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history of any infectious fever which is the rule in May ^3, 191 5.1 I'lTH 01' CURRENT LITERATURE. 1131 these cases. The etiology of this case is obscure as the \\ assermanii was negative, there was no spinal caries nor injury, and the case was unlike an anterior Megalis 10 poliomyelitis or a spinal growth. An Unusual Case of Infantile Hemiplegia, by v.. (i. Fearnsides. — The patient, a boy aged seven and three fourths years, had a fit when three years old and was comatose for five days. When he recovered consciousness it was found that he was hemiplegic, the left side being the one aft'ected. Two weeks after this Buy Megalis attack he was admitted to the hos- Megalis Tablet pital. The right ear was discharging through a large perforation in the drum. Rotation of the head on the neck caused pain but there was no cephalic re- traction. The left upper extremity was flaccid and could not be moved voluntarily, the left lower ex- tremity was stifif, and the left half of the face was also paretic. The day after admission two ounces of cerebrospinal fluid were obtained by lumbar puncture. The fluid was clear, sterile and con- tained no excess of cells. The boy gradually im- proved and when he left the hospital five weeks Megalis India later was able to walk and could use the left upper extremity in feeding himself. Three weeks later otorrhea appeared in both ears and after two weeks he was readmitted to the hospital, remaining for a period of three weeks. At the time of his dis- charge he presented a characteristic left hemiplegia, afifecting principally the upper extremity. Since that time he has had occasional fits. The attacks begin in the left arm and spread to the forearm and hand. There is no loss of consciousness and the attacks are typically Jacksonian. The left up- l)er extremity is distinctly smaller than the right. In addition to the Jacksonian convulsions he has frequent momentary attacks of petit mal. An early diagnosis of polioencephalitis had been made but the absence of any cellular excess in the sterile cerebro- spinal fluid was against such an opinion. The cause of the symptoms was probably some local septic cerebral trouble consequent upon chronic otitis media. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. May 8, J915. Sterilization of Water by Chlorine, by J. J. Harper Nelson. — The apparatus consists of two bottles, one of about thirty ounces capacity, the other holding about two ounces. Megalis 10 Mg The larger is fitted with a double perforated stopper through which are passed two glass tubes, one short, the other reaching nearly to the bottom. Both are sup- plied with stop cocks. The long tube is connected with a short tube inserted through a stopper in the small bottle. Twenty ounces of water are placed in the large bottle and two drams of concentrated, hydrochloric acid in the smaller along with fifteen grains of powdered potassium chlorate for the lib- eration of nascent chlorine and chloric dioxide. These gases are passed into the water in small amounts at a time with frecjuent shaking. This yields a solution of the two gases of such strength that when one ounce of it is added to five gallons of water, a concentration of chlorine gas of one in 500,000 is obtained. Repeated experiments with naturally and artificially contaminated water have proved that an exposure for half an hour to this concentration of chlorine suffices to sterilize it com- jjletely of all pathogenic organisms, particularly of I he fecal group. The entire process consumes Megalis Tablets little over half an hour, and can be easily carried out ef- fectively even by an inexperienced person. The amount of chlorine in the finished water does not impair its palatability or its potability. If the water is very turbid, it can first be Megalis 20 cleared by sedi- mentation over night with alum ; it is then treated with the chlorine solution. An outfit has been de- signed which weighs only twelve pounds and which can be easily carried on a man's back. This outfit contains sufficient Megalis Price material to sterilize 19,800 gal- lons of water without replenishing, or enough to give each of 200 men a gallon of drinking water a day for seven weeks. The process is inexpensive, rapid and effective. Birth Palsy, by Harry Piatt. — ^The symptoms, physical signs and treatment of this condition are discussed ; particular stress is laid upon the proba- ble cause of the lesion and its precise anatomical nature. That it is a primary lesion of the brachial plexus, usually involving the fifth, or the fifih and sixth cervical nerve roots, is Megalis 20 Mg substantiated by clin- ical, pathological, surgical, and experimental evi- dence. It has been shown that traction on the head with the shoulders fixed is capable of producing such a lesion. On the other hand, there are certain symptoms and signs at times associated with birth palsy which have led to the belief that the lesion is primarily either a dislocation of the head of the humerus Megalis 20mg or a fracture of the humerus at its Megalis Online upper epiphyseal line. In some cases both lesions are held to be present. Analysis shows that one or an- other of these latter lesions is actually present in a small proportion of the cases only. In view of these facts it seems unreasonable to adhere abso- lutely to either explanation to the exclusion of the other, as is done by the opposing schools, but, on the contrary, one is forced to accept both as possi- ble explanations and to endeavor in a given case to discover which type of lesion is actually present. LANCET.

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