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medicine or its by product is certain of this advan- tage. The order phenergan anatomy of the urethra and the pathology of gonorrhea also indicate the use of intravenous therapy. Anatomically the channel is a collapsible tube surrounded by a web of bloodvessels, and hned in its front part (fossa navicularis) by squamous, and in its spongy part by columnar epithelium. The urethral glands embrace two groups, those within the phenergan mg mucous membrane and those within the submu- cous tissues. The intramucous glands are simple in structure, consisting usually of a single alveolus, less frequently two or three, lined with cylindrical epithelium and occurring in all parts of the urethra. The submucous glands, although small, are larger than the intramucous and less widely distributed ; they are better developed in the upper wall of the spongy portion. Their ducts are extended several mm. Ijackward, more or less parallel to the phenergan buy channel, and divide into two or more slightly expanded ter- minal tubules which are lined with cylindrical epi- thelium. The deeper parts of the mucous mem- brane contain a rich venous plexus, more marked about the glands. Within thirty-six hours after admission into the channel, the gonococcus penetrates into the epithe- lial layers of the affected mucosa and lies partly between and partly within the epithelial cells and in leucocytes. By peripheral extension the cocci work their way backward into the urethra and into the deeper tissues. The infiltration is more marked in the area of cylindrical epithelium, while in the region covered by the squamous type the cocci lie more superficially. Only the upper layers of the underlying connective tissues become infiltrated. The presence of the germ causes inflammation, both mechanical and chemical, which has the character of purulent catarrh and is phenergan online associated with a cel- lular infiltration of the tissues of the mucosa and with epithelial desquamation. The invasion phenergan with codeine is more marked about the crypts and glands, which become packed with pus and cocci. In acute cases the germ is abundantly found, from the surface of the mu- cous membrane to the underlying connective tissue. It has been many times demonstrated in the blood, when conditions being favorable, it produces extra- genital phenergan syrup involvements. The disease cannot be cured until all gonococci are eliminated phenergan codeine syrup from the deeper tissues and glands ; nature assists in this by recruit- ing to the parts a defensive host of leucocytes and the formation of substances detrimental to the re- sistance of the germs, while medication so far has fought the invasion from the other side. The rich plexus of bloodvessels in the deep mucosa and the selection of this site by the gonococcus certainly speak in favor of intravenous medication plus a mild local treatment. Having chosen a subject which did not permit of experiments on animals, because of their immunity to gonorrhea, all work had to be done on man. 25 mg phenergan phenergan dm syrup The first nine of fourteen years' work were unproduc- tive of results, because there was nothing in medi- cal literature to furnish a working nucleus : numer- purchase phenergan ous drugs had to be selected and their applicability for intravenous use demonstrated : those qualified to be thrown into the circulation required observa- tion as to their possession of any gonococcidal ac- 1 146 BERN.IRT: INTRAVENOUS TREATMENT OF GONORRHEA. [New York Medical Journal. tion ; the migratory character of cHnical cases nul- Hfied much of the work done; and, above all, the drugs used were given in insufficient quantities. During the tenth phenergan iv and eleventh years, certain of the former work was phenergan cream gone over and amended. These two years abrogated the fear of giving larger doses and assisted materially in bringing the subject out of its previous chaos. As indicated in the title, this is but an introduc- tory article on a new subject. The results of more advanced work done during the last three years will have to await future publication. While numerous drugs of known antiseptic qualities can be thrown into the circulation, it was found that many of them could not be given in sufficient quantities to effect results without a very disagreeable systemic reac- tion. As more complete observations on various drugs are being tabulated, phenergan vc I can at this writing give the findings on only two as to their effect on gonor- rhea. While the gonococcidal effect of these drugs is not as marked in a way, as has been obtained from other chemicals, they cheap phenergan are of interest because they were phenergan use the first to prove, that gonorrheal inflam- mations can be partially controlled by intravenous medication, thus giving a ray of encouragement, and also that large quantities of medicine can be thrown into the circulation without producing evil results. As a standard of time and complications had to be arranged, I selected at random from my records, 100 cases of gonorrhea which had been treated un- der the accepted and modern methods. These 100 cases showed seventeen per cent, becoming compli- cated phenergan and codeine under a carefully directed treatment. Of the total number, fifty of the most favorable as to re- sults obtained were selected and the average num- ber of days for a cure, estimated, which was thirty days. As I phenergan dm have no reason but to believe this to be an exceedingly favorable standard, I have adopted it in all my work. This standard does not include cases in which phenergan codeine an abortive treatment was success- fully phenergan 25 tried. The two drugs referred to as used intravenously were borophenylic acid and sodium benzoate. The borophenylic acid was used in an aqueous solution of one to thirty and the sodium benzoate in one to

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