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and an adequate supply of the chemically unharmed substances contained in breast milk or its equivalents from animals, and through which it builds up the child's tissue cells, including those of its ductless glands. Of all the ductless glands the thymus is that most morbidly influenced by defective nutrition ; its atrophy in infantile marasmus is but the index of a state of things which our profession should no longer tolerate. In our next article we will consider the relation- ship between the thymus gland and the mental de- velopment, idiocy, etc., of children. REFERENCES. I. LEWIN: Berliner klinische Wochenschrijt, xliv, 6, 1907. 2. HANBRIDGE: New York State Medical Journal, April. 1912, and October, 1913. 3. ROSENAU: New England Medical Monthly, May, 1910. 4. DENNY: Journal A. M. A., December 8, 1906. 5. SHERMAN and LOHNES: Medical Record, May 17, 191 3. ^ |ttlr 0f Cttrant f iteotnu. Generic Lovegra BERLINER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT January) 11, 1915. Mild Heart Disturbances in Troops, 1)y A. Magnus-Levy. — A considerable number of young soldiers have been encountered vv^ho complained of palpitation, feeling of cardiac oppression and slight embarrassment of breathing upon mild exercise. The heart rate was found to range from eighty to 100 with the apex beat forcible and located at or slightly beyond the mamillary line. The first sound was often impure, or associated with a sys- tolic murmur. The second sound was clear, but often accentuated at the pulmonic area. Slight ex- ertion usually increased the heart rate up to 120, and this was followed by fairly prompt return to the previous rate after rest. Such signs and symp- toms were regarded as being indicative of a slight decrease in the capacity of the heart for work with a slight degree of mitral insufficiency. No ade- quate explanation for this cardiac insufficiency is known, but there seem to be three possible ways of accounting for it. The first Lovegra Tablets postulates the previous existence of some slight valvular lesion which only becomes recognizable Lovegra For Women as the result of overstrain. The second, that the condition is the result of an acute infection, usually of a rheumatic nature. And lastly, that it is merely the physiological response of a normal heart to unaccustomed strain. Calciuria in Children, by H. Kleinschmidt. — This condition, commonly called phosphaturia, is characterized by the frequent passage of somewhat turbid Buy Lovegra urine, particularly in the morning specimen. The turbidity is due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate and phosphate. There is an actual in- crease in the amount of calcium thus excreted. As- sociated with this condition the child is usually found to be of a very nervous temperament. The condition has been thought to be due to a dimin- ished acidity of the urine or to a diminution in the urinary colloids. Two views as to its etiolog}' are held. The first that there is a primary disorder of calcium metabolism, to which the nervous symp- toms are secondary. The second, that the calcium metabolism is the result of a primary nervous dis- order. Two cases Cheap Lovegra are recorded, both of which May 29, 1915.] PITH Ob' CURRENT LITERATURE. 1 Buy Lovegra Online 129 seem to substantiate the latter hypothesis, and it is well known that the children having this condition are usually from families in Lovegra Online which the parents are of unstable nervous constitutions. Alterations in the diet, especially in the direction of a reduction in the calcium intake do not materially reduce the cal- cium excretion, Lovegra 100mg but, on the contrary, a calcium rich diet may be taken and the condition still be made to disappear if the child is placed under a strict regime of rest and changed surroundings. No measures seem to give more than temporary results in the majority of cases, relapse usually occurring as soon as the child returns to its accustomed home surroundings. January 18, /9/.5. Significance of the Widal Reaction in Inoculat- ed Soldiers, by L. Duenner. — Five of a total of eighty-nine soldiers who had been previously inocu- lated against typhoid, or typhoid and cholera, gave persistently negative Widal Lovegra Price reactions with dilutions ranging from one in forty to one in 640. Of these five, three had received only a single inoculation with typhoid vaccine. All of the remaining men gave positive reactions, a very large proportion re- sponding positively to dilutions as high as one in 320 and one in 640. All of the men in this series were clinically and bacteriologically free from ty- l)hoid. In contrast, seven men who had typhoid fever, proved either clinically or bacteriologically, all gave positive Widal reactions with some dilu- tion, except one whose serum was negative when tested in a dilution as low as one in forty. Before the practice Lovegra Uk of prophylactic inoculation against ty- phoid the Widal reaction was regarded as one of the readiest means of making a certain diagnosis of typhoid fever, but the reaction has now lost practi- cally all of its diagnostic value among persons who

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