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There was no acute pleuritis as is sometimes where can i buy renova seen in early carcinoma metastases. On cut sections of lungs there were found occasional nodules in the tissue of the lung proper, not more than ten or twelve in either lung. The heart and its coverings were found entirely normal. The periosteal cavity contained perhaps a trifle more than the normal quantity of fluid, not blood stained. The liver was a trifle larger than normal, and on its surface could renova coupon be seen numerous discount renova adventitious bodies, which on cross sec- tion proved to be carcinomatous nodules, varying in size from that of a pea to that of a small walnut, perhaps twenty throughout cost of renova the liver. There were no metastases in renova online the alse or various rami of the os innominatum. The upper part of the femur was dissected out and showed complete absence of the entire upper end of the femur, including the greater trochanter, the angle of the neck, and the head itself ; the upper end being beveled at an angle of about 135°, its surface looking upward and toward the acetabulum which was correspondingly, though not greatly, eroded. No other long bones were suspected June 5. i<;i5.1 ARCHIBALD: ROENTGENOTHERAPY IN CANCER. II57 of being the seat of metastases, and were therefore not examined. In the frontal bone, with its posterior margin one half inch anterior to the coronal suture and fully one and one lialf inch in the anteroposterior diameter and one and tliree quarter inch in its transverse, were a number of metastases, plainly consisting of three growths very soft and jelly like in consistence, elevated about live eighths of an inch and surrounded — botli in the periosteum and in the fibrous coverings of the skull — by marked hemolytic pigmentations. On maceration, the outer table presented the usual ragged, motlieaten hole to correspond ; on its outer purchase renova online surface three distinct metastases. On the inner table the holes become confluent and were two large irregularly shaped openings. The underlying meninges were indented, and similarly pigmented. All other organs, the stomach, intestines, spleen, kidneys, bladder, uterus, etc., showed no change worthy of mention. REFERENCES: 1. THIELE, F. H., 1905: On carcinomatosis of bones and osteo- plastic changes connected with them, Tr. Path. Soc, London, v, 56, PP- 3^^-i^7- ^. CONE, SIDNEY M.: A case of carcinoma metas- tasis in bone from a primary tumor of the prostate, Johns Hopkins Hasp. Bull., renova cream V. 9. pp. 114-118. 3- MUSSER, JOHN H. : A case of secondary carcinoma of the bones; multiple fractures; associated duodenal ulcer; polyuria, Trans. College of Phys., 3. s., v. 18, pp. 206-214. 4- BOGGS, RUSSEL H.: Carcinosis of the bone renova uk secondary renova purchase to a growth in some epithelial organ, New York Medical Journal, December 2, buy renova cream 191 1. 5. HASSNER, HANS: Knochenmetastasen bei Carcinomc, Dissertation, Miinchen, 37. 6. BRETSCHNEIDER, CURT: Knochenneubildving und Knochenzerstorung bei sekbndarer Carcinome des Skelctts, Dissertat., Miinchen, 33, pp. 7. MAT- SUOKA, M.: Ein Beitrag zur Lehre von osteoplastischem Carcinome, Deutsche Ztschr. f. Chir., v. 77, PP- 389-399- .8. STOVER, G. H. : Two cases of multiple metastatic bone carcinoma originating in scirrhus of the breast, Interstate cheap renova M. J., v. 20, pp. 1065-1066. 9. NISNJEWITSCH, LEO: Die Metastasen des Karzinome in das Knochensy stenu Aus der pathologisch-anatomischen Anstalt der Universitadt Basel, Dissertat, Basel, 20 pp. ROENTGENOTHERAPY IN CANCER. By C. H. Archibald, M. D., New York. A vast amount of skepticism exists regarding the buy renova curative properties and value of the Rontgen ray in the treatment of cancer, although our present knowl- edge, latest apparatus, and improved technic have given it universally a valuable and proper place in battling with this scourge. Today renova price every intelligent person who has cancer must clearly recognize that his health and safety depend on the power and effi- ciency of the agents employed. Electricity, light, and heat have long been used buy renova online in the treatment of cancer under renova cost the name of solar therapy, actinother- apy, etc., the idea being to destroy or carbonize the malignant tissues. The discovery of the Rontgen ray placed in our hands a much more powerful and efficient weapon than ever known before. It exerts a selective action upon inflamed cellular structures, soothing, healing, sedative, or destructive as the op- erator may desire, or the situation calls for, this being governed by dose, penetration, and f|uality order renova of the ray. Massive doses cause inhibition price of renova and atro- phy, small doses cause stimulation and growth. Elaborate description of the degree of vacuum of the tubes, penetration, strength of current, voltage, and amperage may be omitted and the results only considered. Many in the debate have ascribed the greater sig- nificance and scientific value to the racliograph or skiagraph, to its various applications in diagnosis, to its power of detecting diseases, and to its phys- ics, but for my part, I think, having used both con- stantly, that experience and observation show that the curing power of the x ray is, with respect to its other applications, as three to one. I am disposed to think that Hooper has assessed with strict accuracy the value of the x ray in can- cer. He writes : The treatment is cliiefly by x rays and radium therapy, tliough other methods of electrical treatment are used to aid tliese. The former method is divided into : renova canada I. Prophy- renova prices lactic ; 2, palliative ; 3, curative. The first is the administra- tion of X rays at regular intervals after operation with the object of preventing recurrence. It has been found that patients so treated improve in general health, and in some

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