend to his heirs or next of kin, unless the personal representatives of the other could show survivorship. All questions upon these points were settled in the case of Underwood V. Wing, in which it was agreed in the House of Lords, 8 H. L. leas. 183. that: i. There is no pre- sumption of survivorshij) from age or sex among those perishing in a common disaster ; 2, none that they all died Purchase Levothroid Online at the same time ; 3, that the question is always one of fact depending wholly upon evi- dence, in the absence of which it is unanswerable; and. 4, that the burden is always on him who asserts a survivorship to prove it. Except as to California and Louisiana, the rule of the English courts has been adopted in the United States. From the nature of this class of cases the evidence obtainable is fre- quently very meagre in extent and uncertain in char- acter. In recognition of this fact, the courts are disposed to acce])t slight evidence as sufficient to establish survivorship. It will be perceived that medical evidence may be competent to assist the court in determining the question of survivorship. This character of evi- dence was introduced in the case of Smith and Croom, 7 Fla. 81, where a husband and a son per- ished together in the wreck of Order Levothroid the steamer Home. Among others, three physicians testified to the physical condition Levoxyl Vs Levothroid of the husband, showed that he was in feeble health, laboring under "organic dis- ease of the lungs," and incapable of physical exer- tion. In this case the steamer appears to have grounded and broken to ))ieces in the heavy sea ; the passengers from time to time floated away on wreck- age and some of them succeeded in reaching shore. The son was known to have been on a piece of wreckage and to have been washed off and drowned near shore : the husband was supposed to have been washed overboard and drowned. Under all of the circumstances the court found that the son survived. Want Levothroid Vs Synthroid of space precludes the possibility of exam- ining more fully the Levothroid 100 Mg interesting questions which have arisen under this head, but before closing atten- Levothroid Generic tion should be called Order Levothroid Online to the anomalous situation which may arise by reason of the different rules which are accepted in California and Louisiana and the remainder of the States of the Union. If for instance a father of sixty-five years and a son of forty years, residing in New York, were to perish in the same disaster without the survival of any witness, the courts Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid of New York in settling the father's estate would decline to find that the son survived, but would treat the situation as if the father had survived ; but if the two were joint owners of real estate in California, the courts there, on the same evidence or rather Generic Levothroid lack of evidence, would adjudicate that the son survived the father. GREAT VEGETARIANS. Ben Franklin tells us in his celebrated auto- biography that, at the age of sixteen years, he "met with a book written by one Tryon, recommending a

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