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3. There is a marked difference in time in which different drugs are eliminated. This deduction was made from the analysis of the urine only. Evidently certain drugs enter into closer union with the tissues, and therefore are slowly eliminated. The difference in elimination was not due to an interference with excretion. 4. Some drugs can be recovered from the saliva and tears, others cannot. (The flow was stimulated and the saliva and tears collected shortly after the injection.) 5. Theoretically, or until further data are collect- ed, it would seem that certain drugs have a more in- tensive and selected action on certain tissues. Over ten years ago I called attention to a peculiarly specific action of mercuric chloride, when given via the circulation^ upon inflammations of the eye. 6. Some of the drugs prevented a putrefaction of urine buy praziquantel online standing at ordinary room temperature for several days. 7. The great tolerance of healthy kidneys praziquantel price before showing the slightest evidence of irritation. 8. The liver showed no palpable effects of the medication nor were there any symptoms ascribable to this organ. 9. No deleterious blood changes were noted. 10. \\'hen the urethral mucosa was sufficiently irritated to produce a high degree praziquantel biltricide of hyperemia and a marked serous flow, positive findings were present shortly after the injections. Attempts to recover the drug from the usual secretions in acute gonor- rhea were unsuccessful. As a severe irritation of the mucosa meant buy cheap praziquantel nothing more or less than an in- jury permitting leakage direct from the circulation, the presence praziquantel online of the drug injected was not surpris- ing. The general effects of intravenous medication on diseases other than gonorrhea have been watched during the last few years. Insufficient data prevent me from making any special statements, but favor- able results have been praziquantel mg noted in infections of the gallbladder, pyelitis, acne vulgaris, bacteriemia, rheumatism, tetanus, and praziquantel uk pneumonia. Theoretically, beneficial results should be obtained in all infections, and special study should be directed toward pneu- monia and infantile paralysis. Literature on intravenous medication in general is so scarce that if much work has been done, it is still dormant in laboratory and clinical records. It is partly in hopes of producing a stimulation suffi- cient to bring forth unpublished accounts of new drugs used, that this article is written at the present time. 29 East Madison Street. THE PROGNOSTIC OUTLOOK IN MENTAL DISEASE.* By Morris J. Karpas, M. D., New York, Assistant Resident Alienist, Bellevue Hospital. INTRODUCTION. In no other branch of medicine as in psychiatry is the science of prognostication of such significant value. Indeed its importance lies in the fact that a dual condition is at hand, that is the psychic and the physical. In many instances the somatic side is not of a critical interest, but the reestablishing of mental integrity to its full or even partial conserva- tion is the main issue. Eurthermore, there lies a great responsibility toward the patient's order praziquantel family, particularly from the standpoint of sociological and economic complications. To render a bad prog- nosis in a case of a favorable outcome may lead to disastrous financial and social consequences. Again, to find a good outlook for an incurable mal- ady may produce similar evil results. With judi- cious buy praziquantel and cautious reserve one must make the prog- nosis of a mental infirmity. In the light of our present conception of psycho- pathology, a mental order praziquantel online disease is viewed as a biological reaction to environmental influences, expressing it- self in a maladjustment of an instinctive, physiolog- ical, biochemical, chemical, or physical type. Not in- frequently the nature and character of mental reac- tion determines the prognostic outlook. What praziquantel 600 mg really signifies generic praziquantel the malignancy or benignity of a psychosis is not one symptom, but the constructive semiologi- cal structure of the entire purchase praziquantel disease moxidectin praziquantel picture with a full knowledge of the personality buy praziquantel for humans of the patient where to buy praziquantel prior to the development of the mental affection. With these preliminary remarks, we are now in a position to discuss the prognostic outlook of the various forms of mental diseases, which, for con- venience, may be divided into the following groups : I, organic; 2, functional; 3, toxic; 4, traumatic; purchase praziquantel online 5, developmental. J. ORGANIC GROUP. The fundamental disturbance in all organic psy- choses is a definite anatomicopathological process which varies in extent and intensity. It praziquantel tablets may be laid down as a general rule, the more superficial the reaction, the better is the outlook, and again the greater the damage to the nervous tissue, the more fatal the termination. General paralysis is an ex- ample of the latter and cerebral syphilis of the former. General paralysis is a chronic and progressive mental disorder, in which striking somatic signs are in the foreground. In addition, praziquantel cost the higher mental faculties are markedly involved. The etiology of

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