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world is most indebted in abdominal surgery were Price, of America, Pean, of France, and Tait, of England. It had not been my Tofranil Tablets intention to refer to the surgical ability of Joseph Price, but as he was not an author, he left few tangible records of his great work, so I trust this may find some sympa- thetic ear. There was no operator so original in his tech- nic as he, yet there is not an operation or instrument which bears his name and this is as he would Order Tofranil will it. How refreshing it is to know of the greatness of a man who was too much a man to know it himself. Clinically, he was a brilliant teacher, and his object lessons were so forceful that Tofranil 50 Mg the observer often found himself lacking in capacity when attempting to follow the Price technic, after witnessing a single exhibition. His great energy and enthusiasm in- spired all around him to greater things. He had the usual eccentricities of a great man. He was lacking in logical discussion of a single sub- ject, but his epigrammatic manner of talking was forceful and memorable. He never Buy Imipramine courted patient or doctor for ulterior motives ; there was but one thing which brought him patients, and that was suc- cessful surgery. He was most dominant in what he thought was right. A coal dealer relates an in- cident which was typical of the man Cheap Tofranil ; Doctor Price had disputed a coal bill of a thousand dollars on account of a disparity of fifty cents in estimates. After settling at his own figures, he sent the coal Buy Tofranil Online dealer the following day, a blooded Tofranil Pm calf and paid the express, amounting in all to one hundred dollars. Men of this calibre pay a thousandfold for their unique convictions, and it is too bad that humanity is not Buy Cheap Tofranil a better judge. A great soul is little in need of reform; a little patience often supplies the miss- ing link. 241 North Eighteenth Street. ^ur |n}£ Jisrussiflns. Dependent Intercostal Drainage in Acute Em- pyema, — T. Turner Thomas, in the Fcnnsyk'ania Medical Journal for November, 1914, emphasizes the value of perfect, dependent drainage in em- pyema ; he recommends a simple intercostal in- cision between tw^o of the lower ribs, e. g., in the eleventh interspace. According to his experience, this procedure provides even more effective drain- age than actual rib resection, w'ith the added ad- vantage that expansion of the lung is better. The size and situation of a drainage opening have an important bearing upon lung expansion, which, in fact, cannot take place at all unless the pressure of the external air admitted to the empyemic cavity is in some way reduced below that of the air admitted into the lung through the trachea. An opening large enough to admit the usual rubber drainage tube to the bottom of the empyema provides per- fectly free drainage : it is effective in any position. Questions for discussion in this department arc an- nounced at frequent intervals. So far as they have been decided upon, the further questions are as follows: CLVIII. — How do you treat heartburn'!' {Closed.) CLIX. — H'hat is the proper role of the dentist in the therapeutics of internal disease's'!' {Answers due nut later than June 15th.) CLX. — How Purchase Tofranil do you treat flatulence? {Answers due not later than July 15th.) CLXl. — Hozv do you treat syncope? {Answers due not later than August 15th.) Whoever answers one of these questions in the manner most satisfactory to the Tofranil Cost editors will receive a prize of $25. No importance whatever will be attached to literary style, but the award will be based solely on the value of the sub- stance of the anszver. It is requested {but not required) that the answers be short, if practicable no answer to con- tain more than six hundred words; and our friends are urged to write on one side of the paper only. All persons will be entitled to compete for the prize 'whether subscribers or not. This prize will not be award- ed to any one person more than once within one year. Every anszver must be accompanied Tofranil Online by the writer's full name and address, both of which we must be at liberty to publish. .Ill papers contributed become the property of the JouRN.'V.L. Our readers are asked to suggest topics FOR discussion. The Prize of $25 for the Order Tofranil Online best paper submitted in answer to Question CLVII wcs awarded to Dr. Louis Hubert, of New York, whose article appears Buy Imipramine Online below. PRIZE QUESTION CLVII. THE TREATMENT OF DIARRHEA. By Louis Hubert, M. D. Diarrhea is not a disease, but a symptom, and must be regarded solely as an evidence of intestinal disorder. In a general way we may Tofranil Uses consider that Buy Tofranil all diarrheas are due either to bacterial infection or to the direct chemical action of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, or mineral salts upon the digestive ap- paratus, or to a combination of both causes. We may then divide the Purchase Tofranil Online diarrheas into three classes: i. Intestinal Tofranil Price indigestion; 2, infectious diar- rhea ; 3, diarrheas not included in i or 2, Generic Tofranil and ap- pearing as a symptom of certain diseases, e. g., tu- Tofranil Mg berculosis of the intestine, tabes dorsalis, antimony and arsenic poisoning, uremia, etc.

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