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and a large percentage of resultant injury during the past year. There were 142 cases under observation and of these twenty-three were made blind or partially blind. This rather looks as though the underlying cause has not been reached even in Boston. All but ten of the 142 cases reported upon were cared for by physicians or suprax 100 in hos- pitals. In this instance, as in others, which might be cited, it is the doctors who have been suprax antibiotic for children at fault and not midwives or nurses. The suprax cefixime 400 mg inevitable conclusion reached is that not all is being done that might be accomplished in view of the amount of available information. Possibly knowledge upon this is not as thoroughly disseminated as it might be by the medi- cal schools, for it is the purchase suprax doctors at large who have it in their hands to prevent blindness from ophthalmia neona- torum, and yet it order suprax is the doctors at large who seem to be generally responsible for this preventable disaster. It goes without saying that the members of this audience are not the delinquents. They are the sight savers. But suprax mg the army of general practitioners who casually handle ob- stetrical cases and particularly the young, not highly trained and not overscrupulous practitioner who recruits his pa- tients from among the very poor, are the ones, who through ignorance or neglect, or both, swell the army of the blind year by year. It is to correct this that we, lay workers, look to you, the teachers and leaders in the medi- cal profession. To sum up, it is evident that if we are to prevent need- less blindness among babies we must secure, first, the in- variable use of a prophylaxis at birth ; second, the recog- nition of the early symptoms ; and, third, provision for both prompt and efficient medical care for ophthalmia neona- torum suprax tablets cases. It generic suprax would suprax 400mg seem that this should go back to the teaching in the medical schools, for no amount of legisla- tion or education of public opinion can help the individual baby if the attending physician is negligent. These are all active as^encie.s and there are many similar ones in operation. All are working toward a common goal and all have made important ad- vances in the battle against this particular disease. If accurate knowledge can be generally dissem- inated, and the lay puJalic become active allies of all progressive physicians, there is little doubt that in another decade ophthalmia neonatorum will be as relatively infre(|uent as thrush, typhoid fever, yellow fever, and smallp^ox in countries like the Canal Zone, where military efficiency is coml)ined with professional skill to suprax injection secure the common weal of all the inhabitants.-' 150 West Fortv-seventit Street. 'A suprax 400 mg tablet complete bibliography will appear in the reprints of this com- munication. TREATMENT OF buy suprax PAPILLOMA OF THE URINARY BLADDER.* By Means of Hicjh J'requency or Oitdin Current. By Courtney W. Shropshire, M. D., Birmingham, Ala., Genitourinary Surgeon, Ilillinan Hospital; Consulting Urologist, Birmingham Infirmary; And buy suprax online Charles Watterston, M. D., Birmingham, Ala. Edwin Beer introduced the use of high fre(|uency, or Oudin current, in treating papilloina of the urin- ary bladder and in the Journal A.M. A. ior November 16, 1912, he reported 200 cases favorably, and in some instances enthusiastically. Since that time the Oudin high freqtiency current, suprax antibiotics or destructive ful- guration, has been the method of 'selection in the treatment of these growths. The Oudin high frequency current is derived from a coil, and the efil'ect produced upon the tissue is known as destructive fulguration, antibiotic suprax in contradistinc- tion to fulguration of de Keating-Hart, which is non- destructive. Dr. William Clark, of Philadelphia, de- scribed a method of treatment by desiccation. The current tised was static and was derived from a plate machine. The high frequency current of Oudin is most ex- tensively tised for the_ following reasons : First, de- structive fulguration brings about a rapid disappear- ance of the growth in a majority of cases ; second, the current is more easily obtained and controlled. The apparatus consists of a cystoscope, of the oper- ating or catheterizing type and a high frequency ma- chine, which, if direct current is used, must be fitted with a rotary converter or motor generator. A spe- cial cystoscopic table, while of the greatest advan- suprax cefixime tablets tage, is not an absolute necessity. There are three cystoscopes suitable for this work : First, the operating or Garceau, with its large open- ing for instruments permitting the use of a special electrode which is highly insulated ; second, the double catheterizing cystoscope carrying two wires, giving the advantage of a second wire in the event that one becomes defective ; third, the single catheter- izing cystoscope, 18 French, carrying one wire. This cystoscope with us has proved of the greatest value ; it is smaller than the two above menticyied, produces less trauma, and its field of usefulness is equally large in this work. We have used this in- strument frequently, suprax generation the patient not complaining of the slightest pain and there being no aftereffect from trauma. Papilloniata suprax cefixime of the bladder present as sessile or suprax injections pedunculated tumors with or without villi, the usual site being near the tireter. Beginning as a single growth, the tendency is to become mtiltiple, especially if irritated in any way. A large villous growth will frequently cover numerous smaller growths which are evidently implanted from particles of the pri- mary tumor. Following cutting operations these growths may appear in any part of the wound.

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