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to ninety-four years. Two died ; but death was re- motely attributable to the anesthetic. After a pre- liminary dose of morphine, two to 2.5 c. c. of a five per cent, solution of novocaine, containing some suprarenine borate, were injected through the sec- ond lumbar space. By turning the patient on his back, sHghtly elevating the buttocks and flexing the thighs on the abdomen, the height Buy Vytorin of the solution could be sufificiently raised in the spinal canal. The solutions were not weighted with sugar or mannitol in the last cases ; weighting appeared to be of no advantage, for if symptoms of collapse Is There A Generic For Vytorin appeared the patient's head could be lowered and the anesthetic fluid caused to recede from Vytorin Generic Name its previous level in the spinal canal, promptly mitigating the symptoms. In but few cases was it necessary to augment the anes- thesia by the use of a volatile anesthetic, but this is strongly recommended if the patient seems anxious. Tuberculin Administration and Graduated Labor, by Edgar Taunton. — Three hundred pa- tients were selected as suitable for treatment in the sanatorium ; some were also given therapeutic courses of tubercuHn. On comparing the results obtained in those treated by graduated labor only with those who were given tuberculin in addition, it was evident that the former class showed decidedly the best results. Thus, those engaging in work only showed an average duration of treatment materially less than those with tuberculin, they gained more weight, advanced more rapidly in the amount of work which they could do, and more of them re- mained able to do more work after leaving the sana- torium than was the case among those receiving tu- berculin in addition. The only respect in which the two classes did not differ was in the subsequent mortality, which was essentially the same for both groups. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. May /.?, /<5 75. Allen Treatment for Diabetes, by Lewis W. Hill and Joseph L. Sherrick. — The writers were Vytorin Discount Card so impressed by the treatment of diabetes outlined by Doctor Allen recently that they Generic Vytorin 10 40 have tried it in a series of cases and find it simple, safe, and efficacious in rendering and Cost Of Vytorin keeping a patient free from sugar in a much shorter time than was possible by Vytorin Statin the old method ; that anybody can carry it out. and that there is no danger Generic Name For Vytorin of Vytorin Online coma. Vytorin 10 Mg As soon as the patient enters the ward he is put on house diet without extra bread or potatoes for two days to determine his tolerance for ordinary diet and the severity of his diabetes. Then he is put to bed an-d given nothing but black coffee with one ounce of whisky every two hours from Generic For Vytorin 10 40 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. If the whisky is not borne well it is omitted. If there is much acidosis sodium bicarbonate is given, otherwise not. The urine is rendered free from sugar in two and a half to three days, and the relief of such symp- toms as pruritus and polydipsia is very striking. After the urine is free from sugar the patient is fed for one day on vegetables that contain not over five per cent, of carbohydrates, boiled twice, with a car- bohydrate content of about fifteen grams after boil- ing. The next day he is given carbohydrate fifteen grams, protein twenty-five grams, fat 150 grams. Then the diet is slowly raised, increasing first the fat, then the protein, and lastly the carbohydrate. The fat is never raised above 200 grams, and the Vytorin Cost calories seldom above 2,200. The two most im- portant things to remember are, first, not lo raise Merck Vytorin the diet too quickly after starvation and to pay just as much Generic For Vytorin attention to the protein intake as to the carbo- hydrate ; second, not to worry if the patient loses weight, for this will not hurt him. May 20, iQis. Relation of Alcohol to Accidents, by William J. Brickley. — The conclusions drawn by the writer from a considerable experience may be summarized thus : Alcohol causes accidents, obscures the diag- nosis, increases the danger of Is Vytorin A Statin infection at the time of the accident, prevents adequate treatment, in- creases the danger of intercurrent Vytorin Generic Equivalent complications, re- tards the process of repair, gives a poorer end result, and increases the mortality in accidents. Acidosis in Children, by Arthur A. Howard. — The points made in Vytorin Cholesterol this paper are : Acidosis is fre- quent in children ; recurrent or cyclic vomiting, dis- tinguished by absence of predisposing factors, is extremely rare. Such cases Vytorin Price should be subjected to careful study for possible concealed pathological conditions. The common clinical type of acidosis is what might be termed a complicating acidosis with predisposing factors. There are numerous clinical conditions which seem capable of acting as possible etiological factors in the production of acidosis ; it should be considered a serious condition, and its early recognition and treatment are of practical clinical importance. Prophylactic measures are in- dicated and practical, while a more thorough under- standing of the biological and chemical processes that Vytorin Gel produce acidosis should prove of real value in the scientific treatment of the disease, a matter of definite clinical importance to both the general prac- titioner and the pediatrist. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Scopolamine-Morphine Treatment in Labor: Analysis of Sixty Cases, by J. L. Baer. — Dangers are connected with the administration of these drugs : uncertainty of action in a given case ren- ders routine treatment unwise. It has been found ii86 PITH OI- CURRENT LITERATURE. [New York

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