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American Climatologfical and Clinical Association. — The thirty-second annual meeting of this association will be held in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday, June i8th and 19th, under the presidency of Dr. Henry Sewall, of Denver. All the sessions will be held at the Clift Hotel, where twenty-five rooms have been engaged for the accom- modation of the members of the association. An excellent program has been prepared, consisting of twenty papers which will be read and discussed Lopid Mg at the four scientific ses- sions to be held, one in the forenoon and one in the after- noon of each day. The social event of the meeting will be the annual dinner of the association, which will be given on Friday evening at the Clift Hotel. A trip has been arranged through Marin County for Sunday, June 20tii, when the society is invited to Iiave luncheon out of doors at the Arequipa Sanatorium, an institution established in 191 1 for the care of tuberculous wage earning girls. Mem- bers of the association are invited to participate with the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis in a program arranged by the Chicago Tuber- culosis Institute in Chicago, June 8th and 9th, and also to attend the sessions and participate in the program of the national association at its annual meeting in Seattle, Wash., on June 14th, 15th. and i6th. Attention is also called to the fact that the Pan-American Medical Congress meets in San Francisco, June T4th to 19th, the American Society of Tropical Medicine, June 14th to i6th, and the American Medical Association, June 21st to 25th. Those who Lopid Tablets desire to attend the meeting of the Society of Tropical Medicine should communicate at once with Dr. John M. Swan, of Rochester, N. Y., in regard to joining their party. Mem- bers are also invited to join the American Society for Gemfibrozil Mg Physicians' Study Travels in a tour which lasts five weeks, starting from Philadelphia on Sunday, June 6th. For information Gemfibrozil 600mg regarding this tour, address Dr. A. Bernheim. 1225 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. Dr. Guy Hinsdale, of Hot Springs, Va., is secretary of the association, and Dr. Philip King Brown, of San Francisco, is chairman of the ■ committee of arrangements. The Annual Commencement of Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, will Order Lopid take place on Thursday, June 3d, tlie graduates from the institution being eighty in Lopid 60 Mg num- ber, and on Wednesday and Thursday, June 2d and 3d, the annual clinical meeting of the alumni of the college will be lield. On June Lopid Price 2d, at 2 p. m., Dean John D. Rushmore and Professor William B. Brinsmade will conduct surgical clinics, and on June 3d, from 8 a. m. to 12 m.. Professor John C. Polak will hold a gynecological clinic. At two o'clock in the afternoon Professor Henry M. Smitli and Professor Jolm H. Sheppard will hold ophtiialmological and otological clinics, which will be followed by nose and throat operations by Gemfibrozil Price Dr. Thomas R. French and Dr. .\lbert J. Keenan. Dr. John A. Quell will demonstrate transil- lumination of the palatal tonsils ; a simple office and bed- side method, which is in process of development, Buy Lopid Generic Lopid will be shown in part. American Association of Immunologists. — The second annual meeting of this association was held in Washing- ton, D. C, on Monday, May loth. Dr. James W. Jobling, of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Nashville, Tenn., was elected president; Dr. George P. Sanborn, of Boston, vice-president, and Dr. John A. Kolmer, of Philadelphia, a member of the council. The program was a comprehen- sive one, including papers on serology, immunology, and vaccine therapy. Dr. Oliver S. Hillman, of New York, and Dr. Victor C. Vaughan, Jr., of Detroit, were elected active members, and Professor Emil Abderhalden, of Halle, Germany, Professor Victor C. Vaughan, of Ann Arbor, and Professor Edward C. Rosenow, of Chicago, were elected to honorary membership. The society now have sixty active members and twenty applications for membership. The total number of members allowed by the constitution and by laws, is one hundred. Dr. Martin J. Synnott, of Montclair, N. J., is secretary. American Association of Anesthetists. — The third an- nual meeting of this association will be held in the New .\uditorium, San Francisco, on Monday, June 21st, under the presidency of Dr. Charles K. Teter, of Cleveland. There will he two scientific sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, the first item on the program for the morning session being the address of the president, who will speak on the subject of Nitrous Oxide Oxygen .Anesthesia in 01)stetrics. Fifteen papers are listed, and in addition there will be at the afternoon session the pre- sentation of new apparatus for pharyngeal anesthesia, for intratracheal anesthesia, and vapor anesthesia and resusci- tation. The meeting will be brought to a close with a banquet at the St. Francis Hotel at seven o'clock. The election Lopid Cost of officers will take place at executive session held in the morning, the following nominations having been made : President, Dr. Willis D. Gatch, of Indianapolis ; vice-presidents. Dr. Lopid 600mg Walter M. Boothby, of Boston, Dr. F. Nagel, of Montreal, and Dr. Isabella Herb, of Chicago ; secretary. Dr. James T. Gwathmey. of New York; mem- bers of executive committee. Dr. Albert Miller, of Order Lopid Online Provi- dence, and Dr. Paul Lux. of Kansas City. The Cancer Campaign in Vermont. — Speakers of Buy Lopid Online national prominence have been obtained by the Vermont State Medical Society for the proposed series of educa- tional meetings on cancer to be held in the principal cities nf the State early next month. The pro.gram calls for an identical series of morning, afternoon, and evening meet- ings to be held at Rutland Gemfibrozil 600 on June 8th, BurHngton on June Cheap Lopid Gemfibrozil Cost Otli, St. Johnsbury on June loth, and Montpelier on June nth. In the morning of each day a clinic will be held by the visiting physicians, to which local doctors will Buy Cheap Lopid bring patients for consultation. In the afternoon, the meetings will be for the medical Gemfibrozil 600 Mg profession, but the evening meet- ings will be open to the public and the addresses will he popular in character. Dr. Francis Carter Wood, of New ^ ork, will speak at Burlington on the afternoon and also on the evening of June 9th, and will take part in the clinic at Burlington on June 9th and at St. Johnsbury on June loth. Dr. J. M. Wainwright, of Scranton, Pa., will "take part in the morning clinics at Burlington on June 9th, and at St. Johnsbury on June loth and v/ill address the I^liysicians at the afternoon meetings in these cities and also in Rutland on June 8th and Montpelier on June nth. Dr. Charles F. Dalton. secretary of the Vermont State Board of Health, will speak at the public evening meetings on all four days, officially representing the State Health Department. Dr. W. S. Bainbridge, of New York, will be the principal speaker at the evening meetings at Rutland, St. Johnsbury, and Montpelier.

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