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board of managers for this fund has been appointed by the trustees of Columbia University consisting of the fol- lowing' members : Dr. T. Matlack Cheesman, Dr. Walter iMendclson, Dr. Samuel W. Lambert, Dr. Warfield T. Long- cope, Dr. William G. MacCallum, Dr. Francis Carter Wood, and President Nicholas Murray Butler. Their term of office will be three years from July 1st. Antivivisectionists Lose Again in Pennsylvania. — The Gerberich bill, which allows experiments on living animals in the interest of science, has passed the Senate and is now on the third reading in the House. The bill provides for the Cheap Lipitor sale, distribution, and use "for the promotion of bio- logical science and surgery" of unclaimed animals in the public pounds. An amendment was offered on May i8th providing that the bill should apply to all animals "except dogs and cats." As this would have destroyed the pur- pose of the measure, it was voted down. Association of American Physicians. — At the thirtieth annual meeting of this association, held in Washington, D. C, on May 12th and 13th, under the presidency of Dr. Samuel J. Meltzer, of New York, the following officers were elected : President, Dr. Henry Sewall, of Denver ; vice-president, Dr. George Dock, of St. Louis ; secretary, Dr. George M. Kober, of Washington, D. C. (reelected) ; recorder. Dr. Thomas McCrae, Order Lipitor Online of Philadelphia ; treasurer, Dr. J. P. Trozer Griffith. Dr. Francis N. Delafield, Dr. Henry Hun, Dr. George M. Sternberg, Dr. Edward L. Trudeau, Dr. James Tyson and Dr. Victor C. Vaughan were elected honorary members of the organization. National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. — This association has issued a few special invitations to a private exhibition of Purchase Lipitor Online a new four reel motion picture film dealing with tuberculosis and other public health questions, just produced in cooperation with a large Lipitor Order film company. The exhibition Buy Lipitor will be held in the Exhibit Hall of the Russell Sage Foundation Building, 130 East Twenty-second Street, Thursday afternoon, June 3d, at 4 o'clock. It is said that the picture has been supervised throughout by the National Association, and, while it teaches some Cheap Lipitor Online very powerful educational lessons, the story is presented in Lipitor Mg a forceful, dramatic manner which will in- terest and entertain, as well as convince those who see it. A Limit of Nine Months for Treatment at Otisville. — The Association of Tuberculosis Clinics recently adopted a recommendation that a definite time limit of nine months be established for the treatment of patients at Otisville, with the understanding, however, that an extension of time should be allowed in cases especially recommended for fur- ther treatment by the attending physician. This recom- mendation was submitted to and considered by the Com- mittee on Preventable Diseases of the Advisory Council of the Department of Health on May 13, 1915, and was adopted. The recommendation will be followed by the department. Vital Statistics for the Week Ending May 22, 1915. — There were 1,402 deaths and a death rate of 13.41 reported during tlie past week against 1,592 deaths and a rate of 14.88 for the corresponding week of 1914. The causes that showed a decreased mortality compared with last week were scarlet fever, typhoid fever, diarrheal diseases under five years of Lipitor 20mg age, organic heart and kidney diseases, and violence. There were only two important causes that showed an increased mortality, lobar pneumonia and pul- monary tuberculosis. The death rate for the first Lipitor Buy twenty- one weeks of 191 5 was 14.57 against the rate of 15.33 dur- ing the corresponding period of 1914. May 29, 1915.] NEIVS ITEMS. II25 American Buy Cheap Lipitor Physicians Send Aid to Their Belgian Lipitor Purchase Con- freres. — During the week ending May ^^tl, the follow- ing contributions were received by the treasurer of the Committee of American Purchase Lipitor Physicians for the Aid of the Belgian Profession : Dr. H. M. Manning, Past Assistant Surgeon, United States Public Health Service, Charleston, S. C, $5; Anonymous — K, Toledo, Ohio, $5; Dr. Dwight G. Kreul, Davenport, Iowa, $10; M. L. H., Wallum Lake, R. 1., $3; Knox County Medical Society, Frederickton, Ohio, $10; The Medical Club of Portland, Portland, Ore., $2^; Dr. Edward E. Bancroft, Wellesley, Mass., $10; Dr. Thomas St. Clair, Latrobe, Pa., $5; Dr. Fred T. Online Lipitor Murphy, St. Louis, Mo., $50; Dr. Hermann Grad, New York. N. Y., $10; total, $133. A New Wing Opened at Lipitor Online the Long Island College Hospital. — The Arbuckle Memorial, completing the north wing of this hospital, was opened on May 24th. The wing is hve stories in height, 210 by thirty-four feet, and cost $250,000. It was presented to the hospital in memory of the late John Arbuckle by two of his sisters. The new building will house 171 male patients and, beside the wards and private rooms, it contains a clinical labora- tory for forty-five medical students and three research laboratories for the use of the clinical research workers. With Buy Lipitor Cheap the addition of this wing, the physical plant of Long Island College Hospital, valued at two million dollars, is completed. The institution now has seven buildings de- voted to the education of medical students and to the eare of the sick. Americans Give Field Hospital. — An American field hospital, an exact duplicate of those Order Lipitor used in the American army, is ready to leave Paris for the front. It is the gift of three Lipitor Buy Online Americans, who desire that their identity be not disclosed. Each gave $10,000 to Laurence V. Benet, ex- president of the American Chamber of Commerce Lipitor Cheap in Paris. The field hospital, in which are twenty tents, has been set up in the Bois de Boulogne. Six of the tents are of large size, being capable of taking care of two hundred wounded men. A staff of American ambulance volunteers, among whom Columbia and Harvard universities and Williams, Amherst and Washington State colleges are represented, has been training for tent pitching. Captain Arthur W. Kipling, of New York, is in command of the staff. The hospital will be situated at a point to I)e selected by the French sanitary service, just outside the range of the enemy's guns.

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