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time, the Bureau of Child Hygiene of New York . city, maintains five small hospitals, where online tetracycline adenoids and enlarged tonsils are removed under gas and ether anesthesia. These hospitals were organize! 500 mg tetracycline rosacea and placed in sections of the citv where no other facilities were available. Such action was taken as an emergency measure, to meet a pressing and es- sential need, but, just so soon as private or i)ublic philanthropy can make adequate provision for surgi- cal care of the children, this work should no longer be left under the care of the bureau. In a similar way, corrective dental treatment on any large scale would not seem to be the function of the city au- thorities. Such efforts and energies should be con- centrated on the prevention of dental defects, just as the efforts should be concentrated on the preven- tion of nose and throat defects rather than their correction. The present dental clinics of the Bu- reau of Child Hygiene are committed to this policy. For the past year, the only children doxycycline tetracycline cared for have been those from six to eight years old. Taken at the time when the first permanent teeth are appear- ing, the mouths have been placed in good condition, the children taught to practice the princij^les of oral hygiene, and required to report to the dentist every six months thereafter. The results have been en- couraging. With clean mouths, future repair work has been reduced almost to a minimum. If this work can be extended, not necessarily with dentists, but possibly by the employment of the so buy tetracycline 500mg called "dental hygienists" as suggested by Doctor Fones, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, I believe we shall have solved in great part the hitherto insurmountable difficulty of the care of defective teeth in children. Such, briefly, are the most pressing problems to be met in the future. Many others, hardly less im- portant but perhaps less extensive, must also be met. The history of the child hygiene movement can hardly be said to have begun. The Bureau of Child Hygiene of this city was the first to tetracycline mail order be organ- ized in the United States, and is now only seven years old. Necessarily, it has had buy tetracycline to establish its own precedents, to organize and elaborate its work in the directions where the need was most evident. Whatever success it may have had, has been due to the development of a purely educational phase in public tetracycline 250 mg acne health work, with gradually increased co- operation on the part of the public. The activities of the bureau reach, directly and individually, over 1,200,000 children in this city each year. Its opportunities for usefulness are un- bounded. The full measure of success of any purely preventive and educational public health work cannot be achieved, however, by any system or or- ganization, no matter how carefully planned or managed, without the interest, understanding, and cooperation of the medical profession, the fathers and mothers, and all those who control the complex forces that influence the physical welfare of the child. "LEST WE FORGET." By J. W. Kennedy, M. D., Philadelphia. The busy professional and commercial world soon forgets the dead ; it matters not how much we are benefited by the heritage of the distinguished de- ceased. To review^ the life of the late Joseph Price will bring forth so much that is unnatural and un- common in comparison with others in our profes- sion, that I shoulfl be unmindful of mv dutv as his 1 172 KENNEDY: LEST WE FORGET. [New York Medical Journal. pupil if I did not dwell on some buying tetracycline online of the characteristics which it would pay any man to emulate. I doubt if any physician ever lived who was so well known and yet had done none of those things which go so far to advertise one's self. Who other than he made a worldwide reputation as an operator and teacher, who tetracycline mgd had not been an instructor in some school or who had tetracycline 250mg tablets not written himself to fame? No man living or dead so hated the notoriety which comes from yellow journalism and other like media of advertising. God only knows how many lives 500 mg tetracycline acne would be saved if more men could be made to gravi- tate to a position in our profession which is propor- tionate to their real ability. What citizen is more dangerous than a teaching physician who is misguid- ing five hundred students ? Doctor Price was never an actor, but always a great surgical philosopher. I never knew any man who was cheap tetracycline so deaf where to buy tetracycline to the plaudits of his audience. He was always tetracycline 500mg capsules so natural himself, whether his audience was humble or distinguished. He knew no such thing as professional diplomacy and deprecated the same as tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg professional dishonor, cowardice, and hypocrisy. This personality made him tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg hundreds of enemies, a sad commentary on the generic version of tetracycline tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne honesty of hu- manity. "Come out from among them and be ye separate," could appropriately be said of him. I doubt if the young physician with a professional burden ever had so staunch a friend. It would be an unmerciful reflection upon the profession were the public to know of the hundreds of errors by be- ginners which were fathered by him. Many of his enemies came to him with their professional mis- takes because where can i buy tetracycline they knew if there was a man who

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