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applied to the development of the new site, $,ooo will go for land, $3,000,000 for construction, and $3,000,000 for endowment. Il82 PITH OF Vibramycin Suspension CURRENT LITERATURE. [New York Medical Journal. |itl] 0f Cumnt f iterate. BERLINER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT January 25, 1915. Action of Maternal and Fetal Human Serums on Trypanosomes, by Felix Rosenthal and Erich Kleemann. — Laveran and Mensil showed that hu- man serum was capable of causing a temporary cure of trypanosomiasis m rats and mice, and on the basis of this observation the present authors sought to study the transference of antibodies from the maternal to the fetal circulation. They found that maternal human serum would prevent the develop- ment of infection in mice, and if given after infec- tion would temporarily cause the trypanosomes to disappear from the animal's blood. They made Buy Vibramycin Online more or less quantitative determinations of the amount of serum required for the production of these effects and then compared these amounts of maternal serum with similar amounts of fetal serum obtained from the placentae and umbilical cords of the children at birth. From a Buy Cheap Vibramycin considerable number Vibramycin Antibiotic of experiments they found that there were only very small amounts of antibodies in fetal serum, even at full term, while the antibody content Order Vibramycin of the Order Vibramycin Online maternal serum rose as pregnancy progressed so that this was quite high by the end of term. There was no evidence that the antibodies had been directly transferred from the mother to the infant, and the conclusion seems that at birth the child lags far behind its mother in protective substances of this character. Cavernous Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Nurs- ling, by H. Bergmann. — The case of an infant, the offspring of a tuberculous mother, is reported, in which the child died on the eighty-second day of life with pulmonary tuberculosis. Cavities were found in the upper portion of the right lower lobe and the lower portion of the left upper, the rest of the lungs showing miliary tuberculosis. The infant was artificially fed from birth, and it is thought that the infection probably took place via the placenta. This case is made the subject of a discussion of the reason for the occurrence of tuberculosis in so Vibramycin For Acne young an infant and of the reason for the site of the cavi- ties in the lungs. The author concludes that both sites are attacked in such cases Vibramycin Hyclate on account of the greater motility of the lungs. The reverse of this holds for the adult lungs, in which case the role of relative lack of oxidation is of greater importance, as protective substances suffice to guard the other tissues and adequate oxidation protects the remain- der of the lungs. The same factor of continuous movement Generic Vibramycin also explains the occurrence of intestinal and joint lesions. I'cbniary I, igis. Significance of Latent Infection in Surgery, by Eduard Melchior. — Beginning with the fate of the organisms present in the tissues in cases of primary union, Melchior oft'ers evidence that in a certain proportion some organisms remain in the wound in a resting condition, from which they can be awak- ened by subsequent trauma or intercurrent disease. This would account for late secondary suppuration in wounds which had healed by first intention. The same explanation is invoked in cases of late secon- dary stitch abscesses, delayed suppuration about re- tained foreign bodies, healed fractures, and old scars. Late abscesses after appendicectomy, and Vibramycin Cost delayed cases of tetanus (which may not appear until years after the original wound in some cases) also rest upon the same basis. It is not requisite, however, Vibramycin Mg to have a healed lesion for the subsequent development of abscesses through the lighting up of latent foci of resting bacteria, for the cases of sup- pura,tion after typhoid, the so called chronic pyemia after osteomyelitis, recurrent thrombophlebitis, and intermittent arthritides are all due to the return to activity of resting living organisms. The precise mechanisms involved in perpetuating the living or- ganisms in these latent or resting states are not un- derstood, but it is well known that anything which leads either to local reduction in the vitality Purchase Vibramycin Online of the part, or to the diminution in the general resisting powers of the body may lead to the renewed activity of such foci. So far we have no way of preventing the passage of potentially active organisms Vibramycin Syrup into the resting state in the tissues. Gastric Examination through Secretion Curves, Vibramycin Indications by Skaller. — Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate Attention is directed to the fact that the simple determination of the degree of acidity of the gastric Vibramycin 50mg contents after a test meal is largely viti- ated by many uncontrollable factors, among which one of the most important is the motility of the or- gan. Pavloff also Vibramycin Acne showed that the various sub- stances introduced into the stomach were retained there in layers Vibramycin Antibiotics relatively unmixed. Skaller suggests that the function of the stomach Vibramycin Tablets may best be studied without the disturbing influence of these factors by means of plotting the curve of its secretion in re- sponse to a stimulant. A special duodenal tube is passed into the stomach, where it is retained

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