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in adjustment, atid what he had learned was start- ling beyond measure. can you get high off naprosyn 500mg Nearly all forms of psycho- sis were represented in these students. He wished to emphasize the importance of the biological ec-naprosyn generic prob- lem involved. Dr. Smith Ely Jeltffe thought that the program sketched by the committee was very attractive, but suggested that it would be worth while to scrutinize the terms used with reference to the future. It was well known that the terms, insane and insanity, had grown to be very unfortunate ones. They carried with them the medieval idea of a stigma of some kind. It would be a move in the right direction to get away from these terms ec naprosyn rxlist and to adopt such ex- pressions as mental hospitals, mental disorders, men- tal health, mental buy naprosyn 500mg hygiene, which were more than justifying themselves. The words, insane and in- sanity, would probably flounder about in the cum- bersome machinery of naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn the law there generic naprosyn for several more cen- turies before it would be seen that they expressed legal relationships and were not useful concepts in psychiatry. Hence the word "defective" should be viewed in the light of its probable evolution and great care should be exercised that in the outline of so excellent a naprosyn costochondritis plan as had been presented, the prog- ress of the work should not be retarded by inet)t and where can i buy naprosyn cumbersome naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet terminologv. It was his opinion much does naprosyn cost that it was highly desirable buy naprosyn tablets that all such movements should be naprosyn gel costo affiliated with the central health powers. It was a sign of civilization in a naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg community, that its mental health should be recogiiized as a valuable asset and that a State board of health affiliation was absolutely necessary. Health, hygiene, prophvlaxis, were the watchwords, and the degree of intelligence 1 138 BOOK REVIEWS. [New York MKillCAI. Jf)UR.NAL. of a community stood in direct relationship to its recognition of the importance of the mental health of its members. Dr. William ec-naprosyn price Mabon agreed with Doctor Patton and also believed that the public mind recognized the term mental defective, and it must be used when they approached the Governor. They must at pres- ent use the term mental defective ; after getting what they wished, the name could be changed. Dr. Henry R. Stedman, of Boston, asked if the mental defectives in naprosyn ec 500 mg pl the State had been enu- merated. He presumed they would be added to the committee's statement, as the large number which would appear offered a strong argument. In Massachusetts they had a somewhat similar prob- lem with which to contend. Although they had two good institutions for the feeble minded in the east- ern part of the State, there was a movement on foot to have another in the western part. In estimating the number of mental defectives in the State of Massachusetts, a special medical agent was em- ployed, who made inquiries in all directions, in in- stitutions, of overseers of the poor, schools, etc. Simply the number of defectives was inquired into, and little or no attempt was made to obtain the life history of the patients. The type of defect, he be- lieved, was noted in many cases. Of course, the actual number of defectives could only be roughly approximated in this way. Doctor Mabon's figures were only approximate in this State. There naprosyn ec fort 500 mg were about 20,000 people in need of institutional care. There were in the insti- tutions of the State 35,000 insane patients. -^ ยง0011 g^M^tos. [We publish full lists of books received, but we acknowl- edge no obligation to rez'icw them all. Nevertheless, so far as space permits, we review those in which we think our readers are likely to be interested.] Physiological Principles in Treatment. By W. Langdon Brown, M. A., M. D., Cantab., F. R. C. P., Assistant Phy- sician to St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Physician to the Metropolitan Hospital, etc. Third Edition. New York: William Wood & Co., 1914. Pp. vii-408. (Price, $2.25.) We had the opportunity of criticizing the first edition of this book. At that time it was conspicuously lacking in data on that most important domain so recently elab- orated, the ductless glands. This subject' has now become systematized by Sajous, into a science in itself which he entitles hemadenology. Tlie subject has grown so enormously, both in interest and by contribu- tions of research workers, that it is difficult to reduce the physiological principles naprosyn sr 1000 mg capable of being used in treat- ment, into one small book. In this volume the subject is treated under caption The Principles of Organotherapy and in only forty-two pages, obviously wliolly inadequate space. The citations naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets of the author are few, and references seem to be chiefly to English writers, altliough there are a few Americans. The author naprosyn generic naproxen also adds some brief references in Chapter xiv to vitamines and calcium salts and the also enlarging subject of the metallic salts, and the parts they play in the physiology and pathology of metabolism. The title of the book is an excellent and comprehensive one, and it is to be hoped that tlie author will, in subse- quent editions, fulfill the promise which tliis title makes. As far as it goes, there are some excellent liints to be found here and there, explanations, suggestions, which will prove lielpful to any one who realizes the exceedingly great importance of mastering the newer advances in pliysiology as constant aids in clinical procedures. Die ticrischcn I'arasiicn des Mcnschen. Die von Ihnen

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