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The treatment of each form of diarrhea will de- pend upon the cause and the age of the patient. The diarrheas of infancy and early childhood require special consideration on account topamax generic price of their greater urgency, and as the digestive and metabolic func- tions are relatively predominant at this age, any de- rangement of the gastrointestinal tract involves a greater disturbance of health. In simple intestinal indigestion of infants, caused by taking more fat, sugar, or starch than the infant can digest, it is often impossible to differentiate be- tween fat, sugar, and starch diarrhea topamax 100 mg weight loss ; it is not necessary, for, by omitting the starch and artificial sugar altogether, boiling the milk to make the pro- tein more digestible and taking one third milk and two thirds w^ater, so diluting the fat, the diarrhea may be 100 mg topamax overcome. It is a good idea to give from one to two drams of castor oil to get rid of the irri- tating materials. In case of adults, regulate the diet, which should be made up chiefly of boiled milk or milk and whey. Administer a good dose of castor oil and, to prevent griping, add some laud- 1 174 OUR PRIZE DISCUSSIONS. [New York Medical Journal. anum. It is a good rule never to give opium to any patient belozv five years of age, unless absolutely indicated, and then with great care and topamax mg for weight loss watchful- ness. A mustard plaster should be applied to the abdomen. If there is topamax 50mg and weight loss a tendency for the diarrhea to return, indicating a deficient secretive action on the part of the intestiaal glands, give some dilute nitric acid and compound tincture of cardamom. The treatment of infectious diarrhea will depend upon the character need prescription topamax and severity of the infection, i, whether the infection is mild or severe ; 2, whether the diarrhea is a fermentative or putrefactive one. Under certain conditions buying topamax online cither the fermentative or the putrefactive bacteria are in the ascendant. These conditions are brought about by supplying the food upon which the bacteria will thrive. If a car- bohydrate diet is given the putrefactive bacteria theoretically are starved out, and if a protein diet is given the fermentative bacteria are starved out. Putrefactive diarrhea, then, is due to bacteria that feed on protein and fermentative diarrhea is caused by bacteria that feed on carbohydrates. This forms the basis of treatment, which gives excellent results. In case of putrefactive diarrhea stop proteins and give carbohydrates, and in case of fermentative diarrhea, stop carbohydrates and give proteins. In addition topamax order to having the power of killing each other off, these bacteria seem to possess the power of changing themselves from fermentative to putrefactive organisms, i. e., in treating a case of fermentative diarrhea by stopping sugar and giving proteins, one often sees migraine prescription topamax a fermentative diarrhea change into a putrefactive one, and when buy topamax online without script this oc- curs, we should give a carbohydrate diet. Mild infectious diarrhea is easily cured by simple attention to the diet and by a mild laxative. The severe infectious diarrheas, cholera infantum and cholera morbus, require the most energetic treat- ment. Every endeavor should be made to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the bowel, to aid in the elimination of the toxins, and to support the vital energies of the patient. Dysentery, which is either of the bacillary or amebic type, is a very obstinate form of diarrhea and requires much skill and patience for its cure. Four remedies are of value, namely magnesium sul- phate, sulphuric acid, calomel, and ipecac. A sat- topamax order online urated solution of magnesium sulphate, half to one dram every two hours, will invariably stop the bloody discharge in twenty-four hours. It is ad- visable to add ten or fifteen drops of aromatic sul- phuric acid to each dram of the saturated solution of Epsom salt. In cases "of amebic dysentery, emetine hydro- chloride, one half to two thirds grain, twice daily, acts almost like a specific, and thus are avoided the nausea and vomiting order topamax canada that result from the ipecac treatment. If the passages are slimy and bloody, bichloride of mercury, 1/200 grain, every half get prescription topamax hour, acts ad- mirably. In non prescription topamax some topamax generic brand cases (only in strong persons) iced water enemata of at least one quart injected bv hydrostatic pressure are of the greatest service. Sudden diarrheas attended with marked evidences of intestinal irritatioti should be treated topamax generic vs brand with promptness, and active remedies should be given early. As a rule, the do i need a prescription for topamax preliminary elimination is so free that little is gained by purgation, and this ma}- at times be harmful. Bismuth subcarbonate in thirty grain doses, repeated doses of opium, and an occa- topamax generic weight loss sional hypodermic injection of morphine may be given, but be careful to find out the cause of the diarrhea first, and do not witness, as I had occasion, the stoppage of the diarrhea to be replaced by uremic coma. There is a form of watery, serous diarrhea, where the bloodvessels of the gut are relaxed and leaking. This relaxation may resijlt from fear (nervous diarrhea), from exposure to cold, exhaustion, or extreme heat. The treatment is directed to the con- traction of the dilated and relaxed bloodvessels and the restoration of the proper nerve supply to topamax generic availability the parts. As the splanchnic nerves are the vasomotor nerves as well as the inhibitory nerves of the in-

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