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[New York Medical Journau side. He agreed with Doctor Pisek that if these cases were brought early for purchase motilium treatment and the phenolsulphonephthalein test employed to determine the type of obstruction, some good results might be obtained. NEW YORK PSYCHIATRICAL SOCIETY. Stated Meeting, Held January 6, 1915. The President, Dr. William L. Russell, in the Chair. A State Policy for Dealing with Mental Defi- ciency.— Dr. Thomas W. Salmon called attention to the motilium generic fact that various plans of action looking to- ward, I, the prevention of mental deficiency; 2, the more rational dealing with mental deficiency as a source of crime, delinquency, and dependence ; and, 3, the provision of more humane and effective care and training of the mentally defective, were being prepared in different States. Many commissions had made cursory surveys of the situation as a whole in various parts of the country and a few careful studies had domperidone motilium been made of specific phases of the subject. Legislation dealing with varied aspects of care and prevention cheap motilium had been proposed, and not a little had already been enacted. It was believed that the New York Psychiatrical Society could perform a most useful service at this time by preparing and publishing for the information of the public a state- ment giving clearly some of the fundamental con- ceptions upon which they believed a sound State policy for dealing with mental deficiency should be based, together with specific suggestions for action by the legislature. The committee appointed to pre- pare an outline of such a statement for discussion by the society had submitted a short summary of the more motilium uk important consequences of failure to provide for the mentally defective, and suggestions for con- structive legislation for dealing with the problem. It was pointed out that the social consequences of mental deficiency were crime and delinquency. A large amount of evidence had been collected to show that many boys and girls in institutions for juvenile delinquents were mentally defective. The propor- tion could not motilium price be definitely stated, as the results of examinations were not motilium 10 equally trustworthy, but it had been found to vary from ten to eighty-nine per motilium domperidone 10mg cent, of the persons examined. The examination of prostitutes in wards in general hospitals, in detention homes, and in reformatories and training schools showed a large proportion of mentally defective per- sons, and it was equally true that a considerable pro- portion of adult criminals were mentally defective. The presence of such a large proportion of mentally defective persons in penal and reformatory institu- tions motilium online was undesirable, because it was unjust to ptm- ish persons who were not responsible for their acts, and because method? of reformation and discipline and industrial training which buy motilium online were successful with criminals and delincjuents of normal minds, were in- effective with those who were mentally defective. Thus it was both inhuman and uneconomical to con- fine such mentally defective persons in such institu- tions. The presence of so many mentally defective persons among those accused of crime interfered with the administration of justice. The failure to recognize mentally defective children and to deal adequately with them, was an oversight of an ex- cellent method of preventing crime. The presence of mentally defective persons in the community who, through volitional or emotional motilium imodium defects, were unable to exercise such control in sexual life as law and motilium tablets custom demanded, or to protect themselves from others, was an important source of moral con- tamination and in the spread of venereal disease. Cruelty to children was known in many cases to be due to mental deficiency of parents. Evidence Mas also availal)le showing that poverty and the problem motilium tablets 10mg of the chronically employed were frequently dependent on mental deficiency. Mental deficiency was also the underlying cause of vagrancy, alcoholism, drug addiction, and illegitimate preg- nancies. While the motilium buy proportion of mentally defec- tive children in motilium mg the regtdar classes of the public schools was not known, it was known to be large enough to interfere very seriously with motilium canada the work of the educational system. High infant mortality, neglect of children, industrial and traffic accidents could frequently be traced to mental defect. Such a list of wrongs a this unfortunate class inflicted upon society might be greatly motilium cost lengthened, but these were sufficient to indicate the heavy penalty which was being paid for failure to face this problem squarely and to deal with it with enlightenment and humanity. In attempting to outline a system of dealing with the problem of mental deficiency in its legal, admin- istrative, and institutional phases, the committee stated as its earnest conviction, that a large and pro- fitable field of research existed, and that a satisfac- tory solution of the problem must wait until careful studies had cleared up questions which now obscured the controversy. The most thorough investigation of the problem of mental deficiency ever under- taken, was that made by the English Royal Com- mission on the Care and Control of the Feeble Minded from 1904 to 1908. This report showed strikingly the waste of national resources and the grave menace motilium pharmacy to public safety which neglect order motilium of the duty of providing for the mentally defective in- volved. As finally passed in 1 91 3, this act consti- tuted a remarkable foundation of law upon which to develop a system of care and protection of the feeble minded. The recommendations presented were based in part upon this notable piece of legis- lation, though much was also based upon the best features of American legislation for the confinement and care of the insane. It seemed to this com- mittee that the task of putting into operation a new and comprehensive law for dealing with mental de- ficiency, of developing different types of institu-

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