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could aid them through superior skill, it was he. He gave these men the same protection he would give to a member of his family. He was caustic to the man in error for humanity's sake and then protected him against vicious gossip with the same firmness of purpose. I speak thus as I was often a victim. His views toward his own profession were those of a great statesman. He had the most exalted ideas about the medical world. He had the bitterest feel- ings toward all commercialism in the profession. He opposed strongly all contract work. It was his view that the profession should dictate terms to cor- porate interests. He Buy Cheap Thorazine was one of the very first men in the profession who bitterly attacked Thorazine 10 Mg the per- nicious and murderous habit of professional graft. No man's duty was so little regulated by the al- mighty dollar. Numerous times he has asked me to close the door of his consulting room filled with well to do patients, in order that he might leave his in- stitution to operate on some poor colored woman in an outlying hospital. Buy Thorazine Online He spent thousands of dollars on railroad fare in order to do missionary surgery in the rural districts. His professional philanthropy had no limits. He conducted for twenty years' Thorazine Uses one of the largest if not the largest private hospital in the world, and so far as I know, the only private hospital whose doors were open day and night to the poor, irrespec- tive of race or color. It could always be 5aid of his institution, that the only requirement to enter, was the need of surgical care. For a number of years Doctor Price's professional earning capacity was probably the very largest in America, yet he died a Thorazine Online man Generic Thorazine of no means. His pro- fessional duty always came first, business relations last, a procedure, I am sorry to say, that will pau- perize any man. He received hundreds of letters from doctors of every State in the Union thanking him for the surgical object lessons which they had received in his "four dollar operating room," as he liked Thorazine Bipolar to call it. It was his source of greatest pleasure to feel that he had helped some aspiring physician to save lives by object lessons received in his clinic. This gave him his happiest Order Thorazine Online hours. I once Buy Thorazine ofifered to modernize his operating room in appreciation for my apprenticeship, but he re- fused on the ground that the majority of men who visited his clinic could not afford to have a Chlorpromazine Thorazine modern operating room in their country districts, and this might prevent them returning to their homes and Thorazine Iv be- coming useful surgeons in their respective com- munities. He was the one surgeon who Thorazine 200 Mg Purchase Thorazine Online told the aspiring Purchase Thorazine young surgeon to do the work himself, saying, ''you cannot ship the acute abdominal con- ditions to me or to any distant surgeon." Right along this line of thought, every young physician in i\merica should raise his hat to the memory of the late Joseph Price. His unselfishness here was a mountain of virtue and strength, which went far to educate young surgeons scattered throughout our country. He was so much the master of his own work, that he felt any surgeon could be as much. Right or wrong in this thought, it had em- bodied in it a surgical generosity as noble as it was uncommon. He never discouraged a beginner by magnifying the scope of surgery. He was a gladiator in discussions for his prin- ciples, and his ferocity in statements made him many enemies, but those same enemies were the most welcome to his clinic. The professional world would have better under- stood this great man if it had realized that he was fighting for principle rather than for personalities. He harl no use for professional suavity or any other trait which was intended to conciliate or to increase one's bank account. He was a great student of humanity and knew that the best surgery in the world Thorazine 100 Mg would not produce as large a clinic as a little newspaper and journalistic notoriety and other damnable and commercial agents which eat the heart out of any honorable pursuit. Pie wrote many letters to surgeons, advising them to abandon certain surgical procedures, because he was constantly undoing their work on the surgi- cally crippled patient. Such letters had the most exalted intentions, but were received with indigna- tion and bitterness. Here is where we are at error in our profession ; petty feelings have no place in the lifesaving service. I know that fully ninety per cent, of the deaths in educational centres from acute abdominal lesions are due to human errors. (With the privilege of this Journal, I expect to call attention in Thorazine 50 Mg the near future to some of the rea- sons for this unnecessary mortality). No operator was so unceasing in his radical dis- cussions to advance those ])rinciples v;hich would permit us to operate with a mortality which should be proportionate to the surgical privileges of the age. He had little patience with the author who composed a monograph from a half dozen text- June 5. 1915J OLR PRIZE DISCUSSIONS. 1173 books, and he looked upon tlie same as a waste of time to both author and reader. Dr. Louis McMurtry, of Louisville, Ky., says of the late Doctor Price : "There arc few operators in America who do not show in Thorazine 25 Mg Order Thorazine some way the hand- work of Joseph J'rice," and W. J. Mayo says, in the Journal A. M. A, Thorazine Chlorpromazine that the three men to whom the

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