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two, or weaker if desired. Both give a slight acid re- Felodipine 5 Mg action to litmus, but it was found unnecessary to cor- rect this. These two drugs were tried intravenously Felodipine Tablets in fifty cases of uncomplicated acute gonorrhea in the male, and the local treatment given all cases was the same, namely, one daily Felodipine Er irrigation with a potas- sium permanganate solution one to 8,000 to one to 4,000 and a hand injection of zinc sulphate or zinc sulphocarbonate 0.13 gram to thirty c. c. water, three times daily. A mild local treatment of this character is an essential, as it controls the super- ficial infection away from the circulation and assists in reducing the cellular infiltration, thus gradually bringing the two iorms of treatment closer together. Compared to the standard under the usual method of treatment, only two of these fifty cases showed a slight posterior involvement, and the average for a cure was twenty-three days. An aftertreatment examination of the two cases developing posterior urethritis, Buy Plendil showed bad strictures. The time average could possibly have been reduced by one or two days, if all the patients had submitted to more in- jections, as most of those taking over six Cheap Plendil injections were cured in less than twenty days. Injections Buy Cheap Plendil were given daily if possible. Eighteen of the cases were given the injections, beginning the first day, five the second day, four the third day, two the fifth day, four the sixth day, six the seventh day, five the eighth day, three the ninth day, two the eleventh day, and two the twelfth day. As some of the patients refused to continue the treatment, the number of injections given in a case varied ; the least given was three, the most eleven. The smallest dose of borophenylic acid was 0.195 gram (three grains), the largest two grams (thirty grains) ; the smallest dose of sodium benzoate was two grams (thirty grains), the largest nine grams Plendil Mg (135 grains) ; the largest dose of the combined was one gram of borophenylic acid plus nine grams of sodium benzoate. Felodipine 5mg The quickest results were ob- tained in the cases in which the treatment Felodipine 10 Mg was in- stituted within the first seven days and in those which received six or more injections. Exclusive of the foregoing experiments, seven cases of acute gonorrhea were given the intravenous injections of the combined drugs, while an abortive treatment with silver nitrate was instituted locally. Four of these cases came to Amlodipine Felodipine a successful issue inside of four days. The Purchase Plendil inconvenience, however, caused by the Order Plendil local reaction makes the method undesirable, and its uncertainty argues against its more general use. If an abortive treatment is a failure the time for an ultimate Plendil Online cure is usually greater. Even if all gonococci are destroyed in a few days, the follow- ing serous discharge and irritation last longer than in a case treated by mild solutions. In a few cases a weak silver solution was retained in the urethra for several hours at a time, through the use of a special apparatus; the results, however, were indif- ferent. So far, the use of weak antiseptics seems to fit the pathology best. It is reasonable to Felodipine Amlodipine believe that intravenous medi- cation, in either a simple or complex manner, de- stroys or attenuates the deeply imbedded germs, that is, those propagating in the more vascular tis- sues, or else the medicine makes an unfavorable culture medium of these parts, while the local treat- ment destroys those on the surface of the infiltrated Plendil Tablets and nonvascular strata only, as no known form of local treatment penetrates to an appreciable depth. The difference in the time of treatment of the older methods and the one herein mentioned, is due to fighting the infection from two directions, and the only obstacle to really Buy Plendil Online rapid results is the thick cel- lularly infiltrated Plendil Price and nonvascular area away from the circulation. After the disappearance of all gonococci, which now, under a better directed treat- ment, requires from five to seven days, it takes about ten days and sometimes longer to reproduce a nor- mal mucous membrane. More accurate statistics on this will be given after a complete tabulation of more recent work. The intravenous dose of Generic Plendil the drugs used was built up by slow gradation, thus eliminating all danger to the patient. A chill of more or less severity fol- lowed the use of borophenylic acid and sodium ben- zoate in less than five per cent, of the injections ; this occurred usually after one of the first three treatments, that is, before maximum doses were June 5, I9"S-] KARFAS: PROGNOSIS IN MENTAL DISEASE. 1 147 reached. The larger doses of both the drugs pro- duced decided dizziness at the time of the injection and a suffusion of the skin and conjunctiva. A moderate rise of temperature followed a few of the injections, not sufficient to be annoying. A slight nausea was produced in one case. As the early work on this subject mostly consisted of trying to find acceptable drugs and their doses, more detailed observations were neglected. Certain general deductions were made, however, and these hold good to date : 1. The system is far more tolerant toward intra- venous medication than it is given credit for. Large quantities of acceptable chemicals can be thrown into the blood and it is from the larger doses that re- sults will be obtained. 2. Drugs given intravenously rapidly disappear from Order Plendil Online the circulation.

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