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throughout the examination. A sample of the gas- tric juice is secured and its acidity determined. Then a solution of five grains of Liebig'sbeef extract in 200 c. c. of water is given and samples are with- drawn from the stomach every five minutes and their acidity determined. In order to determine the motility, a small amount of phenolphthalein solution is added to the fluid given, and when this disappears from the samples the original fluid introduced has been passed out of the organ. The samples can also be tested to determine the amount of mucus pres- ent. Delayed, prolonged, diminished, and excessive secretion are all readily determined and measured Cheap Vigora by this method, in addition to the determination of the gastric motility. Generic Vigora The procedure is simple and is no more uncomfortable for the patient than is the passage of the ordinary stomach tube. WIENER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT. April zg, i5.] PITH OF CURRENT LITER. IT ih'Ji. 1 183 salt solution and the emulsion is centrifugatcd for twenty minutes. The supernatant fluid is drawn off Buy Vigora and shaken up with an equal amount of ether for a period of twenty-four hours. The ether is then removed by a steaming process in a vacuum and the remaining clear fluid is placed in sterile pipettes, to- gether with alcohol in the proportion of 0.5 c. c. al- cohol to twenty c. c. of fluid. The pipettes are sealed and placed in a thermostat and at the end of twenty-four hours there is a marked precipitate. The fluid is sterile and clear. This form of antigen has been used Vigora 100 in a series of forty cases of variola and gave a positive reaction in every instance. Fecal Phlegmon and Abscess after Shrapnel Wounds of the Abdomen, by Victor Karl Irk. — Two Vigora 50 cases are reported in which a fecal abscess fol- lowed a perforating wound of the intestine. In one case the opening into the intestine was palpable. Liberal incisions were made from the skin down to this opening and rubber tissue drains were inserted to drain ofi the stool. Alongside of this opening an abscess cavity formed which was opened and drained in the same way. In the convalescence a fistula persisted for about seven weeks, at the end of which time it closed. The second case is of in- terest because a phlegmon occurred posteriorly to the left of the second and third lumbar The shrapnel had entered anteriorly about four fin- gers' breadth below the left anterior superior spine. Both anterior and posterior wounds were laid open and drained with rubber tissue drains. The poste- rior wound opened into a retroperitoneal fecal abscess. The posterior fistula closed at the end of the third month, at which time there was Buy Vigora Online still a slight amount of discharge (no longer fecal) through the anterior fistula. The placing of the patient in a permanent water bath is of great Vigora 100 Tablets value in these Order Vigora cases, as the matter of keeping the wound clean is greatly simplified and the Vigora Tablets danger of bed- sores is avoided. Arterial Suture in Aneurysm, by H. von Vigora 5000 Haberer. — A series of forty-three aneurysms ob- served during the course of the present war is re- corded. In twenty-nine cases the artery was tied and in thirteen sutured. The arteries affected in- clude the subclavian, the brachial, the femoral and deep femoral, the internal maxillary and the tem- poral. Aneurysms of the subclavian and brachial are frequently complicated by paralysis due to the injur}' to the neighboring nerves. Some of the Vigora Price cases are infected and it is rather risky to perform cir- cular suture, ligature of the artery being preferred in these cases. One of the cases reported did not come to operation until six and one half months af- ter the injury, which caused the aneurysm, had been received. The case in question was an aneurysm of the anterior tibial ; the operation which under or- dinary circumstances would have been simple was rendered exceptionally difficult because of the dense adhesions which had formed. ZENTRALBLATT FUR GYNAKOLOGIE. March, 1915. Extraperitoneal Implantation Vigora Oil of the Tubes as a Method of Sterilization, by Stoeckel. — Steriliza- tion should not be employed except in instances in which pregnancy would threaten the mother's life. Ovarian castration is ruled out on account of the evident advantage of retaining organs that Vigora Online manufacture an important internal secretion. As a simple tying ofit' of the tube is not su'ffi- cient, Stoeckel employs the following method. He exposes the inguinal canal according to the Alexan- der-Adams operation with an opening in the peri- toneum. The tube is lifted out of the canal and im-

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