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first part of the duodenum, stasis in the ileum. Lane's kink, incompetence of the ileocecal valve, mobility of the cecum (the degree of mobility being determined by palpa- tion, while the screen examination is being made), spastic constipation, and new growths. The larger part of the bulletin is devoted to case reports and to x ray photo- graphs illustrating the text. Inl^rdinital |[ates. Dr. Robert T. Morris was sponsor for the following sentence last week, save for our italics : "It leaves the larger number of patients with psychoses to be treated after the manner of the doctor ivhom it is said always gave a patient fits if he did not know what the right diag- nosis was, because he knew how to cure fits." We do generic form of nexium not believe that our distinguished medical essayist wrote it that way ; it must have been the proofreader's fault. * * * The Survey for May 226. compliments Missouri for her sudden arrival in the front rank of States wliich are fight- ing disease. The legislature of that State has passed five bills which ought to have a noticeable effect on the death rate. There is an interesting discussion what is generic for nexium of the new book by Goring on the English convict, with his theories of tlic influence of heredity rather than environment in producing criminals — theories widely differing from our own, as our readers are aware. Goring's ignoring of environment is positively amazing. * * * Sivat the Fly is a one act play does nexium have a generic of great ingenuity, by Eleanor Gates, author of The Poor Little Rich Girl, which it resembles, although slightly, in construction. So cleverly buy generic nexium is the action managed that an attempt to summarize the plot would take almost as much space as to rcprcjduce the text. Beside affording entertainment, the play is a notable contribution to the literature of physiological experimenta- tion, of which it ofifers a noble defense without being likely to ruffle the feathers of the pious generic version of nexium crusaders against that fundamental principle of modern therapeutics. when will nexium become generic It would be well for the physician in small communities to foster tlic production of this playlet by Sunday schools or children's dramatic associations ; it will entertain in a legitimate way as well as afford valuable instruction. The book is pub- lished by The Arrow Publishing Company, 116 West Fifty- ninth Street, New York, at twentv-five cents. Extract from a Letter from Paris, in the May Century, and Heine on the English, will give a severe shock to many readers. The Right of a Child to Two Parents, by Mary Ware Dennett, is a thoughtful and informing essay. The anonymous serial, Me, is bright and amusing in this in- stallment. Tlicre are seven short poems and a multitude of exquisite illustrations. * is there a generic nexium * * We get this note what is the generic for nexium at third hand apparently, through the Prescribcr for March, 1915. It appears that F. E. Walker, in a recent issue of Guy's Hospital Gazette, drew attention to the following lieadline in the Observer for January 17th: CARDINAL AlERCIER'S CONFINEMENT. GERMAN PRESSURE ON HIS EMINENCE. Mr. Walker asks if pressure on that part is good treat- ment, having regard to the generic equivalent of nexium reported German tendency to overdo things. Curing the Disease but Killing the Patient, by .-Mian L. Benson, in what is the generic name for nexium tlie May Pearson's Magazine, has an atractively professional sound, and, although the title is figurative, we advise every physician to nexium dosage 80 mg read the article. There has is there a generic for nexium never generic brand for nexium been, to our mind, a simpler and more logical explanation of our 80 mg nexium present business troubles. George Creel's account of what employers think of their employees, is a curious indictment and confirms what is not sufficiently obvious to the average order nexium samples thinker, that a wealthy man is not necessarily an intelligent nor a well read one. The physician wlio ponders over tliis article may realize how little his charit- able work is appreciated by those who assist it with money only. A thoroughly amusing and not unprofitable story is The Woman Who Never Came Back, by W. E. Priestley in tlie IVide World Magazine for May. No-ha-de-lan, the heroine, is witch doctor to a certain tribe of .Alaskan In- dians and makes an interesting psychological study. She resembles in many ways the charlatans wlio have visited us from European countries, lielieving apparently in her supernatural powers, but never hesitating to use fraud when these fail her. She undertakes all kinds when does nexium go generic of conjur- ing as well as treating the sick, and the trained observer of her generic name for nexium costume as shown in one of the illustrations, will note what looks very like the servanie of one of our own magicians. Amelia Rives states in Shadows of Flames in the May Cosmopolitan, "Marco is even greater as a composer than as a musician." This sounds much like saying, Marco is even greater as a painter than as an artist. * * * Dr. Hugh Gillespie, the hero of the opening story in the April Strand — The Jewel Dance, by Violet M. Metldey — is ignorant of the ways of the world to a degree unusual even in a young physician. We tremble for his future. js nexium 40 mg generic of f oral P^bical ^orittits. Monday, May 31st. — Poughkeepsie Academy of Medicine. Tuesday, June ist. — New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Dermatology) ; New York Neurological Society ; Clinical Society of the West Side German Dispensary and School for Clinical Medicine ; Medical .Society of the County of Yates ; Medical generic for nexium 40 mg Society of the

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