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in Tylenol Precise Coupons the fight against syphilis, and deserves the moral support and cooperation of every intelligent citizen. THE POPULAR USE OF PURGATIVES. At a Order Tylenol 3 Online meeting of the Bradford (Eng.) Medico- chimrgical Buy Tylenol 4 Online Society, accordinTylenol 3 Over The Counter In Canada the Tylenol 3 Canada Over The Counter tragic death of Madame Depage, on board the Lusitania, should not be allowed to pass with- out some demonstration of the admiration that is felt for her character and of sorrow for her tragic fate while engaged on an errand Tylenol Extra Strength Gel Caps of mercy. Madame Depage had many friends who were deeply attached to her both in England and in the United States, and it is thought that they might Tylenol Cold And Sinus Coupons like to give expression to their feelings by subscribing to a small bronze memorial to be placed in the Depage Hos- pital at Brussels after the war. The memorial might be executed by some of the distressed Belgian art metal workers who are now in exile. Subscriptions will be gladly received by Tylenol Gel Caps Recall Mr. Robert Jones, 1 1 Nel- son Street, Liverpool ; by Mr. D'Arcy Power, ioa Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, London ; or by Professor Sinclair White, Ranmoor, Sheffield. |[^tos |tms. Long Island State Hospital for the Insane, Brooklyn. — Governor Whitman has signed a legislative appropriation permitting the State Hospital Commission to enter into contracts for additional quarters for patients at this in- stitution to the amount of $400,000, of which $200,000 is available at once. A Department of Social Hygiene at Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Announcement is made of a gift of $16,500 to Johns Hopkins Hospital by Mr. John D. Rockefeller, Where To Buy Tylenol 3 Jr., to be used for the establishment of a social hygiene clinic at the hospital. A committee has been appointed to take charge of the work, consisting of the following mem- bers : Dr. George H. Walker, chairman. Where Can I Buy Tylenol In The Uk Dr. Theodore C. laneway, and Dr. Winford H. Smith, superintendent of the "institution. Dr. Albert Keiden will have charge of the new dispensary. Columbia Students to Aid Red Tylenol Arthritis Gel Caps Cross Work in Servia. —Twenty-five undergraduates of Columbia University, some of them from the medical department, have volun- teered to go to Servia for the summer months as an auxil- iary Red Cross Society to aid in caring for the wounded and refugees and the transfer of supplies. Headquarters will be at Nish, and the men will be at the disposal of the authorities. The equipment consists of twenty-five automo- Buying Tylenol 3 In Canada l)iles, a complete field equipment with tents, field hospitals, etc.. and an Can You Buy Tylenol 3 In Canada abundance of hospital supplies. The plan was originated by Professor Pupin, a member of the faculty of Columbia University, a Servian by birth. The party will sail on or about June 15th for Salonika. Contributions Buy Tylenol 4 With Codeine Online to the Belgian Relief Fund. — The re- port of the treasurer of the Committee of American Phy- sicians for the Aid of the Belgian Profession for the week ending May 29th includes a contribution of $10 from Dr. J. E Talley, of Tylenol Precise Pain Relieving Cream Philadelpliia, and one of $5 from Dr. Tylenol Sinus Coupon Leonard W. Ely, of Palo Alto, Cal. The total amount re- ceived by this committee up to date is $7,008.50. The American Medico-Pharmaceutical League held its eighteenth annual meeting at the Hotel Astor, New York, Buy Tylenol 3 Online Canada on the evening of May 24th. It was reported by the corresponding secretary, Dr. Samuel F. Brothers, of Brooklyn, that 510 new members had been added to the league during the past twenty-five months. Officers for the ensuing year were nominated. American Ambulances at the Front. — Paris medical for May 8, 1915, notes tliat recently at the Hotel des in- valides a number of fully equipped ambulances were pre- sented to the Minister of War by some American friends.

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