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Our contemporary remarks that these vehicles are "mar- vellously furnished, and are driven by young Americans, some of whom belong to the most notable families of the great Republic." The Mayo Foundation. — Valtrex Online When the final contract be- tween the Valtrex 500mg University of Minnesota and the Mayo Founda- tion, of Rochester, Minn., is drawn, it Buy Valtrex will provide for a straight endowment whereby the university will come into possession of a fund of $2,000,000 or more and excellent equipment for medical research. The foundation will be ready to begin work when the University of Minnesota opens in September. Illinois State Medical Society. — At the sixty-fifth an- nual meeting of this society held in Springfield during the week of May 17th, the following officers were elected: Dr. Charles W. Lillie, of East St. Louis, elected in 1914, to suc- ceed Dr. Valtrex Buy A. L. Brittin, of Athens, as president ; Dr. Wil- liam L. Noble, of Chicago, president-elect, to take office in 1916; Dr. F. S. O'Hara, of Springfield, first vice-presi- dent; Dr. H. P. Bierne, Get Valtrex of Quincy, second vice-president; Dr. A. J. Markley, of Belvidere, treasurer ; Dr. W. H. Gilmore, of Mount Vernon, secretary. Commencement Exercises at Columbia University were held during the past week. On Wednesday, June 2d, more than 2,000 degrees were conferred, a number which passes all former records at the university. The classes in all departments have been unusually large. Eight men of prominence received honorary degrees, and the degree of doctor of laws was conferred upon Miss Louisa Lee Schuy- ler, founder of the 500 Mg Valtrex State Charities Aid Association and the originator of the first American Training School for Nurses. This is the first time in the history of the insti- tution that the degree of LL. D. has been given to a woman. The New Willard Parker Staff House.— A contract for the erection of a medical staff house and nurses' home for the Online Valtrex Willard Parker Hospital has been awarded and the work has been started. Valtrex Purchase This building, covering an area of 100 by 83 feet, will be situated on the south side of Six- teenth Street just west of Avenue D. It will Valtrex Order be of con- crete fireproof construction, seven stories high above the basement, and will furnish quarters for thirty-five doctors and 115 nurses, each group having Cheap Valtrex separate entrance, halls, stairs, dining rooms, etc., complete. It has been the aim of the architect to accentuate the provision for light and air, and to make the mechanical equipment as perfect as a moderate outlay would permit ; the structure will harmon- ize with the building on the same square, its exterior being enlivened Purchase Valtrex by the introduction of colored tile inlaid in the cement coating. An American Sanitary Association at the Chateau de Passy (Yvonne). — A unit organized at the French Hos- pital, New York, has been installed at the Chateau de Passy, now owned by Mrs. Fitzgerald. It includes five physicians. Dr. Joseph L. Wheelwright, Dr. T. C. Walker, Dr. W. G. Braddock, Dr. A. O. jemenis. Dr. John S. Irwin, beside Dr. Percy R. Turnure, as hospital director; Order Valtrex and ten nurses. Miss Alma Marie McCormick, superintend- ent, and the Alisses Dorothy O'Connell, Eugenia H. Lyons, Victoria Frankfort, Florence Gordon, Eileen CHanlon, Kathleen O'Hanlon, Mollie McGrath, Nellie Burdette Par- sons, and Beda Laurentia Peterson. According to Paris medical for May 8, 1915, Valtrex Mg this unit, supported by Mrs. Fitz- gerald and a few friends, has Valtrex To Buy brought over, among other things, 100 iron beds, a complete outfit for an operating room, an x ray apparatus, four tons of absorbent cotton, etc. lune 5, 1915.] NEWS ITEMS. I181 The Connecticut State Medical Society. — Valacyclovir Valtrex At the an- nual Valtrex On Line meeting of this society, held in Hartford on Wednes- day and Thursday, May 19th and 20th, it was decided to hold next year's meeting in Bridgeport the third Wednes- day and Thursday in May, departing from the custom since the organization of the society in 1792 of holding annual meetings alternately in Hartford and New Haven. Officers were elected as follows : President, Dr. Max Mailhouse. of New Haven ; vice-presidents. Dr. Charles B. Graves, of New London, and Dr. C. A. Sears, of Portland ; secretary, Dr. Melvin McR. Scarborough, of New Haven ; treasurer, Dr. Joseph H. Townsend, of New Haven. Dr. Stephen J. Maher, of New Haven, presided. Philadelphia Physicians to Go to the Front. — Philadel- Valtrex Buy Online phia's volunteer contingent for three months' service in the American Ambulance Hospital at Paris at present in- cludes eight physicians (paying their own way), three registered nurses, and one anesthetist. Funds up to $10,000 are now being collected for the expedition. The Philadelphia physicians who will serve during July, Au- gust and September are Dr. James P. Hutchinson, Dr. Daniel J. McCarthy, Dr. How To Order Valtrex Edmund B. Piper, Dr. Walter Estell Lee, Dr. Arthur E. Billings, Dr. Peter McCall Keat- ing, Dr. Samuel Goldschmidt, and Dr. J. William, White. Another contingent is being organized by Mr. William Potter, just returned from the war front. Hospital Physicians Organize to Study Infectious Diseases. — The assistant attending physicians of the Willard Parker, Riverside, and Kingston Avenue Hospitals have organized the Society for the Study of Infectious Diseases. The active membership is composed of the as- sistant visiting physicians and those who have previously held such positions. The honorary membership is made up of the members of the medical board and such others as may be invited by the society. Meetings will be held at the department hospital and such other places as may serve the convenience of the society. The first meeting, which was held at the Willard Parker Hospital on May 4th, was devoted to arthritis complicating scarlet fever. The American Association of Medical Jurisprudence held its third annual meeting at Long Beach, L. L, on Saturday, May 10, Charles A. Boston, Esq., of Buying Valtrex New York, presiding. An interesting program was presented. Among the papers read were the following : Legislative Lies, by Dr. Reynold Webb Wilcox ; Criminal Responsibility, by

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